Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tales of Pirate Cats and Waylaid Beans Await

To all our friends,

We has been silent 'acause our beans were patrolling for booty in the Caring-Bean.

Captain Jack can esplain what has been happenin apon the rolling sea. Argh!

From the reports written in the captain's log ("DAD"), we has spotted many tasty fishes and miles apon miles of unpooped sandboxes. We cats calls that "Surf and Turf".

He has some video of hundreds of fishes. (We thinks he makes stuff up). But when the proof hits this blog we shall either cheer; or boo and hiss.

Pee Ess: Baci has been telling Grandma about his hollow leg. She is beginning to think it is a figament of his imagination just like Dad.

Pee Pee Ess: Dad saw a whole bunch of feral cats in Puerto Rico. He has pictures. Especially of one he and Mom called George. Pictures will follow. especially of thje fishes. From what we have been told this should be a blockbuster on CatTV.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Who is the Smartest Cat in Your House?

We have four(five) cats in our house, each has a personality. One that that is unique to each of the little furrballs. One is a Soldier, a Defender, a Knight who knows no fear. One is Lover (Healer) who gives his heart and strength to whoever needs it most. One is a Thinker. To look into her eyes is to look into the eye piece of the Hubble telescope (I see the stars and see what lays beyond.) I did not know what to call Dolce when she blessed our threshold. She is my Scientist. Everything is a problem to her and every problem has a solution. They just take time and thought. Baci is just a blank slate. I think he is waiting for whatever instructions Dolce gives him.

I have pictures of one of my Honey-Do work items. I had hoped to post it as a blog item, but my Scientist, Dolce, has figured out my most devious puzzle.

I put a cat door into the door leading into our garage. Since our cats seemed to enjoy exploring our garage as much as they enjoyed exploring the back yard, we had always planned on putting a cat door in.

I finally got around to it after much guidance and reminding from my dear wife.

Imagine a hole in a door (picture to follow)

Then imagine a nice plastic door neatly attached (picture to follow)

Now we tried to train our furrkids to use the catdoor...

We held it open and each of our cats used it to go out into the garage. We even held it open so that they would get used to coming back into the house.

We have one smart cat, our newly designated Scientist, Dolce. She has started to go in and out through the door to the garage. Her best friend, Baci, cries to follow her. We are hopeful that his bond with her will lead him to mimic her actions.

Magoo and Bella may clue in and follow the "Tweens", but we do not care. Each cat in our house has a path to follow and it is our job as the "intelligent" species to manage to their expectations.

Live long, Purr Strong.

Pee Ess. Dad is trying to finish the "Littlest Guardian Story". Actually it is finished in his head, but he is having some issues whether to end on a happy note or a realistic note. He would prefer a happy note, but what is the purpose of a story if it does not leave the reader with some guidance.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Purrthday to Magoo!

Happy Purrthday Magoo!

Today you are 12 years old! Just remember that no matter how old you get, you will always be our fuzzy gund.

You have become a great Mancat. A terror to all who try to invade your territory. Master of all that you can survey from your deck.

Loves you lots,

Mom and Dad.