Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dolce's Story Chair - Jingles and the Furry Helpers (pt 3)

Dad: Dolce!
Dolce: Yes Dad?
Dad: Are you ready for your friends?
Dolce: Yes. I got the milk, the cookies, and some greens already to go.
Baci: I broughts the fev-ver toys!!
Dolce: Baci, This is a story chair not a play chair!
Baci: No fev-vers?
Dad: Baci, you can bring your fev-vers but you have to wait until after the story to play with them. Okay?
Baci: OKAY!!!!
Dad: Dolce, you can let your friends know that I am ready to start the next part of the story.
Dad: Dolce, Dolce, Dolce.
Dolce: Dad, Dad, Dad.

Jingles and the Furry Helpers
Part 3: A Christmas Cat’s Work is Never Done

Jingles sat on top of Santa’s desk and stared intently at the tiny gold scroll. Jingles had asked Santa to take out for him as the final deadline for this year’s Christmas production run was quickly approaching. All year, Santa had been gently reminding Jingles that sooner or later he would have to look at the names on the scroll. Jingles had hesitantly agreed but had found one reason after another to avoid actually having to touch the scroll.
Jingles had been using the design and development of the Feathered Ball toy to postpone the reading of the scroll. Santa had accepted that for the months of January, February and March, but in April, Santa had begun pressuring Jingles to update his Lists. Jingles then used the Spring Training of the reindeer as another excuse not to read the scroll and then it was the Summer Machine Maintenance. Now with only a week before Christmas and toy production reaching its final run, Santa had picked Jingles up from the house he shared with Taylor Tailorson and had placed Jingles on his desk with the firm command that he was not to leave the office until he had read the scroll.
Jingles swallowed hard and tenativley reached his paw towards the scroll. He had almost touched it when he quickly pulled his paw back. Jingles sat for a short while and then once again reached out towards the scroll. His paw hovered a hair’s breath over the scroll. As much as Jingles knew he needed to do this, he was afraid of what might happen.
A large bang in the room next to Santa’s office startled Jingles and he accidently placed his paw on the scroll.
The scroll suddenly unraveled and the names of hundred of cats and kittens appeared in gold script on the parchment. Jingles saw each cat and kitten appear in his memories and for each one, he felt the hollowness that the loss of a dear friend brings.
“Bonnie Underfoot, Kelly, Tiki…” Jingles mouthed the names as they flowed across the parchment, “Cloud Chaser, Pixie, Captain Nels LaPurr, Mu Shue Pooh King, Texas, Jerry Lee, Skeeter, Dandelion, Pepper, Pandora…”
The names flowed and flowed over the parchment.
Jingles was so entangled in the river of departed cats and kittens that he did not see Santa standing in the doorway holding a large thickly bound book. The scroll finally finished unraveling. Jingles sat and stared at the scroll. He lovingly placed his paw on the parchment. Santa crossed the room and gave Jingles a reassuring scratch behind his left ear. He was still holding the large book under his left arm.
“I hope I didn’t startle you too bad, Jingles.” Santa apologized. “This book was a little higher than I thought.”
“Thank you, Santa.” Jingles said softly. “I don’t think I could have found the strength to do that on my own.”
“Jingles.” Santa set the book down on the desk and collapsed into his chair. “I had the same problem my first year as Santa. I left my scroll on the desk untouched right up to the last minute. Mrs. Claus actually had to hide it in my boot in order to trick me into touching it. Sammy and the other Elfs in the Loading Dock were very unhappy that they had to unload a lot of presents. See that one there.”
Santa pointed to a small wrapped box on the top shelf of a bookcase. The paper had faded and the bow was no longer full and large.
“That is the first gift they unloaded from the sleigh that Christmas Eve.” Santa said, “It was for a little girl. I almost delivered it, because I was as scared as you were. I keep it to remind me of what I have been chosen to do and that I must bear all of the responsibilities of that chosen task.”
“I think I understand.” Jingles said as he hopped off the desk onto Santa’s lap. “Does it ever get easier?”
“No it doesn’t.” Santa replied as he stroked Jingles’ fur. “But you know what. I think having someone here who understands what the scrolls mean just might make it easier to bear.”
Jingles purred in agreement. Now that he had dealt with the issue of the scroll, Jingles tried to focus on the task at hand, for in one week he would be riding with Santa on his sleigh and delivering toys to all the cats and kittens.

Jingles woke to find his Christmas gear all nicely pressed and laid out in the stool inside his room. It was Christmas Eve and Jingles could sense the excitement that permeated every nook and cranny of the North Pole. Jingles quickly got dressed into his Red Velvet Vest and his White furr trimmed Hat. He went into the kitchen to greet Taylor, but the elf was already gone to work. Jingle saw a note pinned to the tablecloth next to a large steaming bowl of cream and a large plate of catnip cookies.
“Eat Up, Jingles.” Taylor had written. “You will need your strength. We can’t have a repeat of last year. “
Jingles remembered how he had almost failed to deliver the toys. He read the rest of Taylor’s note.”
“P.S. I have put a bag of Catnip Energy cookies in your left pocket. In case you get hungry. If I don’t see you at the Ceremony, have a good trip.”
Jingles patted his left pocket and felt the bag of cookies Taylor had prepared for him.
“Thanks, Taylor.” Jingles said to his friend who had already gone off to work.

Jingles gave his cap a bit of an adjustment and then he started off for the Main Square where Santa’s sleigh stood loaded and ready for its yearly trip around the world. Jingles was happy that this year he would be able to ride up front with Santa instead of having to sneak into the makeshift cubbyhole Sammy Sleighmaster had made for him. Not this year. This year Jingles would climb into the sleigh with Santa and get to watch all the Elf bands and listen to the Elf choirs as the entire population of the North Pole gave Santa his big send off.
As he walked towards the Main Square, Jingles was greeted with a “Merry Christmas” from every Elf he met. Jingles heart swelled with each and every greeting. The hollowness from last week was finally starting to subside.

Soon Jingles was entering into the Main Square of the North Pole. He could see, in the centre of the Square, Santa’s fully loaded sleigh. The eight reindeer were nervously pawing at the cobblestones as they were being hitched into their harnesses Jingles saw Santa talking with Sammy Sleighmaster. Sammy was taking Santa through his Pre-flight checklist.

“Hello, Sammy” Jingles said happily as he hopped up onto the seat of the Sleigh. “Are you ready Santa?”
“Merry Christmas, Jingles” Sammy replied, and then he added with a wink, “I think you will like the view a lot better up there.”
“Hello, Jingles.” Santa smiled, “Yes I am already to go.”
“Now Santa. “Sammy warned, “I want you to keep a close eye on those new Gum Drop Diodes. They were giving us a little bit of grief when they warmed up. I don’t think you should have any problems, but watch them closely once you finish dealing with the houses in the Southern Hemisphere.”
“Will do, Sammy.” Santa replied. “And Sammy…”
“Yes, Santa?” Sammy said.
“Merry Christmas.” Santa smiled and gave out a jolly laugh.
Sammy smilled and laughed right back.
“And a very Merry Christmas to you, Santa.” Sammy nodded to Jingles who eagerly paced on the front seat of the sleigh.

Sammy stepped back from the edge of the sleigh. He waved his hand to an elf nearby who struck a large silver bell. A quiet hush fell over the square. The only sound to be heard was the snuffling and excited breathing of the reindeer. Jingles could feel his heart pound in his chest. As he heard Santa call out to his reindeer, Jingles found himself mouthing their names along with him.

“On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer and Vixen!” Santa called out to his magical reindeer. “On Comet, On Cupid, On Donner and Blitzen!”

With the name of his last reindeer echoing across the quiet Main Square, the reindeer began their pull against their harness and slowly the sleigh moved forward. Faster and Faster the sleigh began to move and then suddenly it lifted from the cobblestone pavement and Santa’s sleigh began its rapid rise into the clear crisp Christmas Eve sky. A thunderous cheer erupted from all the elfs as caps and toques were tossed joyously into the air.

To be continued...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dolce's Story Chair - Jingles and the Furry Helpers (pt 2)

Dolce: Dad, what is happening with the Christmas Story?
Dad: Dolce, you know how busy everyone in the house is. Mom and Grandma and I are trying to get Smudge and Chloe settled in. Not to mention trying to earn green papers so that you and your brofurs and sisfurs have a warm home and food to eat.
Dolce: But I promised my furriends a new story, and you haven't being helping me.
Dad: I'm sorry Dolce. I did get some more written and the rest will follow shortly. We are probably going have to speed it up so that it will be done in time for Christmas.
Dolce: You better finish it or I will do what Max says and poop on your pillow.
Dad: Sounds like someone is bucking to be on the Naughty List.
Dolce: Dad...
Dad: Yes, Dolce?
Dolce: I'm sorry. Please tell me the story.
Dad: You get your story chair already to go and I will start the next part of the story...
Dolce: Thanks, Dad.

