Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baci finds his voice

Baci: Dolce are you sure its okay for me to be here?
Dolce (mischeviously): Of course it is. What's Dad going to do? Cut off your food? Lock you in the Basement with the Spiders? Sell you to a travelling band of Woofies?
Baci (very panicked): New Dad wouldn't do that would he? I just got here and I like the fuzzy black mousey and the q-tips that New Mom dropped on the floor for me. Please tell me that New Dad won't sell me to Woofies.
Dolce: Well, given that you are pretty young, he might not get much for you, so he might just give you away.
Baci: No! He can't give me away! That's not fair.
Magoo: Dolce. Are you teasing Baci?
Dolce: No. Well, Maybe.
Magoo: Dad will be very upset to hear that you are teasing Baci. What would Smudge think of you? Do you think he would be proud of you?
Dolce (sheepishly): No, Smudgie would not be happy with me. I'm sorry Baci. I'll leave you alone. You write what you were telling me.
Baci: Are you sure?
Dolce (looking over at Magoo to see if he is still paying attention; which he still is.): Yes, Baci. I'm sure Dad would approve.
Magoo: Go ahead, Baci, write what your heart tells you to.
Baci: Okay. But everybody has to read very slowly cause I can't type very fast...

To My Rescue Lady,

My New Dad and I sat at the computer and he read me a story about a dear friend of his. He was one of the cats who was here before he went to live with New Grandma. New Dad says his name is Smudge. It was called a Tail of Devoshun. New Dad said that it made a lot of Smudge's friends cry, even though he did not meant to make it that way. New Dad said that Smudge left a place here that I was destined to fill. I tolded New Dad that if if wasn't for my Rescue Lady I would never have been able to fill that place. So New Dad showed me the keyboard from his computer, and asked me to write my own story about my Rescue Lady.

I wish I could tell you her name but I am too little to remember and they didn't tell New Mom and Dad. But I can tell you what she meant to me.

I first met my Rescue Lady when I was 8 weeks old. When I could no longer stay with my Mom, she took me in with several of my littermates. My Rescue Lady fed me and cuddled me for three more months. She would hold me and clip my tiny baby claws and tell me how special I was. Her daughters would wrap me in a blanket and snuggle with me. I was very happy. But she told me a secret that made her very sad; she said that she was going to take me to a place where possible New Moms and New Dads could look at me and see if they wanted to give me a Forever Home. I can't remember how many times I went with her to find this thing called a Forever Home. I tried to tell her that I liked my current home. I asked her why it couldn't be my Forever Home.

She said that she was a Foster Mom. She said that her job was to give kittens like me a good start so that I would be loving and adorable so that some other Beans would come by and want me for their own. I said I don't care about other Beans. I wanted to stay with her and my brother, Stripes. She held me and said softly that I would find my Forever Home and that in time I would forget all about her. I said that she was wrong and that I would always remember her.

She took me once more to Petsmart to see if I could find my Forever Home. That's when I met New Mom and New Dad. I was very scared and didn't really want to purr for them. I wanted to be home with Stripes with my Rescue Lady and her daughters. But New Dad knew some tricks, he gave me chin skritches and head rubs. Before I knew it, I was purring. Then I was put back in the cage with my brother. New Mom and Dad also met my brother, who is a very pretty long hair tabby. They looked at him too, but said that I was so handsome they could not leave me behind. I told the Rescue Lady that those Beans seemed nice, but I said that I still wanted to go home with her.

Soon, the Beans came back. The next thing I knew my Rescue Lady was holding me and crying. She kissed me and told me to grow up big and strong. I said don't worry you'll see me grow up. She shook her head and said that she wouldn't; her job was done and that these Beans would take me to my Forever Home and become my New Mom and Dad. She looked at the Beans and told them it was hard to let me go. I think the Beans were starting to cry as well. New Dad said he understood.

My Rescue Lady found her fostering strength and she placed me into a cardboard carrier and gave me to my New Dad. She didn't tell him to take good care of me. I think the faint tear in his eye told her that I would be in good hands and that I would be well loved. My New Dad told me to say goodbye once more to my Rescue Lady, and then he and my New Mom took me to their house. I was very scared that first day.

