Friday, January 27, 2006

And now for something completely different

Hi, I'm Smudge. I'm the quiet one in the family. But I thought it was time for me have my say on this blog thingy. I know everyone loves the kitten Dolce. I mean who doesn't like kittens. But us older black cats need some attention too. Did you know that black cats are less likely to be adopted from a shelter than any other colour. And most respectable shelters stop adopting black cats around Halloween, because of some real sick s**ts out there. Oops. Sorry about that. Sometimes I let a curse slip out.

I don't really like strangers so noone really knows how strikingly handsome I am. Or how luxuriously soft my coat is. But I do love the ladies...Oh Yeah...If you are a female and you spend more than a couple of hours in the house, I will find you and you will be helpless against my charms. That's why dad calls me the Lover. My dad is the only human male that I had any extended contact with. Most of his friends are allergic. I think that's a human term for "Cat Hater", because we always get put in the basement when one of these Allergics come over.

I really have to go. Dad brought out the catnip and if I don't go now, Bella and Dolce with get it all. You probably can't hear it, but that thudding in the background is my brother Magoo walking down the hallway. He coming to check out the commotion Bella and Dolce are causing.


Dolce wanted to add something to her brother's post.

I luvs Smudgie lots. I luv his poofy tail. Unlike Magoo, he doesn't growl when I play wif it. He's the only one that plays wif me without hissing. He's the bestest brudder ever.



  1. Hi, Smudge,

    You are very handsome. We hope you got your share of the catnip. Sometimes having siblings are hard.

  2. Hi Smudge! I think you are very handsome.

  3. You are a beautiful cat Smudge. It's hard to put up with those kittens but it is nice of you to let little dolce play with your tail. That's what Shaggy does with Scout.I'd love to come pet you! sss's' mom

  4. I noticed this before when looking at shelter kitty sites - the same is true for dogs. I don't understand it! Turtle is the sweetest little thing in the house (shh - don't tell M&N I said that). Our vet tried unsuccessfully for over a month to adopt her out - and she was completely free - they given her all of her shots and fixed her and everything - and when she got a cold a couple of weeks after I got her, they didn't charge me for an appt or meds. Smudge DOES look just like her, btw. He's beautiful.

  5. You are a beautiful boy-cat! No wonder you are such a heart-breaker!
    Bonnie (Buzzerbee & meep's mom)