Jingles and the Furry Helpers
Part 2: Its Always Preparation

Taylor Tailorson looked down at his pocketwatch. It was already fifteen clockmarks past Last Breakfast Call. He had decided to give Jingles a bit more time to sleep but the young cat was starting to take advantage of the privilege of being the only cat to ride with Santa. To a North Pole Elf, sleeping in and a lazing about was unconscionable and insufferably rude.

Taylor went to the room where Jingles’ wicker bed had been moved from Santa’s office. He took in a deep breath and let it out in a very loud harrumph as he steeped into Jingles’ room. He had expected to see Jingles’ all curled up and sleeping. Instead, the bed was empty. Taylor walked over to the bed and placed his hand on the plush red pillow. It was cool to the touch. Whenever Jingles was, he was not in his bed and he had not been there for several hours. Taylor realized that he had not checked on Jingles when he woke up this morning.

The bells on the front door suddenly rang out.
“Taylor.” Jingles called out. “Are you home?”

Taylor quickly stepped out of Jingles room before he answered.

“I am just down the hall.” Taylor answered.

“Ah.” Jingles smiled as he took his new scarf, a gift from Taylor, and draped it over one of the two small chairs.
“Checking to see if I was up yet?” Jingles chided his friend.
“As a matter fact.” Taylor attempted to fake some indignation, but could not as it went against his Elfin nature. “I was. You have been pretty sleepy and lazy since your big trip with Santa.”
“And you thought I was still sound asleep.” Jingles stated. “Well I wasn’t. Santa said he wanted to meet with me to discuss something very important. So I got up real early and went down to the Toy Production Office to get all of my cat toy plans ready to show him.”
“Up early?” Taylor said somewhat dumfounded. “Preplanning your production orders? Are you sure that there isn’t a little elf blood in you somewhere, Jingles”
“Nope all cat.” Jingles jumped up onto the little wooden stool next to Taylor’s eating table. “By the way, is there any cream left?”
Taylor smiled at how fast Jingles thoughts returned to his stomach.

Jingles left the house after consuming two whole bowls of cream. He was in extremely high spirits. Santa’s request to meet with him made Jingles feel like a real part of the team at the North Pole. As Jingles walked down the candy lane lanterned street, he noticed the different groups of elfs and of the other creatures. There were the Reindeer hanging out at RedNosedBucks. There were the various Elfs going about their daily tasks, the Toymakers were drawing sketches of their newest ideas in the snow, the Lightkeepers were checking every Christmas light on every post and window frame, the Craftsmen were all carrying bundles and satchels of various tools and materials, and Tailors and Seamstresses were hauling bolts of brightly hued fabric to and fro. Jingles took a second glance around the street and then it dawned on him. He was the only cat at the North Pole. There was no one else for him to debate the proper stalking technique for a ball of Indigo No.2 Dyed Yak Yarn or whether the Catnip was better this week or last. Jingles was very happy at the North Pole, but suddenly for the very first time, he suddenly felt lonely.

Jingles marched into Santa’s office and gingerly hopped up on the surface of the desk. He pushed his nose under Santa’s arm and rubbed his cheek against Santa’s hand.
“Well hello, Jingles.” Santa smiled. ”Good to see you here on time.”
“It’s not everyday that you get to have a meeting with Santa.” Jingles purred proudly.
“Jingles.” Santa replied with a slightly raised eyebrow. “You sleep over there next to the iron stove everyday.”
“That’s different.” Jingles politely corrected Santa. “Sleeping is sleeping and meetings are meetings.”
“I think I understand.” Santa said.
“So I am here for our meeting.” Jingles stated. “Not that I won’t be sticking around for a nap, but first the meeting.”
“Ahh. Yes” Santa replied softly as he fingered a tiny gold scroll in his hands.
“If it is about the plans for next year.” Jingles started talking excitedly, “I have a great idea for a toy this year. A feathered ball that flies like a little bird when you throw it. It is filled with catnip of course. Here are the plans and the estimated production runs necessary.”
“This is very good, Jingles.” Santa said approvingly as he looked over Jingles’ plan. “It is very good. But this is not why I asked for this meeting.”
“Okay.” Jingles sat back on his haunches and looked at Santa puzzledly. “What is the meeting for then?”
Santa placed the tiny scroll on the desk and pushed it towards Jingles.
“A very old friend brought this for you.” Santa said. “But before you take it, I want you to understand something.”
“What is it, Santa?” Jingles looked at Santa, then at the scroll and then back to Santa.
“Now that you are my helper, you need to understand where the Lists come from.” Santa explained. “How people and creatures are added to the list, how they move from the Nice List to the Naughty List and back again, and How they are removed from the list.”
“I don’t think I like that last part, Santa.” Jingles replied sensing the sadness in Santa’s voice.
“As each person professes a belief in Christmas and in me, their name is added to the List automatically.” Santa explained. “Creatures by nature are added the moment they take a breath for the first time. From that moment on, whether it be a person or creature, their own actions determine which List their name will be found on.”
“Except for cats.” Jingles interrupted. “I still think there is something wrong with the criteria on the Naughty List.”
Santa chuckled slightly and then continued. “Once on the List, their names are never removed, even if they stop believing in me or in Christmas. This due to the hope of all hopes that they might once again find their belief. But a name can be removed from the Lists if one thing and only one thing happens.”
“What thing is that?” Jingles shuddered. “It sounds terrible.”
“It is not terrible, Jingles.” Santa explained further, “People and creatures not blessed as you and I and all of the elfs and creatures of the North Pole have only a certain amount of time on the Earth. It is part of their nature. They are born. They grow up. They learn. They laugh. They love. And when it is time, they die.”
Jingles sat and thought about what Santa said.
“Will I die?” Jingles asked Santa.
“You and I have been given a gift.” Santa said. “We are allowed live well past the normal lifespan of our kind but it has a price. We will spend that entire life doing things for other people and creatures.”
“So I will live as long as I make toys for all the cats and kittens.” Jingles said somewhat relieved.
“Yes.” Santa smiled. “But we will see other people and creatures that we have loved and who loved us pass away. This scroll is for you. It will update your List and remove all those cats and kittens who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.”
Jingles reached out his paw to touch the scroll. He was stopped by Santa suddenly placing his hand over top the scroll.
“Jingles.” Santa explained as weariness crept into his voice. “Part of the magic is that it will happen as soon as you touch the scroll. Also you will remember each and every one of the creatures on it. You must be prepared.”
Jingles swallowed hard. Santa removed his hand from the scroll. Jingles looked at the scroll and was somewhat loathe to touch it.
“You do not have to take it now, Jingles” Santa said. “I can hold onto it for a while until you feel you are ready. But you must take it before you finalize your production for next year. For as much pain as it causes us, the pain of a gift arriving unwanted and unbidden for a lost love one is far worse.”
“I understand Santa.” Jingles nodded. “I think I will wait a little while before I take it. If that is okay?”
“That is fine.” Santa smiled at his feline helper. “It will be here on my desk. You can come and take it whenever you are ready. Now let’s take another look at that Feathered Ball of yours. Have you run it past Safety and Play Hazard?”
“Not yet Santa.” Jingles stated. “I wanted to run it past you first. Then I will have the Toy Modellers build a mock up for some…uhh…quality tests.”
“Quality Tests?” Santa asked with a raised eyebrow.
“To make sure it has the right amount of playability.” Jingles said sheepishly. “You know quality.”
Santa nodded back knowingly.

Jingles spent four more hours working with Santa. It was more like fifteen minutes of work and then Jingles retired to a large red high backed chair for a three hour and forty-five minute nap. As he slept, a feeling of loneliness hung over Jingles and a twinge of worry. Jingles wondered whose names were on the scroll and who would not need a Christmas gift this year.

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dolce's Story Chair - Jingles and the Furry Helpers (pt 1)

Dad: Well it is already December. There is a fine dusting of snow here in the Great White North. That means it is time for...
Dolce: Dad! Dad! Dad!
Dad: Yes, Dolce?
Dolce: Are you going to tell my furriends that you are getting ready to start this year's Christmas Story?
Dad: I was just about to...
Baci: Dad! Dad! Dad! Oh. Crappity Crap Crap! Dolce is already here. I supposed she asked about the story already.
Dad: As I was just about to to tell her and all of her friends, I am getting ready to start this year's Christmas story. I decided to start it a little earlier and to spread it out a little longer so that I have some time to polish the story as I go along.
Dolce: Hooray! Another story!
Dad: But you two have to be nice. I want you both to make sure you make room for Smudge and Chloe at the chair. This means no being a jerk to Chloe, Baci.
Baci (sheepishly looks at floor): Okay.
Dad: Let's get the pillows all fluffed and the Catnip Cookies set out and the Hot Catmilk warmed. Baci, you need to make sure there are treats for all your furriends.
Baci: Got it.
Dad: Everyone looks ready. So here is the the first part of the story, Jingles and the Furry Helpers. It begins a week after Jingles' last ride with Santa...