The next day I found that New Dad liked to give head butts and chin skritches and tummy rubs. He said I had very big shoes to fill. I told him that he did too. He then said that he would love me for as long as I needed him, and then he read to me Smudge's story. I told him that I have a story like that. He asked me to come sit on his lap and tell him my story. So I did. I sat on his lap and told him about my Rescue Lady who fed me and cuddled me and loved me and brought me to him and New Mom. He told me that I should never forget her no matter how much I grew to love him and New Mom. So every night, when I go to sleep, I thank God in my purrayers for New Mom and New Dad, Magoo, Bella, Dolce, and Smudge who came before, and I thank him especially for my Rescue Lady.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Scooter McTabby's Detective Agency: Active Case File 1.1

Dad: I need to talk a little lower today. Dolce is going to try and bring her new brother, Baci, to the story chair. He is still pretty skiddish, but he does like to cuddle so I think he will right in.
Dolce: Dad! I'm here! And I brought Baci!
Dad: Dolce. We are trying not to spook your new brother. So please talk a little quieter.
Dolce: Well, I figured he gets used to me now or he gets used to me later. Either way... BACI! COME MEET EVERYONE!
Dad(shaking head): Dolce, Dolce, Dolce.
Dolce(shaking head): Dad, Dad, Dad.
Dad: Well, I think you spooked him again. I think he is hiding underneath the chair now.
Dolce: Don't worry. He'll come out. Especially when he sees all the fun cats and kittens that come for your stories.
Dad: All the refreshments ready?
Dolce: Yup.
Dad: So then lets find out what dastardly event has occurred in the Big Grey House, as Scooter McTabby takes on his first case...

Case No. 1: The Tale of the Unattainable Temptations (Part 1)

Scooter tried to calm Persephone down. She was very upset. Her sides were moving in and out very rapidly; and her tail was switching from side to side.

“Persephone.” Scooter tried to sound very authoritative, but he was very excited and nervous, so her name came out in about four different octaves and only the vowels were coherent. “Tell me what has happened.”

Scooter looked over at Whatley Purrgood. Scooter’s bandit stripes on the side of his face turned up slightly and cast his face in a slight smile. Whatley’s colouring hide her smile but she felt very proud of her friend Scooter at this moment.

“They’re gone! All of them!” Persephone cried. “They’re all gone!”

“Please Persephone. Calm down.” Scooter’s initial nervousness had disappeared. “Now tell me. What is missing?”

“The Bean Mom is home today with the Icks.” Persephone stammered as she tried to get all the words out at once. “And I knew everybody would be in the sunroom for the Early Morning Nap. So I thought I would see if she would get some Temptations just for me.”

At the mention of the word Temptations, all the cats in the sunroom were suddenly interested in Persephone’s plight as it now seemed to affect them all. By nature, cats are somewhat selfish. Actually the word “Share” does not have an equivalent in the Cat language. It was imported from the Dog Language soon after Cats and Dogs began habitating together. Much like the word, “No”, which is obviously a strictly Bean only construct; and other words like “Fetch” and “Stay”, Cats have chosen to ignore these words altogether.

“What has happened to the Temptations?” Dartmore demanded as he stretched up onto his paws and strolled over to where Scooter, Whatley and Persephone were standing.

“Dartmore.” Richard the Lionheart spoke from his spot on the couch. “Scooter is in charge.”

Dartmore gave a quick glare at Richard and then at Scooter. He decided that it was not worth crossing Richard. Dartmore gave a short snort and then sat down on his haunches to let Scooter find out what had happened.

“So you asked for some Temptations.” Scooter ignored Dartmore and proceeded with his investigation. “Just tell us exactly what happened. Leave out no detail, Persephone.”

Persephone was sufficiently calmed down to begin licking her paw. She looked up at Scooter and realized that he had stopped talking.

“Sorry. I’m very flustered.” Persephone apologized. “It was shortly after the First Morning Breakfast. I was still a little peckish. So instead of following everyone else to the Sunroom, I waited by the Lesser Pantry to see if I could get something more.”

