Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Special Post

Dad: Sargeant-At-Claws!
Magoo: Yes, Sir!
Dad: Is Everyone Present?
Magoo: Yes, Sir!
Dad: Honour Guard! Attention!
Dolce and Baci:: shuffle nervously :: Attention, Sir!
Dad: M'Ladies, Would you please escort in our honored guest.
Bella and Chloe: As you wish.

Bella and Chloe leave the room. They return, escorting Smudge, one on each side.

Dad: Smudge, Present yourself to your family and kin!

Bella and Chloe lead Smudge until he stands before Dad, and then they solemnly move two paces away.

Dad: Smudge, Do you know why your family and kin have brought you here tonight?

Smudge: No.

Dad: They are here to bear witness and affirm what I as head of this household am about to bestow apon you.

Baci, Dolce, Magoo, Bella and Chloe look at each other and then at Smudge.

Dad: Tonight, You stood at the backdoor and growled for no apparent reason.

Smudge: I might have.

Dad: Good. So you admit the action which is the cause of all this ceremony tonight. Do you know what was discovered apon hearing your growl at the backdoor?

Smudge: I think so, I was growling at it.

Dad: But was it in your yard?

Smudge: No. It was past the fence over near the...

Dad: It was over near the road. Not a real busy road but a dangerous road nonetheless.

Smudge: Yes, You always told us to stay away from the road because it was dangerous.

Dad: Do you know what I saw when I went to investigate what you were growling at?

Smudge: The furry cat that sometimes comes to visit us.

Dad: Yes. The furry cat that comes to visit our yard from time to time. You have done a great and noble thing dear furriend.
:: Dad speaks to the other Cats ::
When I looked to see what was bothering dear Smudge, I saw our dear furry visitor attempting to cross the road at the end of our block. Now our road is not extremely busy but other stupid humans drive too fast and without care and attention to felines and puppies who might be out for an unsupervised stroll. I saw this poor feline soul starting to cross the road. I yelled at the feline. The cat surprisingly turned back and did not cross the road. Now if its home had laid across the road's expanse it would have ran faster across the road. But it did not. It came back to our side of the road. The side of the road where its home must surely be. By your actions, Smudge, I was able to prevent an unknown furriend from doing something that might endanger it own life. To do something for someone or some furriend that you do not even know that is the greatest act of honour and compassion known on this Earth.

As the bean of this household, it is my honour to bestow upon you the rank and privileges of the Holy and Ancient Order of the Catnip. Rise now, Sir Smudge, and accept your honours.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We is looking for sumting

Dolce: Baci, Stop it. I'm looking for sumting.
Baci: What is it?
Dolce: Sumting Dad lost.
Baci: It's not a fuzzy mouse or our gushy foods is it?
Dolce: No. It's sumting called a job. Dad says he losted it. I am pretty sure that i can finds it.
Baci: What does it smell like? Maybe I can helps.
Dolce: It smells like gushy foods, and a warm spring day when things are peaceful. You know... things that make everything okay.
Baci: Do you mean that now that Dad has lost this thing that everything won't be okay?
Dolce: Nope. Our dad is berry conservative. He says our gushy food fund is well stocked.
Baci: Whooofoooo! i was worried. i loves my gushy foods.
Dolce: it means we have to be more carefulls. We won't gets new crunchy mice or nippy toys for a while. So no peeing on on the toys.
Baci: It wasn't me. It was Magoo and Smudge. they has been been peeing on a lot of stuff.
Bella: Baci, maybe if you would not chase everybody the peeing would stop.
Dolce: I losted my favourite box because sumbody peeded in it.
Baci: That's not my fault. I poop in grandma's room.

Dad: Everybody stop it! Yes, my job is gone. We will be okay. no more worrying. We just need to put our heads together and figure out how to make this work for us.

Dolce: But we is worried. We read about all our furriends who has had moneys problems.

Dad: We are not there. We will need to behave ourselves over the next while. But we will be okay.

Dolce: What can we do to help?

Dad: Ask your furriends to purray for us and everyone else in the same situation as us. We are strong, we will survive and we will be better afterwards.