Jingles and the Furry Helpers
Part 1: A New Year Dawns

Next to a wrought-iron stove with a gently crackling fire burning within stood a wicker cat bed with a thick plush red pillow. On top of the plush red pillow in the wicker cat bed, there was a fluffy young cat, with brown fur and dark chocolate points and pure white paws, sound asleep.

The cat was sleeping off the exhaustion that followed his whirlwind trip around the world. He had barely stirred for over a week, only waking to eat, drink and to answer nature’s call. Across the room, at an ancient oak desk, a grey bearded man was also slumped over in sleep. It was a draw as to which creature, man or cat, who was snoring louder than the other.

The room suddenly grew brighter and brighter. The grey bearded man at the desk stirred and slowly rubbed the sleep and weariness from his eyes. He straightened himself in his chair and conscientiously smoothed some of the wrinkled from his red velvet suit. The grey bearded man looked up and regarded the two white winged creatures that now stood before him.

“Hello.” Santa said slowly as he stretched and yawned.
“We are sorry to interrupt your rest, Trusted One.” One of the Angels stated softly.
“That’s okay.” Santa stretched some more. ”It’s about time for me to get up and moving again. Can’t sleep here all day. Too much to do.”
“We bring you tidings, Trusted One.” The Angel replied.
“I have told you to call me Santa.” Santa smiled. “After all these centuries, you can use my chosen name.”
“Trusted One, I mean Santa.” The Angel returned Santa’s smile. “I bring you the scroll of those who have Returned.”
Santa’s smile disappeared and a slight frown creased his normally jovial face. He held out his hand and he took the tightly wrapped scroll. He flinched as the scroll touched his hand. He did not need to read it for he knew each and everyone of the humans listed upon its parchment surface.
“Thank You, I will update the Lists.” Santa said sadly as he placed the scroll on his oak desk.
The Angel slowly and reverently nodded its head.
“My sister, Elbereth, has another list for you.” The Angel motioned for his fellow Angel to move forward.
“Hello, Trusted One. Santa.” Elbereth bowed her angelic head in deference to the position the grey haired gentleman held amongst the Angelic Host. “Given your new helper, I also have a scroll for you. More accurately for him.”
Santa looked over at the cat currently sleeping on its back with all four paws up in the air as it enjoyed the warmth from the stove.
“I should have expected this.” Santa said. “I will give it to him when he wakes.”
Elbereth sensed the sorrow that started to creep over Santa, She took his head gently in her hands.
“Trusted One. Let not your heart be sad; for all upon this list were Beloved. They now rest and play in a great Meadow and wait for those who loved them.” She placed a kiss on his forehead. A bluish spark traced from her lips to his head. ”Feel the gift that the humans have given to these creatures. Feel the love and the hope that can never pass from the Earth.”
Santa smiled as he suddenly felt the warm rush of the bond that Elbereth carried and nurtured between humans and their furriends.
“Thank you for this gift, Elbereth.” Santa smiled as he wiped a tear from his cheek.
“You will carry this gift until it is time to pass it to your helper.” Elbereth crossed the room and placed her hand on the sleeping cat and she smiled. “I will not come for him until you say it is time. He is now both a Beloved and a Trusted One. I also give to you as a Trusted One the ability grant this gift to any Beloved One as you see fit. Once this Gift is given, they shall be tied to you for as long as you live.”
“I am humbled, Elbereth.” Santa said solemnly.
“No, dear Santa.” Elbereth bowed her head towards the ancient human in the red velvet suit. “It is I who is humbled to be in the presence of such a powerful and noble True Purpose.”

The room became as bright as a midsummer day and then the two angels were gone. Santa sat quietly and solemnly in his chair. He looked at the scroll that laid on his desk and the tinier one that laid in the palm of his hand. He looked over at the wrought-iron stove with a gently crackling fire burning within where a wicker cat bed with a thick plush red pillow stood. On top of the plush red pillow in the wicker cat bed, there was a fluffy young cat, with brown fur with dark chocolate points and pure white paws, sound asleep.

To be continued...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Smudge and Chloe have now been here for two whole days, and I wanted to give all our furriends out there an update as to how everyone is doing.

Day One:

Smudge and Chloe were confined to the new room downstairs. They both preferred to hide under covers on the side of the bed or under the improvised tent I made with their blanket and a footstool.

Chloe did not let out a single peep, but Smudge was a bitt hissy and growly. Because Grandma hurt her arm two days before she was due to move in, my wife and I insisted that she sleep upstairs in our room instead of amongst the confusion and mess that still surrounds her new room.

So Smudge and Chloe had to share the room with my wife and me. Smudge treated us to a low growl almost all night; especially if one of us stirred or moved.

Day Two:

SMudge actually seemed to remember me. He rubbed up against me and did not try to run and hide whenever I entered the room. I think it helped that Grandma came downstairs and spent most of the day with Chloe and him. I think it reassured them both that they had not been abandoned in a strange weird place.

Day Three:

Smudge and Chloe got to spend the night with Grandma upstairs. Magoo, Bella, Dolce and Baci were banned from the room for the night. It really helped Smudge as he seemed to come even more out of his shell. I arranged a bit of a meet and greet for the cats. Chloe was surprisingly the first one to come out of the room and do a little bit of exploring. Bella was pretty interested in her and followed her around fairly closely.

Baci was of course a jerk and he was the first one to start caterwaulling and hissing at Chloe.

All things considered, it has gone relatively well. There have been no messy confrontations and we are slowly letting each household get to know one another.

Well, I have to go. The basement will not paint itself you know. I will keep you apprised on how things are working out in our newly expanded household. I hope to be able to get a picture of all six cats together.

Pee Ess: Because of all this, I will have to renege on my promise for two stories for Dolce's Story Chair. You can still look forwards to another of Jingle's adventures but the other story will have to be shelved. Don't tell Dolce though, she might get very angry with me and she might mistakenly blame Smudge and Chloe for me having to break my promise to her.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Is the Cat out of the Bag?

Dolce was right. Her furriends are very smart. Some of you guessed exactly what is about to happen very soon. This weekend to be exact.

But before I go into any details, we must enter the Cat Time Warp Machine and set the dials for minus 2 years...

Well here we are and it is Nov. 21, 2006...

Here at the blog, we are just coming to terms with Dr. Nick's news that Smudge has CRF and needs surgery. We are looking at our little guy thinking that we had only six months to a year left with him. Knowing that he might be better off away from the year-old terror that is named Dolce, my wife and I are discussing sending Smudge off to live with Grandma. Little did I realize that within two months Smudge would be gone and off to live with Grandma and Chloe.

We'd better get back into the Cat Time Warp Machine and return to our own time...

After a long absence (almost two whole years), Smudge is returning to our home. But he is not coming back empty-handed. He is bringing his bestest furriend, Chloe and his favouritest human, Grandma, with him.

Due to Grandma's retirement and the housing situation in our city, we decided that the best thing was for her to move in us. So I have been busy getting a place ready for Grandma, Smudge and Chloe to call their own.

So our family is growing from 4 to 6 cats. We can't say too much because we might be over the number of allowed felines in a bylaw designed to prevent cat-hoarding.

This is the big news that I have made Dolce keep secret. Wish all of us luck that everything goes well and all the cats behave themselves and integrate into a peaceful family. I don't say loving because Magoo still can't stand Baci.

The Dad

Woo! Hoo! Smudge's is coming home! Let's have a house wrecking party! Based on the construction mess, we can do some serious damage and Dad won't be able to prove we dids it. Hooray!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Clue...

Dad says that I can give my furriends another clue as to the Super Secret Big News.

Dad said he has learned to never say never.


Pee Ess: In the comments, Whicky Wuudler was very close to guessing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big News!

We has been away for almost a month from our blog. We aren't very happy with Dad about it, but he sat down with us and explained what was happening in and to our house.

First off there is stuff all over the place, which is okay 'cause Baci and I has lotsa places to play. Then there is the dust, which is not okay 'cause we has to lick dat stuff outta our furrs.

So now we know what Dad has been doing this last month, but we didn't know why.

Ooh! Ooh! This is the bestest part!

What? Whaddya mean I can't tell my furriends the secret? Maybe they don'ts want to wait. Maybe I should just tell them now.

Whaddya mean that you'll give my treats to Baci if I tells the secret.

Fine. I won't tell. I'm not happy about it, but I won't tell. But I warn you, my furriends are furry furry smart. They'll figure out the secret.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Magoo - Mancat Monday with Extra Maple

Magoo Mediates Maple Munchies on Monday!

I, Magoo, being a good (actually a great) Canadian cat have to tell my furriends about my latest culinary obsession...MAPLE FUDGE!!!!!

You see Dad's Mom and Dad went to Atlantic Canada to do some research on some of Dad's ancestors. So they went through New Brunswick (I wonder what happened to the Old Brunswick?), Nova Scotia, and P.E.I. They brought Dad back some real Canadian Maple Fudge (Dad checked the label to be sure.)