Several of the other cats in the Sunroom began to grumble. It was frowned upon for any of the cats to beg for food.

“Let her be.” Whatley chided the other cats. “Persephone, please explain.”

Scooter looked over at Whatley. He was a little perturbed, but since the rules between Lead Investigator and Sidekick had not really been established, Scooter could not get too upset. Whatley sensed Scooter’s dismay.

“Sorry.” She said sheepishly.

“Please continue.” Scooter asked and then he turned and looked at the other cats. ”There will be no more interruptions.”

“So I stayed by the pantry. Since the Bean Mom was suffering from the Icks, I figured she would need something from the Lesser Pantry.” Persephone began to explain the events of the morning. “Sure enough, she went to the Lesser Pantry and began digging around the upper most shelf.

I thought that since she was there, maybe she could pull a couple of treats for me to snack on. I’m still growing and I do love those Temptations. So I twirled and rubbed against her legs. She even asked me what I wanted so I tried to point out the Temptations on the third shelf. But I’m still too little to reach that high.”

“I see.” Scooter briefly interrupted. Persephone liked to milk her status as the youngest of the cats in the Big Grey House, but she was big enough to touch the third shelf if she really wanted to. “Sorry. Please continue.”

“So I tried to point out where the Temptations were.” Persephone continued her story. “I told her several times. I said ‘The Yellow Package, please. The Yellow Package.’ The Mom Bean just laughed at me. So I tried to tell her more forcefully.

It took her a bit of time, but she realized that I wanted some Temptations. She asked me if I wanted some Treats, and I said Yes. The Mom Bean then looked on the third shelf. She moved several things around, things I could not see. She then said that they were gone. Then she turned to me and said ‘I don’t know how that happened. But there are no treats, Sephie.’ That’s when I panicked. I tried to jump up onto the shelf to see if I could see them.

But there were no signs of any Temptations. There were no pink packages, no blue packages and definitely no yellow packages. Once I saw that all the Temptations were gone, I came running here. What has happened to our Temptations? Who could have taken all of them?” Persephone was getting agitated all over again.

“Don’t worry, Persephone.” Scooter reassured the young silver tabby, and then he talked loud enough for all the other cats to hear. “I, Scooter, of Scooter McTabby’s Detective Agency and All Round Adventure Company, shall, with my assistant, Whatley Purrgood, solve this heinous crime and bring the perpetrator to justice.”

“Justice?” Dartmore asked. “Is that like a Toothy Death?”

“No, my good, Dartmore,” Alastair Cunningworth instructed his old friend. “Think more of a good paw twacking. Or a good double rabbit kick to the stomach. I remember when that nasty ginger tom came to our back door. Now that was a good paw twacking we gave him…”

“Alastair.” Scooter interrupted. Scooter knew how much the dapper Alastair liked to talk about his past adventures. “There will be no Toothy Death or Paw Twacking or Rabbit-Kicks. Once we have identified the individual responsible for this act, we shall bring him or her before the cats of the house to face the appropriate punishment.”

Scooter briefly looked at Miss Marbles and Richard the Lionheart. They both gave Scooter a faint nod. The heads of the Big Grey House had given their agreement to Scooter’s plan. It was now up to him to deliver on his promises.

“How about just a little Paw Twacking?” Dartmore asked hopefully.

“Dartmore.” Richard said sternly, to which Dartmore just snorted again.

“Let us go, my dear Whatley.” Scooter stated to his new sidekick. “We must find who is behind this horrific theft. And our search begins at the scene of the crime.”

“The Lesser Pantry.” Whatley responded as she paused to nibble at a tuff of fur on her right paw..

“Yes. The Lesser Pantry.” Scooter said, as he adjusted his cap again. “That is where the trail of our first case will begin.”

Sunday, January 28, 2007

All Round Multipurpose Post

First of all thanks to everyone for their wonderful welcomes to Baci. If he wasn't still hiding behind the washing machine, I am sure that he would have thanked you himself. He is already showing some great promise. At sometime in the night, Baci jumped up on the bed and fell asleep between my wife and me at our feet. He would have stayed there had Magoo not shown up at 4:30am and found the interloper in his preferred spot. After about ten minutes of growling at each other they settled down, but then I had to roll over and I disturbed them both. At that time, Baci decided that it was time to return to his spot behind the washing machine.

