Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A new year begins

After much entertaining with friends and family, I have finally made it back to the computer. I wasn't sure which topic should start the new year. Should it be funny? Should it be sad? Should it be full of remembrance? Or should it look forward in to waht the new year might bring?

I decided to roll the wheel of time backwards. Ten years back in fact. We had just adopted (purchased) our first cat Magoo. Previously, I mentioned how I was attracted to his spunk as he pulled the toys from the rack in a pet store. Now I want to show you what sold my wife.

Now my wife has this thing about entering every contest at every booth at trade shows and fairs. So for at least six months afterwards we are plagued by telemarketers asking when they can send some one to clean our furnance/carpets or mow our lawn or install that fireplace we were thinking about buying. Shortly after we got Magoo, we got a phone call saying that we ahd won a free portrait siting and a 5x7 picture. Neither my wife or I wanted our picture take so we asked if they would do a kitten sitting. They said sure and this picture is the result. We still look at it after ten years and gush at what a cute kitten he was.


  1. my Mom wants to take a big bite out of him!!!

  2. Mom says what a "darling little fuzzball". Harumph. Only I can be a darling little fuzzball. -Scout

  3. Mum says "AWWWWW". what a cute fluffy kitty.

  4. OMG he's SO cute.... reminds me of Angel's kitty baby pic taken at Pet Cetera. They put her inside a mailbox by a plant.... so cute.... But more pics than I'd ever know what to do with.... I mean WHO do you give 20 pictures of your cat to? :O)

    the Mama

  5. Magoo - definitely guilty of extreme cuteness!