When he was having some, I gotta whiff and I must tell you it smells fantastic. So I asked very nicely if I could have a small taste. (Dad: Magoo's way of asking nice is to extract his claws and pull your hand towards his mouth.) He gave me a small piece. It was amazing. I love Maple Fudge! Hooray for Maple Fudge!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election Day in Canada

"I am a Canadian,
a free Canadian,
free to speak without fear,
free to worship God in my own way,
free to stand for what I think right,
free to oppose what I believe wrong,
free to choose those who shall govern my country.
This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold
for myself and for all mankind."

Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker, from the House of Commons, Debates (on the Canadian Bill of Rights), July 1, 1960.

What do you mean cats aren't allowed to vote?
Who decided this was a good idea?
It must have been a dog-lover."

Magoo, from the Litter Box, Complaints on the Quality and Frequency of the Stinky Goodness, October 14, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Funny

This is way too funny...

Sleeping with a Cat

And way too freaking true.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to our Purrthday Party!

Your Hosts:

Dolce Bean

Baci Monkeybutt

We have a pile of catnip for everyone to roll in,
and there's a comfy sofa to sit and tell funny stories and have some laughs,

or a place to roll in the grass and maybe enjoy a warming fire.
There's also a bed that's perfect for a great big nap pile,

or big patio to lounge in the sun, where we will be serving Niptinis and Meowgaritas.

We are all tuckerred out from the party...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dance, Dance, Dance

This Dolce here.

I have snuck onto the blog without Dad noticing. You have to read very slowly 'cause I can't type very fast.

I have seen two stories for my story chair. Count them, two stories! I am so excited I could just esplode.

One is about our favourite Chrissymouse cat, Jingles, and the other is about "A Box of Kittens".

From what I saw, they are both Chrissymouse stories, so I think Dad will be posting them at Chrissymouse time.

He doesn't know that I know that he knows that he will be having two Chrissymouse stories for us. We have to keep this on the low-purr channels.

I will try and put some serious Attack Tabby pressure to get those stories ready a little early, since we are all quite busy destroying... I mean ... rearranging the Chrissymouse decorations on the trees to be able to visit our furriends' blogs.

Pee Ess. Baci is still stupid

Pee Pee Ess. Our Purrthday Party is in 13 days, so get your party hats ready.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Feline Remembrance Day - 9/9

We lost a lot of furriends this year. Too many, some far too soon.

Early on, I tried to post a tribute to each furriend we lost. But as we lost more and more furriends, especially ones that we had come to live, laugh and love with, I found it harder and harder to post each tribute.

I decided not to put the tributes on this blog. Mostly because my own posts were so few and far between that I worried it wold be a poor example of what already existed on The Cat Blogosphere.

Instead, I will share this song with you. I tried to imbed it but I couldn't.

Josh Groban - To Where You Are

Who can say for certain
Maybe you’re still here
I feel you all around me
Your memories so clear

Deep in the stillness
I can hear you speak
You’re still an inspiration
Can it be (? )
That you are mine
Forever love
And you are watching over me from up above

Fly me up to where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight
To see you smile
If only for awhile to know you’re there
A breath away’s not far
To where you are

Are you gently sleeping
Here inside my dream
And isn’t faith believing
All power can’t be seen

As my heart holds you
Just one beat away
I cherish all you gave me everyday
’cause you are mine
Forever love
Watching me from up above
And I believe
That angels breathe
And that love will live on and never leave

Fly me up
To where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight
To see you smile
If only for awhile
To know you’re there
A breath away’s not far
To where you are

I know you’re there
A breath away’s not far
To where you are

Whenever I hear this song, I think of and remember each of the furriends that Magoo, Bella, Dolce, Baci and Smudge have lost. And each time, I shed a tear for each one that now waits at the Bridge.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My PurrthDay!

Dad just told me that we will be camping on my Purrthday.

I said I wanted to have all my furriends over for a trash the house...Sorry a dignified affair suitable for a two year old gentlecat. He said but Mom wants for Dad, Dolce and I to get away for the Last Loooong Weekend of Summer.

I said "But it's my Purrthday!"

He said, "Is that a piece of chicken I see?"

I totally forgot what I was arguing about.


After several mouthfuls of delicious chicken, I decided that Dad could have his way this one time. I will wait and I will celebrate my Purrthday with Dolce on Sept 30th, which is her Purrthday.

So I and Dad found this picture on
Tail of Sir Robin. I figured that everyone of our furriends can find a cat that might look like them. So please enjoy this as the party I will hold on Sept 30th for both me and Dolce.

Stupid Sister. Always wrecking my fun...

Skeezix, I hope to have a Vishus Elk or Moose report for you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dolce's Story Chair - A New Idea

Dolce: Dad, what happened to all the stories you used to tell us.
Dad: Well, stories are very easy to tell, but they are very hard to actually write down.
Dolce: That is so human.
Dad: What do you mean?
Dolce: If we enjoy something, like a bright sunny spot, we share it. We don't care if another cat prefers shade. If a cat doesn't like it, they will just ignore it.
Dad: What are you trying to say?
Dolce: {purring and rubbing} Dad, Just share. That is all us cats ever understand.
Dad: Well...Based on Dolce's feline guidance, here is a premise for a larger story. Let me know what you think.

Belle, Bukke and Kandel

There have always been three spirits, the Light of Knowledge, the Sound of Knowledge and the Sight of Knowledge. Alone, they have amazing powers; separated, they have caused untold chaos; united, they have been the basis of the greatest civilizations known to humankind. Humans have given them many names over many millennium; Ancient Egyptians called one of them Ra; the Ancient Greeks called one of them Zeus; Ancient Christians saw them as one being, the Trinity known as Christ.

Human understanding of the three spirits has always been based on perception; and perception has always defined reality. The reality is that they are the Sound, Sight and Light of Knowledge; the human perception is that they are Belle, Bukke, and Kandel; the three Spirits of Knowledge. Centuries of prejudice and persecution have tried to extinguish these manifestations, but they cannot be suppressed; they are eternal.

She felt indignant at the way she was placed into the small carrier. Her belly was bursting at the seams with the small lifeforms within her swollen feline frame. She curled up in the deepest corner of the plastic and wireframe structure. She had been so hungry. It had been days since she had found the strength to find food. The small plate of food had been too tempting. She needed the sustenance that the food would provide to the small kittens that strained against her tiny frame. She remembered looking at the tiny scar on her right main foot pad as she stepped into the trap.

“I know what path I place my kittens on.” She thought as she had crossed the steel threshold of the trap.

As she hungrily wolfed down the small can of food, she heard the metallic click as the trap closed down behind her. It was insignificant to what she knew she had to accomplish.

Shortly, a human had arrived. It was a kindly looking human female who carried a gentle soul and cantankerous spirit within her frame. She found the pregnant female in the trap and removed the feline from the trap.

“Keeper of the Three.” the Feline silently purred as felt herself lifted from the metal trap to the plastic carrier, “Guide the chosen ones within me, and set the others on the Path to help them.”

“And let the Mark of The Paw protect them.” She added as she looked once again at the tiny scar on her right paw. “My Path is set and I surrender to it.”

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's been a long summer...

song chart memes
more graph humor and song chart memes

I am in so much trouble with the true owners of this blog. They are very mad that I have not updated anything since May 11. Has it really been that long. I must getting as old as Magoo.

The one cat that is the most upset is Baci. He will be turning 2 years old in eleven days. And he was wonrried that noone would remember his Purrthday. It is hard to believe he already two. A bigger shocker is that 29 days after that Dolce turns 3 years old.

So far everyone is the house is healthy and reasonably happy (Magoo and Baci still hate each other). Gramma, who is owned by Smudge, lost a dear friend to cancer a short while ago, so we haven't been untouched by loss.

Friday, May 09, 2008

A flurry of V-E-T trips

I have been lax in posting here on the cats' blog for the last three weeks. Part of it is due to Dolce's (and prior to her, Smudge's) nemesis, Mr. Project and part of it is due to our at-home schedule.

The majority of which has been spent ferrying a different batch of cats to and from Dr.Nick's office.

Because we have four cats of varying personalities and affection for one another, Dr Nick suggested that we no longer bring the entire family in one fell swoop. Part of that could be based on the desire to increase the Examination Fee (which is based on the appointment not the number of cats). Dr Nick is a good V-E-T and I am not one to complain about some who provides us value for our money.

Dolce and Baci can go together, since they have completely bonded with each other. They actually calm each other down simply by being nearby.

Magoo has to go by himself because he just gets everyone else upset. Which is strange, because he seems to like Dr.Nick the best of all of his vets.

Bella on the other hand does not like Dr.Nick. Not one bit. She hissed at him every chance she had. But she is also a lady and she did it in a very dignified cat manner.

The problem is that Dr. Nick does not like to give all the vacinations at the same time. He says that there are possibilities that the adverse side-effects are not due to the drugs, but to the fact that they happen so close together.

What does this mean to me the Official Delivery Boy of cats to the V-E-T.

Four weeks of shuttling cats to the V-E-T to get check-ups and getting all the vacinations spread out properly. I can finally breath a sigh of relief as there will be no more trips to Dr.Nick's office. We might go visit him and his wife later this summer camping but there will be no needles or thermometers involved.