The funniest part of this was that Magoo stretched himself out as much as possible at the foot of the bed. It was as if to say to baci, this is all my spot go find your own sleepy spot.

Secondly, in response to those who were concerned about Smudge, I planned on having an update every weekend after we get home from giving him his fluid treatment at Grandma's. Just becuase he is not here anymore does not mean I have forgotten about him. I hope to get Grandma to write something up every week. I think I will call it the Sunday Smudge Report.

Lastly, Dolce and I wanted to think of a way we could get everyone to help out with the Scooter McTabby stories. It seemed that everyone in the comments section was already trying to figure out what the first case was. So that gave me and Dolce an idea. We wanted all our furriends to help think up some cases for Scooter and Whatley to solve in the Big Grey House.

So I will give $2.00 per case suggestion to the Blogging Friends' fund. (I hope to get at least fifty, so the plan is to donate $100.00.) I will then match that donation to the two rescue societies that Dolce and Baci came from; NASAP (Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection) and SNAP (Spay and Neuter Action Program).

So think back to your days of reading Sherlock Holmes, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Encylopedia Brown. The case should be like the following:

The Case of the Mistaken Meezer
The Forgotten Footon
The Great Hairball Conspiracy

Please don't post your comments as anonymous or if you must, let me know which blog is yours. I can't give you credit if I don't know who you are.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Huge news!

My mother-in-law has been cracking me up. Everytime we talk to her about Smudge to see how he is doing and how much is he eating, she goes into a long list of wonderful things he does at Grandma's place. If you had heard her, you would think that I was threatening to take away one of her children. Okay, I already did that once when I married her daughter so I have a track record of taking away those she loves.

As for my wife, I think I kind of submarined her last weekend when I said that Smudge was probably never coming back home. She had not thought that far in advance and still thought that at some time Smudge would be coming home. I figured differently. Smudge was under a lot stress with his failing health. Also because I was not home as often, I think he felt abandoned by me. So when he went to Grandma's, Smudge took this change as an opportunity to go someplace where he felt wanted and loved. I tried to reassure him of that today, but he acted like I was a total stranger. So we told Grandma that she now has another cat. She was thrilled, and we were somewhat sad.

Just like you should never shop for food on an empty stomache, you should never go near a Rescue Society booth when you have just lost a friend.

On that note, My Wife and I are pleased to introduce the latest member of our family:


This is Baci, a five month old Lynx point Himalayan cross kitten. His name means Love and Kisses in Italian. If the name sounds familiar it is a type of chocolate as well, one that Hershey's ripped off (AKA Hershey's Kiss).

We did not do this to replace Smudge but to give the spot he left to another needy kitten.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Scooter McTabby's Detective Agency

Dad: Dolce and I had to put our heads together to get this installment of Scooter McTabby done. To be honest, I don't think Dolce did much thinking when we were putting our heads together, she just loves to give headbutts.
Dolce: And you love getting them, so it all works out. Are you ready to tell some more of the story?
Dad: Yes. Are you ready for your friends?
Dolce: Yes. I have Hot Catmilk or Catnip Tea to drink, Leafy Goodness, and Catnip and Ham Sandwiches.Do you think everyone will come?
Dad: I don't know if everyone will come. But we will have fun with those who do.
Dolce: Sounds good. Purrs.
Dad: Dolce, I know you love me but I can't tell the story if you insist on sticking your tail in my mouth. Now where was I? Oh yes. Scooter McTabby was rushing to the sunroom to tell the other cats of the Big Grey House about his exciting idea.

Scooter trotted into the sunroom of the Big Grey House. His twin peaked cap was still balanced on his head. He was certain that the other cats would be excited as well as all cats looked forward to a good adventure. Scooter’s hopes were dashed as soon as the two young Siamese cats Hunan and Szechwan saw him enter.

