Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wild Bunnies

Last summer our parents took out their trailer for a holiday. They went through the mountains into place called British Columbia and then back into Alberta. Dad took this at a campsite in Canmore, AB. He says that there were a whole family of baby bunnies at the campsite that had become feral. he talked to one of the seasonal campers there and they said that someone had either left the original bunnies there or they had escaped from a family who was travelling with them. To the locals, the bunnies were a nuisance, but mom and dad thought they were adorable. This bunny would come within feet of them and seemed to love broccoli. So they nicknamed him or her Broccoli for the two days they stayed in Canmore.

Dad apologizes for the size of the picture, he didn't realize how big it was when he uploaded it.


  1. Your mom's right. That is a cute little dickens! We'd love to go there & chase them!!

  2. see, this picture gets me all annoyed 'cause it reminds me of my Mom's stupid dust bunny trick when all i wanted was a pet. sigh. i'd like to go camping with bunnies

  3. We have bunnies in our garden each spring. I'm always surprised to see them and watch them closely from the window. The woman says they're cute, but they eat all the two-lips before they can bloom. I said I'd go out an chase them away, but she said no. Gu-uy.