Final Verdict for all cats:
Magoo: Healthy, no current side effects from his old man medicine.
Bella: Perfect little girl.
Baci: Officialy a mancat ( he weighs 10lbs now)
Dolce: Beautiful coat, excellent health. (She did have a site-specific reaction to one of the vacinations, which lead to her scratching out all the fur in a spot the size of a silver dollar. It is starting to slowly grow back after some meds from Dr. Nick.)

Dolce: Dad! Dad! Dad! Tell all my friend that my trailer is back home and soon Baci and I will be camping again.

Dad: I don't think I need to now.

Dolce: Ok. I just wanted to make sure they knew.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dolce's Story Chair - The Littlest Guardian (Part 2)

Dolce (teleporting to Dad's side): Dad! Dad! Dad!
Dad: Dolce! What are you doing here?
Dolce: Did you hear the greatest news ever?
Dad: That Mu Shue, Lilly Lu and Isis were found safe and sound.
Dolce: Yeah. I was purrty worried about them.
Dad: So was I.
Baci (teleporting to Dad's side. He, of course misjudges and slides off the far side of the bed): Dad! Did you hear...Oh Dolce is already here.She must have told you already.
Dad (winks at Dolce): Told me what?
Baci: That Mu Shue, Lilly Lu and Isis are back with their Bean Mom.
Dad: That's great news, Baci.
Baci (sticks his tongue out at Dolce): Plllhhhht!
Dolce: Did you finish the story, Dad?
Dad: Actually, I did. What happened to Mu Shue helped me finish it. I did not know how to end the story, but then Mu Shue, Lilly Lu and Isis's rescue showed me the way.
Dolce: Hooray! I'll get the snacks and munchies for everybody.
Baci: I mix up the Hot Catmilk and chill the Tuna Jooses.
Dad: Well it looks like you two are definately ready. Let's call your brother and sister over and then we will open up Dolce's Story Chair for all our furriends to listen to the last part of "The Littlest Guardian"

It had taken Cirrin many trips to Earth with his new Guardian Angel strengthened wings to understand the strange half-run half-flight gait of the Guardian Angels. He know understood why his arms and legs seemed to be at odds as he raced towards the Boundary of Heaven and Earth. His wings were given by God and so they truly understood God's chosen purpose for Cirrin, but his legs were made to mimic a human's and so they did not always understand why they were driven in the direction laid out before them. Cirrin felt the conflict across his entire being. He knew his release would come once he cast himself into the Boundary.
A faint voice in his ears shook Cirrin from his reverie. A human was calling out. Cirrin closed his eyes and listened to the human's prayers. Cirrin stretched out his Guardian enforced wings and headed for Earth.
As soon as his angelic frame crossed over the Boundary, Cirrin felt himself fall to Earth. His wings pulled against his small frame and his body plummetted towards Earth. He felt his speed of descent and realized that his mission was not critical. God gave speed to his wings when necessary. He had returned to Earth in the past with the speed of a comet across the night sky when a Beloved One was in critical danger. And other times, he had drifted down to Earth like a leaf falls to the ground in the autumn.
Cirrin slowly drifted to the ground and found himself standing behind a stocky male tuxedo coloured cat. The cat turned his gaze from his intended prey to the small Cherub with the oversized wings.
"Shhh!" The tuxedo cat said softly. "There is a butter-flingy thingy that I have been tracking for the last while and I don't want you spooking him."
"I know." Cirrin smiled as he folded his wings tightly against his body and he crouched down on the ground next to the Tuxedo Male. "You have been stalking this Butterfly for the last six hours."
"I have almost caught it about seventy times." the Tuxedo boasted. "But it always seems to just flit away at the last minute."
"You have travelled quite a ways too." Cirrin stated.
"I have?" The Tuxedo took his gaze off the butterfly and took a look around the surrounding landscape.
The Tuxedo felt a moment of panic as he suddenly realized that he recognized not a single landmark within his feline vision.
"Where is Home?" the Tuxedo asked.
"I don't know." Cirrin replied. "I'm Cirrin, by the way."
"My name is ..." the Tuxedo paused.
"You do not need to tell me your True name." Cirrin reassured the Tuxedo. "Your Human-given name will work, since that is the name that lead me to you."
"My Human-Given Name?" the Tuxedo crinkled his whiskers. "They call me Dustmeister."
"Your Humans are worried about you." Cirrin replied. "You have been gone for much longer than you think chasing that silly little buttterfly. A call from your humans went out and I was chosen to answer it."
"So where is my home?" the Tuxedo named Dustmeister asked. "I don't recognize any of these sights or scents."
"I do not know the answer to that." Cirrin said slowly. "I am only here to watch over you. Your humans are worried about you and they asked for God to look out for you. I am God's messenger to you. I am here to watch over you and to protect you."
Cirrin stopped talking suddenly. Even Dustmeister could sense that Cirrin had left something unsaid.
"So do you think you can find your way home?" Cirrin changed the tone of the conversation.
"I live at the white house next to the flowery hedge with the tall trees and a long wooden box that I can poop in." Dustmeister replied.
"Is that house nearby?" Cirrin asked again.
"I think so." the Tuxedo stated as he sniffed and tested the air. "I think it is this way."
Cirrin walked with the Tuxedo and they talked about the Tuxedo's home with his two humans. Cirrin heard stories from the Tuxedo that where never meant to be shared beyond the four walls of his home. At least he lives in a passionate and loving home, Cirrin thought as the Tuxedo shared a tale of a late night venture into the the human's sleeping room. They walked along cottonwood hedges and colourful flower beds and finely manicured grass lawns.
"I used to poop in there." Dustmeister stated as he looked at a neatly landscaped flower bed with trimmed rose bushes and a a deep cedar bark cover. "Then the human Snarky McSnarkypants got mad and started throwing things at me."
"Maybe he did not want your poop." Cirrin replied.
"I don't think so." Dustmeister snapped. "My beans collected my pooped every day. They even put it into a bag; so obviously they think its valuable."
"Dustmeister, I don't think humans think that stuff is valuable." Cirrin countered. "By the way does anything else look familiar?'
"That's the hedge where my brother, Fudge, died." Dustmeister said matter of factly.
"Oh." Cirrin replied sadly. "I didn't know you lost your brother."
"Yeah. He ran across the road and a big metal thing hit him." Dustmeister replied. "Our bean was very upset. He cried when he found Fudge in the hedge. I remembering him saying that Fudge died across the street from his home."
Cirrin looked around the neighborhood. A house glowed faintly in his angelic vision. He reached down and gently turned the Tuxedo cat's head towards the white vinyl sided house with the grey shingled roof across the street from where they stood.
"Is that your house?" Cirrin asked.
"Yes!" Dustmeister shouted happily. "Yes! That is my house."
"Well then." Cirrin smiled. "Let's get you back to your humans."
As they walked carefully across the now-quiet suburban street, Cirrin felt another tug in his Guardian Wings. Since Dustmeister was safe, the prayers for another cat were calling him elsewhere. Cirrin walked the Tuxedo named Dustmeister across the street and stayed with him until he reached the small cat door.
"Dustmeister." Cirrin tried to sound authoritative and strong. "You need to be more careful when you are chasing the flutter-bys. Always remember where you are and where your home is."
"I will." Dustmeister replied sheepishly. "Thank you for showing me the way home."
"It is your Heavenly Fathers will." Cirrin said as his wings suddenly pulled him skyward.

Cirrin felt his upward journey slow as his new charge was revealed. He tucked his wings close to his body and he flew to another location on Earth. He circled over a small black female cat crouching in the shadows of a large bush. He closed his eyes and absorbed the details of the little female's situation. He softly landed behind her still hiden by the shadows of the bush.

"What are we hunting?" Cirrin asked softly.
"Shoosh!" the female cat hissed. "There is a tasty little sparrow sitting on that branch. It could be a tasty little snack for both of us if you don't make too much noise."
"Sorry. I will try to be quiet." Cirrin gave his wings a stretch to their full extent and then snapped them sharply against his body.
The little sparrow was suddenly spooked and took off into the light blue shy.
"You did that on purpose." The little black female accused. "You warned him."
"Dearest Fresia." Cirrin said. "You do not need to hunt. Your humans provide you with plenty of food."
"Eating food is different than hunting food." Fresia replied.
"No." Cirrin replied. "Food is food. Only take what you need, leave the rest for tomorrow."
Fresia hesitated as she heard Cirrin recite one of the Rules.
"How do you know the Rules?" Fresia asked.
"I know the being who wrote the Rules." Cirrin replied. "But it is getting late and you need to get home."
"I will, but I want to show you one of my best hunting spots." Fresia replied.
Cirrin suddenly realized why he was called to the side of this young female cat. She was starting to map out her territory and was getting ready to start attracting her future mates. A natural call was staring to build within her. One that would lead to greater dangers to both her and any future mates. Somewhere there was a human who understood this and she had prayed that God would keep this little female cat safe.
"Why don't you stay inside where it is safe?" Cirrin asked Freesia.
"It's comfortable and all that." Fresia stated."But I need some excitement, some fun in my life."
"And so you darted out the door when your humans weren't looking." Cirrin finished Fresia's story. "Well they are very worried about you."
"I be home as soon as I am done exploring." Fresia explained. "There is a great herb garden across the wide hard hot plain that I have to show you."
Cirrin tensed as he recognized the feline description of a human road.
"No." Cirrin tried to distract Fresia. "I don't need to see the herb garden. Maybe we could convince your humans to grow you your own herb garden."
"I don't think so." Fresia pondered Cirrin's suggestion. "They might start it but it would soon die from neglect. Most of the plants in the house have suffered that fate."
Cirrin's Guardian Angel feathers began to stiffen and flex. Whatever danger had called him here was growing stronger and stronger.
"Come." Fresia called to Cirrin. "The best catnip is just over there."
Fresia started across the road with Cirrin following right behind her. His wings began to instinctively fold over top his shoulders as they formed the Guardian Angel position. His wings covered the small black female cat; although she was oblivious to their presense so near to her body. Cirrin knew that danger was nearby.