“What is that on your head?” Hunan sneered as she circled to Scooter’s left side.

“It looks like something died on his head.” Szechwan added as he curled to Scooter’s right side.

“Leave me alone. “ Scooter tried to maintain the pride and dignity he felt when he first saw the hat on his head in the bathroom. “I have important business that you two wouldn’t understand.”

“Why wouldn’t we understand Sccoter?” Hunan teased. “Aren’t we as smart as you?”

“I think you are as smart.” Scooter tried to explain, “But I think that you spend to much time with Treadmore and not enough with the other cats of the house.”

“So now you don’t like Prince Treadmore the Third as well.” Szechwan added. “You are quite the snob aren’t you Scooter?”

“I’m not a snob.” Scooter was getting flustered. “I’m done with you two. Go tell Prince Treadmont what ever you want. I have some news for the other cats of the house. If you feel yourselves above what I have to say then you can just leave.’

“Whatever you say, Scooter.” Hunan smiled.

“Whatever.” Szechwan added as the two Siamese slinked out of the sunroom.

Scooter adjusted his cap. He was certain that the exchange with the two Siamese cats had altered its position on his head. He looked across the sunroom and saw the other cats of the Big Grey House.

On the largest couch in the sunroom reclined the oldest resident of the Big Grey House, Miss Marbles. She had been in the house for more than seventeen summers. She was the one who welcomed each newcomer into the house. She understood the caring nature of the Mom and Dad Beans best of all and was the one all the cats trusted. Lying close to her, but without touching was the next longest resident of the house, Richard the Lionheart. He was a large grey long haired cat of no special lineage. If Miss Marbles was the female head of the house, then Richard was the male head of the house. Although he had been pushed and challenged by Prince Treadmont and Dartmore, he had remained the alpha male of the house for more than ten years. Scooter had gone to him for advice several times over Scooter’s three years in the house. Never once had Richard’s advice lead Scooter astray.

Scooter saw the long lithe form of Skids stretched out in one of the many sunbeam spots in the room. Skids was a former street cat, a stray, that had shown up at the Big Grey House one day in the arms of the Mom Bean. Scooter always thought he seemed nice enough, but Scooter always counted his catnip mice once Skids left the room. Scooter notice the clean and proper form of one of his idols in the house, Alastair Cunningworth. Alastair was an impeccably groomed tuxedo cat who seemed to exude feline grace and style. He was one of the most friendly cats in the Big Grey House. Alastair always seemed to have a story or anecdote about everything.

Across the room, there was the form of an enormous ginger tabby cat laying on its back with all four paws curled in the air in front of its body as he enjoyed the sunshine. Scooter shook his head at Dartmore’s lack of feline graces. There was a running joke that he had more in common with the three Corgis of the house then the rest of the cats. Scooter looked up towards the wicker plant shelf and saw the bluish grey form of Prince Treadmont the Third. He was a British Short Hair of championship lines or so he said. Of all the cats in the Big Grey House, Treadmont was the only cat that could say he held pedigree papers, and he held that over all the rest of the cats, as though that mattered in the Big Grey House.

Scooter’s eyes found the slight form of the one cat that he would call a true friend in the Big Grey House. She was a slight framed long haired calico who was only six months younger than Scooter. As Scooter entered the room, Whatley Purrgood’s head perked up and she stared directly at Scooter. Whatley stood up and gave a quick stretch.

“What’s with the hat?” Skids stirred from his nap.

“Cats of the Big Grey House.” Scooter tired to sound very official and authoritative. “There is something afoot.”

“That doesn’t make sense.” Dartmore countered as he rolled onto his stomach. “Something is either a foot or it is not a foot.”

Scooter tried to not get flustered. He was very excited about his new venture and he desperately wanted to share that excitement with the other cats.

“There is some dastardly event occurring somewhere in the house.” Scooter replied, as he tried to regain control of his announcement.

“And it is a foot?” Prince Treadmont piped up from his vantage point.

“No.” Scooter replied. “It is not a foot.”

“Then why did you say it is a foot.” Prince Treadmont dropped to floor and sauntered over to right in front of Scooter. “Did you mean that something is a Paw or maybe a Hand?”

Prince Treadmont snickered and then changed his tone to a sneer “Or are you just a confused little mog?”

“Leave Scooter alone.” Whatley Purrgood moved to Scooter’s side. “Dad Bean was reading us a detective story last night. Scooter said that it would be cool to be a detective. But you wouldn’t know anything about lounging with Mom or Dad Bean last night would you. That would be beneath you, wouldn’t it, Treadmont?”

“Ah, Scooter.” Prince Treadmont said snidely, “I see your protector has rushed to your side once again. I would have thought that by now you would be able to stand on your own.”

Scooter could hear Dartmore and Skids snickering under their paws. He had to say something to counter Treadmont.

“The role of detective is a time honoured profession.” Scooter replied, “But then again someone who has rested on his family’s laurels would know nothing about that.”

Dartmore and Skids perked up. They both knew that although Prince Treadmont was from championship lines he was considered ineligible as a Showcat, and this was a sore point for him.

“Little, little mog.” Prince Treadmont slowly and purposefully stalked towards Scooter. “You need to be more careful when you start criticizing your betters in this house.”

Prince Treadmont walked within inches of Scooter. He suddenly hissed and caused Scooter to jump almost a foot straight sideways. Scooter found himself dangerously close to Whatley.

“Nice reflexes.” Prince Treadmont sneered. ”But I’m pretty sure that most famous detectives don’t hide behind their girlfriends.”

Scooter watched as Treadmont left the sunroom. He still had some important news for the other cats of the Big Grey House.

“Now that Treadmont has left, I want to share some important news.” Scooter declared, trying to give his news an air of urgency and importance.

All the cats perked up and looked in Scooter’s direction.

“I have decided to form the Scooter McTabby Detective Agency and All Round Adventure Company.” Scooter declared. “So if any of you have an unsolved mystery you need solved or a proposed adventure that you need a hearty leader for, I am your cat. But I will need a sidekick.”

“If you try to kick me, I’ll box your ears.” Dartmore countered threateningly. “Side or front kick. I don’t care.”

“No.”: Scooter replied. “I didn’t mean I was going to kick anyone.”

“So why did you start threatening everyone with sidekicks.” Skids asked.

“I wasn’t threatening anyone.” Scooter pleaded. Sometimes the other cats could be very hard to converse with.

“I’ll be your sidekick.” Whatley Purrgood stated. “I think it will be fun. Especially if it is anything like the Dad Bean’s stories.”

“Good.” Skids replied. “Now you can leave the rest of us alone and not bother us with your silly ideas.”

“Amen to that.” Dartmore added.

“Let Scooter speak.” Richard the Lionheart interrupted Dartmore and Skids’ teasing. “Scooter, what does this company of yours propose to do?”

“If something is lost or stolen, we shall endeavor to find it.” Scooter tried to be brave. Deep down, he had to admit that Richard scared the poo out of him. “If there is an adventure that none will undertake, we will rise to the challenge.”

“Very good.” Richard inclined his head approvingly. “It sounds like the house is in good hands.”

“I just wanted to announce my services.” Scooter found himself almost bowing to Richard. Scooter found this very strange for a cat.

“I hope they are never needed. Scooter.” Richard replied. “But I will sleep better knowing that you are on the case. So to speak.”

Scooter felt very proud at that moment. He was now in charge of the foremost detective agency in the Big Grey House. It was the only detective agency in the Big Grey House, but that did not matter to Scooter. He just had to wait and be patient. Sooner or later, there would be something that needed investigating or adventuring.

The sudden appearance of the youngest cat in the Big Grey House signaled Scooter that his detective agency was in business. Persephone, a tiny silver spotted tabby, was all out of breath as she burst into the sunroom.

“They’re all gone!” Persephone cried. “All of them!”

In that instant, Scooter saw his dream realized. He gave his peaked cap a slight straightening and he nodded to Whatley. Scooter McTabby’s Detective Agency and Adventure Company was officially in business.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

We are pleased to introduce Miss Chloe

As promised, this is Smudge's new friend, Chloe.
Click to biggify.