Cirrin saw the bright lights as they approached Freesia. Once again his True Purpose called out to him; Watch, Protect, and when all else fails, Take them Home. Cirrin dropped his cherubic hand and touched Fresia on the shoulder. There was a flash of light. Cirrin and Fresia found themselves on the far side of the road.
"See." Fresia said. "I told you there would be no problem."
"Fresia." Cirrin said softly. "Instead of you showing me your favourite herb garden, can I show you mine? It is very beautiful. And it is far prettier than anything on Earth. Maybe instead of trying to find your humans, you can wait there for them to find you."
"How will my humans find me?" Fresia was confused.
"Don't worry." Cirrin replied softly and reasurredly. "My sister, Elbereth, can explain it so much better than I can."
As the path in front of Cirrin and Fresia began to fade into a darkening mist, Cirrin took one glance back at the still lifeless body that now laid in the center of the road. An overwhelming wave of grief struck Cirrin. His Guardian Angel feathers stiffened and glowed with an eternal blaze of of hope and love. Cirrin found a surge of hope as he watched Fresia cross over to the vast meadow this side of the Rainbow Bridge. This is what a True Purpose meant; Strength when all purpose is gone, Hope when all strength is gone, and Love when all Hope is gone. Cirrin sighed. He watched as Fresia began exploring the vast meadow of the Rainbow Bridge.

Suddenly Cirrin was tossed upwards like a leaf in the wind. He tried to stretch out his wings but they were held tight against his body by the sheer urgency of the Earthly summons. Never before had Cirrin felt such a Call to Earth. He fell more than flew to Earth. Such was the speed of his journey, Cirrin could not even see the clouds part before his path. He sliced through the roof of the burning apartment building before he could even attempt to open his wings to slow his descent.
Cirrin barely managed to open his wings at the last moment as he landed forcefully in the shadows of a human closet. The sudden downward blast of wind banished the smoke that had begun to accumulate in the enclosed space. Cirrin was stunned by the force of the Call that had brought him to Earth. He had answered the calls of multiple humans before; usually two or more people who had lost a beloved pet. This was different. This was the call of hundreds of humans; all for the same three creatures. The same three creatures that now huddled under the protective tent of Cirrin's wings. Their prayers had given strength of speed and of conviction to Cirrin's flight.
"I am Cirrin." Cirrin pronounced to the three terrified bodies that huddled together beneath his wings. "Be still and know that you are loved."
"I am Isis." A siamese female wheezed and coughed through the smoke."This is my brother, Mu Shue and this is my sister, Lilly Lu."
"It is my greatest honour to meet the three of you." Cirrin smiled as he unfurled his wings to their fullest. "I am here to watch over you and to protect you. Do not fear."
"I'm not skeered." Isis stated. "But I fear for my brother and my sister for they have both been feeling poorly. Lilly Lu had just come home from the V-E-T and she was just starting to feel better."
"Are you okay, Lilly Lu?" Cirrin inquired. Silently, he worried about having to help her cross over in front of her family.
"I'll be okay." Lilly Lu said softly. "Is Mu Shue okay? He has problems that will be direly affected by this smoke."
Cirrin reached down and touched the sole male cat now under his protection. Although the male was currently breathing okay, Cirrin could sense the stress beginning to build in the male cat. Cirrin fears for the oldest female were now replaced by his concern for the male cat. The battering of wind and water on the structure warned Cirrin that a rescue was not forthcoming immediately. Cirrin tried to think of something to reassure the three cats huddling under the protective canopy of his wings.
Cirrin began to hum the song that he learned from Malachi; the song that Antonius sang to the Lost Ones when he readied them to return to Heaven. The three cats slowly settled down. Cirrin suddenly stopped as he realized what he had done. The three cats, on hearing Antonius's Song of Heaven, had begun to let go of their lives on Earth. Cirrin panicked and tried to remember the other song Malachi had taught him. Slowly the words came to him and Cirrin began the soft song that Antonius used to bind the kitten souls from Heaven to their earthly forms. The three cats began to stir, but their breathing was far too shallow and slow for Cirrin's liking. Cirrin felt the continuing strength of the prayers that had called him to Earth. The sheer power and volume brought tears to his eyes. His tears flowed over the three cowering forms.
"Brother Cirrin!" Several angelic voices called out over the human din of the firefighters and police. "Brother Cirrin!"
"I am in here!" Cirrin called out. "I am in here!"
"You are safe." Cirrin weeped softly to the three still forms underneath his wings."My brothers will help me see you safely to your human."
Cirrin watched as a human opened the closet door and found the three cats huddled in the closet. Cirrin stepped back and watched as the human guided the cats into a carrier. Just above the human, a Guardian Angel hovered. His wings were pressed up against the structure and prevented it from collapsing down onto the human. Cirrin followed the human as she hauled the carrier with his three feline charges out of the building. As Cirrin hovered over her shoulder, he noticed that the entire hallway was lined with Guardian Angels. Each was supporting a section of the charred and fire-weakened ceiling.
A tear came to Cirrin's eye as the carrier with the three cats was handed from one human to another. Isis, Lilly Lu and Mu Shue were safely back with their human. Cirrin felt an angelic hand settle on his right shoulder. Cirrin looked up. He saw the stern face of the Guardian Angel who had first summoned him to protect Ceasar. There on the Guardian Angel's cheek was the faint damp trace of a tear.
"You have done well, Cirrin." the Guardian Angel. "Never before have we been summoned for such a call. Not only were the humans praying for the felines in your care but also for the other humans who were looking for them. It gives me hope. Not just for those who prayed for such a simple miracle, but for all humans who might be able to learn from this. You actions have also caused us to reconsider whether or not cherubs can withstand the strain of a True Purpose. Just as my wing feathers granted you the means to find your True Purpose, so shall yours enable other cherubs to help you watch over and protect the lesser beings of the Earth. Spread your vision of hope and newfound wisdom, Cirrin. The creatures of the Earth need you."

The End

For Mu Shu, Lilly Lu and Isis who surely found their Guardian Angel this weekend.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

CatTV: The Sushi Files

This is the Dad here. Now that the cats have apologized for slandering my good name, I decided to get off my butt and get the video of the fishes published.

So here is the first installment of CatTV: The Sushi Files...

If it fails to load, it is Baci's fault. He was drooling all over the keyboard and he might have broken the Intertubes.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

We might have to apologize to Dad

Click to biggify

Click to biggify

In our last post, we sort of implied that Dad was fibbin to us about all the fishes he saw.

He showed us this picture and saw that these are the same fishes in his video he took.

Baci pawed at the screen to try and get the fishes. He kept yelling Sushi! Sushi!

He's weird.

So all of us cats here are sorry we called Dad a fibber.

Magoo, Bella and Dolce.

Baci: Sushi! Sushi!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tales of Pirate Cats and Waylaid Beans Await

To all our friends,

We has been silent 'acause our beans were patrolling for booty in the Caring-Bean.

Captain Jack can esplain what has been happenin apon the rolling sea. Argh!

From the reports written in the captain's log ("DAD"), we has spotted many tasty fishes and miles apon miles of unpooped sandboxes. We cats calls that "Surf and Turf".

He has some video of hundreds of fishes. (We thinks he makes stuff up). But when the proof hits this blog we shall either cheer; or boo and hiss.

Pee Ess: Baci has been telling Grandma about his hollow leg. She is beginning to think it is a figament of his imagination just like Dad.

Pee Pee Ess: Dad saw a whole bunch of feral cats in Puerto Rico. He has pictures. Especially of one he and Mom called George. Pictures will follow. especially of thje fishes. From what we have been told this should be a blockbuster on CatTV.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Who is the Smartest Cat in Your House?