Click to biggify.

Click to biggify.

We went over to give Smudge his fluids and spend some time with him. Unfortunately, it was just give fluids no cuddle time. As much as it hurts, I think that Smudge now associates me with going to the V-E-T. I tried to help give the fluids, but Smudge just seemed to get stressed out by my presence. When I left it to Grandma and the Wife, Smudge seemed to calm right down. Do I blame him? No. I was the one who took him to all those sessions at the V-E-T. I was also away with work so really the only time Smudge saw me was when he had to go get poked and prodded.

He is starting to look and feel better. He is still on the skinny side, but he does eat nearly a full can of the special food, which is a huge improvement. Grandma says that he and Chloe play together constantly so I know his mental well being is being taken care of as well as his physical. I think Grandma is worried I am going to take her new little boy away. She tells me over and over again how happy Smudge is and how well he gets along with Cloe, and how the two of them curl up together and sleep on the bed side by side.

Do I miss my Smudge? With every breath, I think about him. Am I happy without him? It is a bittersweet happiness I feel, for I know that he is happy and well loved and slowly stabilizing his condition, but I still feel that empty spot on the bed where he would curl up and fall asleep next to me.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dad needs to apologize...

Dad says he is sorry for scaring all of my furriends. He was not thinking when he used that caption for the entry about me going to Grandma's. Sure the idea is to grab people's attention and make them want to read your blog, but all he did was scare everybody who knows I am sick.

I have decided to live at Grandma's. Not because I don't love my dad, but because I need to have someone around all the time. My dad is travelling with work and I don't see him as much as I need to. Besides, Grandma really loves me. I also have a new playmate who needs me more than Dolce, Bella and Magoo. Cloe is very shy and used to hide all the time. She has been showing me all her special spots around the house where she likes to look out the windows and sleep on the couch. I will have to get Dad to come and take a picture of her. She looks surprisingly a lot like Bella, but she has a tortie face and a big white spot on the end of her tail. Mom says it looks like she had her tail dipped in paint.


PS. Dad is working on the next chapter of Scooter McTabby. He says that it is a lot harder to write something funny and exciting than it is to write something sad.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Smudge is gone...

To Grandma's.

We came home from our vacation and decided to leave Smudge with his Grandma for an extra week to see how he would do. We were desparately hoping that he would be able to gain some weight and get his CRF under control. Also, even though we love Dolce to pieces, she is a bundle of energy that is causing the other cats a fair bit of stress. The trip to grandma's was too see how Smudge would be without Dolce cannon balling him at every opportunity.

I am sad to say that Smudge is thriving at Grandma's. His new friend, Cloe, loves having him around, and he is slowly bringing her out of her shell. As for Grandma, Smudge loves her as much as she loves him. He has taken to sleeping on the bed with her just like he did at home.

We went to the V-E-T on the weekend to learn how to do the sub-q fluids at home. Smudge's Grandma came along since she might have to be the one to help my wife if I was not around to assist. Now Grandma had a diabetic cat named Socks that she gave insulin shots to everyday for more than ten years so she is used to dealing with a sick cat. My wife and I were not so good when confronted with the needle.

We went back to Grandma's place, and my wife and I got to see how Smudge is doing. Unfortunately, Smudge has decided that he has a new home. I watched somewhat jealously as he curled around and rubbed against Grandma's legs. As soon as I saw that I knew that the decision was no longer mine. Smudge told us that he was happy here at Grandma's and that he would be staying for as long as Grandma wanted him. He rolled onto his side and let Grandma rub his side and tummy. It was evident that Grandma wanted him to stay as well.

So my Smudge is gone. The house seems a little empty without him, but I know he is happy and much loved.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dolce's Story Chair

Dad: While on vacation, I thought a little about the stories I had shared with you all last year. I realized that even though I meant them to be uplifting and inspirational, they were all bittersweet and somewhat sad. I had asked Dolce to put on her thinking cap to see if she could help with a story that would not be sad or depressing. She said that she would not wear a cap no matter how nice I asked. But the picture of her wearing a cap got me thinking. Thinking about a little tabby that wanted to wear a cap and wanted to find thrills and adventure. And so, I will welcome you back to Dolce's Story Chair for the introduction to my cap-wearing, adventure seeking tabby...

Scooter McTabby's Detective Agency and All Round Adventure Company

The toyroom was conspicously quiet as a lithe young tabby made his way towards the Doll Cabinet. The Bean Girl and the Bean Boy were both away from the Big Grey House for the day. The tabby had heard them talking about Skool and Homewerk while he was having his first breakfast at the flat blue bowl. It was good that the Bean Girl was not around. She got very upset whenever she caught one of the many cats of the Big Grey House playing in the Doll Cabinet. She really hated it when the biggest cat of the house, Dartmore, wrassled with her Suzy Sleeps-A-Lot doll. The tabby knew why Dartmore liked Suzy Sleeps-A-Lot. It was because she would cry every time he rabbit-kicked her. Dartmore was a little mean that way.

The little tabby stood up on his white back paws and craned his neck to see the doll accessories on the second shelf of the Doll Cabinet. His heart raced and his tail started twitching excitedly as the object of his search was discovered. There, next to a bright pink raincoat, was the twin peaked tweed cap for the Bean Girl’s only male doll. The little tabby sprang up onto the shelf and gingerly plucked the cap up with his teeth. He jumped down quickly and trotted off to the bathroom.

A quick examination of the toilet preceded the little tabby’s jumping up onto the toilet lid. He had learned to check that first when he was just a kitten. He shuddered as he remembered the dreaded Stinky Water Dunking Incident and the Foamy Bath Torture that followed almost immediately after. The tabby leaped from the toilet to the countertop with the little peaked cap still in his mouth. He sat up in front of the mirror and regarded the cat that faced him in the mirror. Quite a handsome fellow, the tabby thought to himself, and he seems to have found a cap as well.

“Let’s see if we can’t figure this out together.” The Tabby said to the other Tabby in the mirror. “I’m Scooter, by the way, Scooter McTabby. Pleased to meet you.”

At first, Scooter was miffed at the cat in the mirror who seemed to start talking as soon as he did. But when no sound interrupted Scooter’s introductions, Scooter just chalked it up to bad upbringing. No cat from the Big Grey House would have such bad manners. Scooter followed the Tabby in the Mirror and placed the twin peaked cap on his head. It was a little small, but it did nestle nicely between Scooter’s ears.

“I think you look quite dashing.” Scooter said to the Tabby in the Mirror. “How does mine look?”

Scooter waited for the Tabby in the Mirror to return the compliment. Once again it seemed to want to talk at the same time as Scooter, but it spoke so quietly Scooter could not understand a word he was saying.

“If you are going to keep being rude, I am not going to talk to you anymore.” Scooter turned away from the Tabby in the Mirror and jumped back down to the floor.

Scooter was dismayed when his newly found cap fell off his head. He could not be certain, but he was sure the rude cat in the mirror had something to do with it. He quickly replaced the cap on his head between his ears and then he headed to the Sunroom where he knew the other cats of the Big Grey House were gathering for the early morning nap. Scooter thought he felt a pang in stomach. It was not time for the Mid-Morning Breakfast yet, he thought. Scooter figured it was the excitement he felt now that he had his new hat. He had some very thrilling news for the other cats of the Big Grey House.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A brief political advertisement.

Prime Minister supports fostering of cats.

I normally want to keep my politics and my normal sarcastic nature out of my blog, but I came across this on the web.

I knew there was a reason I liked him.

Monday, January 08, 2007

And a new year begins.

So much stuff has happened in the last little while, Dad has forgotten to mention it. First and foremost, we have been blogging for more than a year. Our first post was back on Dec 19, 2005. We have seen a lot of joy and sadness during this time, but through all that we met some very special furriends.

The new year has dawned us and sees Magoo, Bella and Dolce getting used to Smudge not being here all the time. He is still having his sabbatical at Grandma's place, where he is doing very well. It might lead to a hard decision for me but best for him.

Dolce has decided that Magoo makes the best wrassling partner.