We have four(five) cats in our house, each has a personality. One that that is unique to each of the little furrballs. One is a Soldier, a Defender, a Knight who knows no fear. One is Lover (Healer) who gives his heart and strength to whoever needs it most. One is a Thinker. To look into her eyes is to look into the eye piece of the Hubble telescope (I see the stars and see what lays beyond.) I did not know what to call Dolce when she blessed our threshold. She is my Scientist. Everything is a problem to her and every problem has a solution. They just take time and thought. Baci is just a blank slate. I think he is waiting for whatever instructions Dolce gives him.

I have pictures of one of my Honey-Do work items. I had hoped to post it as a blog item, but my Scientist, Dolce, has figured out my most devious puzzle.

I put a cat door into the door leading into our garage. Since our cats seemed to enjoy exploring our garage as much as they enjoyed exploring the back yard, we had always planned on putting a cat door in.

I finally got around to it after much guidance and reminding from my dear wife.

Imagine a hole in a door (picture to follow)

Then imagine a nice plastic door neatly attached (picture to follow)

Now we tried to train our furrkids to use the catdoor...

We held it open and each of our cats used it to go out into the garage. We even held it open so that they would get used to coming back into the house.

We have one smart cat, our newly designated Scientist, Dolce. She has started to go in and out through the door to the garage. Her best friend, Baci, cries to follow her. We are hopeful that his bond with her will lead him to mimic her actions.

Magoo and Bella may clue in and follow the "Tweens", but we do not care. Each cat in our house has a path to follow and it is our job as the "intelligent" species to manage to their expectations.

Live long, Purr Strong.

Pee Ess. Dad is trying to finish the "Littlest Guardian Story". Actually it is finished in his head, but he is having some issues whether to end on a happy note or a realistic note. He would prefer a happy note, but what is the purpose of a story if it does not leave the reader with some guidance.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Purrthday to Magoo!

Happy Purrthday Magoo!

Today you are 12 years old! Just remember that no matter how old you get, you will always be our fuzzy gund.

You have become a great Mancat. A terror to all who try to invade your territory. Master of all that you can survey from your deck.

Loves you lots,

Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dolce's Story Chair - The Littlest Guardian (Part 1)

Dad: Welome Back to Dolce's Story Chair. The catmilk is ready, as are the tuna and catnip cookies as well as some leafy greens and munchies for our vegetarian furriends. Dolce and Baci are sleeping at my side as I tell this part. They stayed up while I wrote this so they are a little tuckered out right now. So please, pull up a cushion. Help yourself to some refreshments and enjoy part one of "The Littlest Guardian"

Cirrin watched as Elbereth crossed from the Boundary of Earth to the Meadow of the Rainbow Bridge. She placed the three cats from her robe onto the ground and lovingly
watched as they curled about each other, rubbed cheeks and caressed each other with their tails. Two of the cats held angelic wing feathers in their mouths. Cirrin found this quite strange. He wondered why two cats coming from Earth to the Rainbow Bridge would have angelic wing feathers. He looked towards the Boundary and then towards the creatures that cavorted and played amonst the flowers and bushes of the Rainbow Bridge.

An older grey cat approached Cirrin. He had a small ball in his mouth, which he dropped at Cirrin's feet. Three other cats approached and waited. Their eyes moved from the tiny ball to Cirrin and back to the ball. Cirrin gave a weak smile and then he picked up the ball. He tossed it through a dense patch of catnip and pansies. The four attentive cats took off after the ball and disappearred into the thick catnip as a rolling tumbling ball of multi-coloured fur. Seeing the cats happy lightened his little cherubic heart, but Cirrin still felt he needed something more. He was not an Angel like Elbereth, who brought the Bound to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for their beloved humans, or like Antonius, who found all the lost kittens and cats souls that had been abandoned by the humnas. Cirrin was a simple cherub who found himself playing with the vast multitude of Earthly creatures that waited for their human friends.

Cirrin was confused by the two cats that held angelic feathers in their mouth. The only person he could think to ask about this quandary was his long lost brother, Malachi. Malachi was not really lost, but he had chosen to separate himself from the rest of the Angelic Host. Cirrin had tried to ask Antonious about it, but even Antonious found it too painful to discuss. Cirrin knew roughly where Malachi was, but it was a long ways from the Rainbow Bridge. It was for too great a distance for a small cherub.

Cirrin crossed the small creek separating the vast meadow of the Rainbow Bridge and Heaven. He found Dulcinea smiling and laughing with a human with forty cats, kittens, dogs and puppies all milling about the human's ankles. Cirrin patiently waited. He watched as Dulcinea placed a kiss on the human's forehead and then pointed the way to the center of Heaven.

"Dulce" Cirrin asked."Who was that?"

"A human." Dulcinea smiled.

"But he had so many animals accompanying him." Cirrin was stunned.

"His grandmother taught him to love all creatures." Dulcinea replied. "He tried over the years to help all those creatures. Some lived to be very old, some did not. But each one was loved by him and sent to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for him. Elbereth told me to watch for him as she has visited him many times over the years."

"But so many creatures." Cirrin stammered.

"As each Angel is called to their True Purpose, some humans also find themselves called." Dulcinea smiled. "He had a simple life. He worked, loved and laughed amongst his fellow humans, but felt the need to do something more. He opened his heart over and over to creatures less fortunate than himself and his family. Many of those creatures are over there waiting for the families that took them in after he raised and nurtured them."

"Why?" Cirrin asked. "Those of us who cannot travel to Earth hear about that terrible things that humans do to each other."

"He was special." Dulcinea said with a hint of sadness in her voice. "He was a Fosterer."

"Fosterer?" Cirrin asked.

"A Fosterer takes in animals and nurtures them back to health both physically and spiritually." Dulcinea explained. "They teach animals that may have been abused or hurt by others that love and affection are still possible on Earth. Sometimes they keep the animals that they have helped and sometimes they let them go to other homes that will continue the work that they started. It can be a path full of sorrow and heartbreak. Many start it, but only the very strong can remain on it."

"Maybe I could help out these Fosterers?" Cirrin felt a flush of excitement as a possible True Purpose dawned befofre his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Cirrin." Dulcinea apologized. "But time has proven that cherubs cannot bear the strain of a True Purpose."

Dulcinea's eyes drifted towards the far horizon where she knew Malachi sat and wept.

Cirrin sighed and realized that Dulcinea was right. ALthough he wanted a True Purpose like her and Elbereth and Atonius, Cirrin knew of the disasterous effect it had on his brother Malachi. Cirrin looked over at the multitude of creatures playing in the Meadow. Cirrin looked down at his hand. The mist swirled and twisted, and slowly formed into a ball covered in multi-hued feathers. He threw it across the creek and let out a small chuckle as it disappeared in a rolling mass of fur and paws. He was about to cross back to the meadow when he heard his name being called.

"Cirrin." A deep booming voice called out to the little cherub.

"Yes." Cirrin slowly turned to face the commanding angelic voice.

There before Cirrin stood a Guardian Angel. Cirrin had seen them fly/run over the Meadow as they made their way to Earth. He had always found them somewhat scary, so stern and focussed on their True Purpose.

"I need your assistance." The Guardian Angel said. "I am needed on Earth, but part of the need I cannot fulfill."

"What can I do?" Cirrin asked. "I am only a lowly cherub. I have no True Purpose."

"I can help you cross to Earth, but you must help me." the Angel stated.

"Certainly." Cirrin replied.

"You will need these." The Guardian Angel replied as he pulled two feathers from his wings and then stabbed them into Cirrin's tiny cherub wings.

"Ouch!" Cirrin cried out as he flexed his wings.

"I cannot carry you." The Guardian Angel said. "You must be able to cross on your own and you must be able to keep up. We must go now."

Cirrin felt the new found strength in his wings that the Guardian Angel feathers had given him. He also heard the plaintive plea from Earth.

"We must go." The Guardian Angel commanded as he turned towards the Boundary.

Cirrin followed the Guardian Angel towards the Boundary. The ground blurred past his feet as he took on the half-run half flight pace of a Guardian Angel. The Boundary to Earth parted like a foggy mist before him. The Guardian Angel was several strides ahead. He looked back several times to see if Cirrin was keeping up. Suddenly, the mists parted and Cirrin found himself in a tight downward spiral as he hurtled towards Earth.

Cirrin and the Guardian Angel landed in schoolyard. Cirrin looked around. He could sense the danger in the air. The Guardian Angel was also tense. Something terrible was happening here.

"Why are we here?" Cirrin asked.

"A human called out for us to watch over a loved one." The Guardian Angel replied. "That is the call all Guardians answer to. But this call had another request. One that we did not how to answer. That is why you are here."

The Guardian Angel motioned for Cirrin to follow. He lead Cirrin across the schoolyard. Cirrin spotted two humans not more than a hundred yards apart. One glowed with the aura of a Protector, the other cast a deep dark shadow. Cirrin gasped as he felt the evil that only humans are capable of projecting for the first time. He suddenly felt another aura in vicinty. This one also glowed with the aura of a Protector but it was far brighter that of the human's.

"I was called to watch over the human, the police officer." The Guardian Angel stated. "But as I answered the call, I sensed the presense of the other. It is not within my True Purpose to watch over him. It falls to you to watch over this one. Watch, Protect, and if all else fails, Take him Home!"

Cirrin flew to the police dog's side. The Rottweiller barely glanced up as he strained against his lead.

"I am busy!" The dog growled. "There are children nearby. I must protect! I must guard! There is danger!"

"I am here to help you, dearest friend." Cirrin replied as calmly as he could. "What is your name?"

"The humans call me Ceasar!" The dog strained against his lead. "If you are going to help, you had better keep up."

From the corner of his eye, he could see the Guardian Angel hovering over the human at the end of the dog's lead. The Guardian Angel's wings folded over the human's
shoulders like a shield.

"To Protect!" the dog growled as he felt the tension in lead give way.

Cirrin was startled as his chosen ward took off after the source of the dark shadow. Cirrin flew after the police dog named Ceasar. He tried to cover Ceasar with his wings as the Guardian Angel had protected the human. The first blast from the shotgun was deflected by Cirrin's wings, but the second and third hit the police dog as he slammed into the gun-wielding human. Cirrin tumbled to the ground next to Ceasar. He could hear the other human's shouting at Ceasar's assailant.

"Did I protect?" Ceasar whimpered as he laid on the ground."Did I guard?"

"Yes, Beloved Friend." Cirrin said softly to the mortally wounded police dog. "You have guarded and protected well. You have earned your peace."

Cirrin suddenly understood what the Guardian Angel had told him as they flew to Earth. Watch. Protect. When all else fails, take him home. Cirrin placed his tiny cherub hand on the Rottweiller's chest and helped him cross over.

"Ceasar, do not worry about your human friend." Cirrin spoke softly to the spiritual form of the police dog, "My sister, Elbereth will make sure that you find each other."

Cirrin sat and watched the animals playing in great Meadow of the Rainbow Bridge. His eyes naturally drifted towards a single animal. Although he played and cavorted
with the other dogs at the Rainbow Bridge, Ceasar was always a little set apart. He had his own True Purpose on Earth. His death in the line of duty had not removed that True Purpose from his spirit. Cirrin smiled and tried to think of the joyous reunion Ceasar would have with his human. Cirrin finally understood what had broken the hearts of Malachi and of Dulcinea.
A faint voice in his ears shook Cirrin from his reverie. A human was calling out. Cirrin closed his eyes and listened to the human's prayers. Cirrin stretched out his
wings, which had grown significantly in the last few months. He took one last look at Ceasar and then he turned towards the Boundary and headed for Earth.

To be continued...

Pee Ess: Ceasar was a real police dog and hero. I was taking a Unix course when the gentleman sitting beside me received the call that Ceasar had been killed by a gunman outside an elementary school. He was the brother of the Edmonton Police Officer who was Ceasar's handler.

Ceasar was given a burial with full police honours as befitting any officer who has lost their lives while on duty.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Cool Monday News

Nicolasa Surfs

Full Article

This cat surfs, while we cannot get within four feet of cats with a damp cloth.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mancat Meezer Monday

It has turned very cold here in the Great White North, which is also living up to its nickname. Right now it is -30 Degrees Celcius, -45 with the Windchill. That is far too cold for human or furry beast.

Baci think the cold weather had fogged my thoughts because I forgot a very important day for him. It was one year ago yesterday, January 27th, that he first graced our doorstep. I told him that was a sad day for Dad as that was also when Smudge went to Grandma's for good. Baci was thoughtful for about a minute and then told me to get back to talking about him.

So yesterday was Baci's Gotcha Day...

Baci's first day!

He has grown up so much since we brought him home. For all the chaos and stress he causes Magoo, he showers his sisters with much love and affection. Bella is even starting to warm up to him. He and Magoo share the bottom of the bed, usually first one to bed gets to claim the best spot. Since Magoo spends most of his time on the bed, Baci has to wait until Magoo gets up for a drink of water and then he swoops in and takes the recently vacated spot.

I asked Baci if he had anything to say...

My Gotcha Day Prayer

Fank you for my home,
Fank you for my sisfurs and even my brofur,
Fank you for the warm bed for me to sleep on,
Fank you for my toys and catnip pillows,
Fank you for my Mom and Dad who luvs me lots,
And most importantly, fank you for Chick-Hen.
And for Turkey and for Ham and for Steak.
You should have stopped at that and forgotten about making peas.


Pee Ess. Dad forgot to post the Twist Tie Confiscations

T.T.C. This week 2, Year To Date 7

Friday, January 25, 2008


I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and watched some TV in the living room so that my wife would not be disturbed. There was some crappy movie on as well as the usual late night junk. The only entertainment I saw was some previously unwitnessed Dolce/Baci antics. From about 11:45pm to 1:30am, they ran and chased each other over and around the sofa. Magoo and Bella were sound asleep. Why? Because they are good cats.

I watched Baci run and tumble over the loveseat. He was very excited about something. I get nervous when he starts getting too excited. I don't know if it is the Meezer in him or what, but if he gets really excited, he pees a little. Not a lot. Nothing like what I accidently stepped in on Tuesday morning. So I had to check to see what he was so enthralled with...

And so there will be a new feature on this blog...

Baci's Twist Tie Confiscations

It seems that every box that comes into our house has at least one item that is bound up with a twist tie. Some are fairly thick and probably could be used to support a low hanging muffler or a solid bronze windchime. Others are pretty fine. These basically have a lifespan of minutes from the moment the box is opened.

Baci does not care if they are thick or thin. He loves them all. He is just like Smudge in that regard. You could spend fifty dollars on a cat toy, and they would both rather play with the twist tie that held the plastic wrapping closed. My wife and I try to be very careful with the twist ties. We try to ensure that they are left with the plastic wrap to be tossed out with the box and the extra set of Spanish/French/German instructions.

Somehow Baci always finds them. Everytime I see him with one, I confiscate it because I am paranoid that he will chew off a part which will result in a very expensive trip to Dr. Nick. It seemed that I was taking at least one day away from him.

Yesterday, between the time I got home from work to when I finally went to bed, I must have confiscated five twist ties from Baci. It could have very well been the same twist tie. He is very good at finding them. So I give you Baci's Twist Tie stats for this week...

Twist Ties Confiscated - This Week 5, Year to Date 5

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bella (Tabby Tuesday)

I have written a lot about the bonding that has occurred between Baci and Dolce. But there is one effect of this bonding that I have not written about; its effect on Bella.

Bella has always been a very independant cat. She would play with Smudge and even with Magoo sometimes, but she never seemed to need to play with either of them. When we brought Dolce home, Dolce wanted to play with Bella after all they were the two girls of the house. Bella really did not want any part of it. In fact, Dolce's exhuberance seemed to be causing Bella even more stress.

Now with Baci to keep her preoccupied, Dolce leaves Bella alone; and that suits Bella fine. She is reverting back to the thoughtful loving lady cat she was before Dolce. She will hop up onto the couch and make biscuits on whoever is laying there watching TV or reading a book. We have even caught her playing tub hockey with one of the catnip mouses. I think she is practising for this year's CatOlympics.

She comes for some chin scritches on a regular basis and even greets us in the morning with a tiny little chirp as we get out of the shower. She insists on helping my wife with her makeup every morning. I think Baci likes her too, but she will not play with him. At least, they aren't scrapping and hissing at each other.

I had almost forgot what a beautiful little soul there was behind those big yellow-green eyes.

Pee Ess: Who ever left the puddle in the bathroom for Dad to step in, is officially on the Naughty List for the rest of the year. Not even donating blood or a kidney will get you off it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Thoughts

I have barely been able to keep my New Year's resolution. I have no right to complain because I have a great job with an employer that measures me on terms that I can live with and excel at. I also live in a part of Canada that has been blessed by the random odds of a millenia of geography.

Right now I am working from home with my four furkids milling about the house. I wish it was all peaceful and loving but it is not. Magoo and Baci have declared open hostilities against each other. I think it is due to the alpha male change within the house. Magoo is 11 going on 12 and Baci is 0 going on 1. Nature is in Baci's favour but it does nothing to make our life easier.

There are two points of hope within our house. Baci and Dolce are completely bonded. We don't have the right terms for their bond. Is it brother/sister, mother/son, friends, or soul mates(sorry Scout)? They seek each other out. It is the sweetest thing to watch.

The other point of hope is Bella. With Dolce and Baci bonded, she is free to be herself. She has become more cuddly and attentive in the last little while.

We have begun our spring cleaning early. There is reason for that but if I tell you why my wife will kill me and feed my body to the cats. As part of "MY" tasks, I came across some photos. They are photos of Smudge and Bella and Magoo when they were kittens. My wife and I gushed and cooed over each picture. We even found the negatives from when Smudge climbed the Christmas Tree and sat amongst the lights. It was our Christmas letter that year.

I promise you that I will get these pictures scanned so you can see Bella and Smudge before Dolce and Baci. We almost forgot how cute Bella was (She made Dolce look like the homely sister). Don't get me started on the pictures of Magoo when he was small enough to be held in one hand. We almost forgot how small Smudge was when he first graced our door.