Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Toilet Diving

The new kitten is shaping up to be like her oldest brother. She has entered the competitive world of Toilet Diving.

Now Magoo did his at the same age and quickly gave up the sport. We are hoping that this is Dolce' one and only dabble in the sport. Magoo used to drink from the tap when we lived in an apartment while I brushed my teeth. Since water was included in our rent, we didn't think too much about leaving it drip slightly for him. So his routine was every morning he would hop onto the closed toilet lid, then onto the counter and then have his drink of water. One morning, I failed to lower the lid afterwards. I could keep typing about what happened but it's better from his point of view.

To get water from the the drippy thing, you do the following:
1. You jump up
2. You count One One Thousand, two One Thousand
3. You land on the hard stinky thing
4. You jump up
5. You count One One Thousand, two One Thousand
6. You land on the counter
7. You get a drink from the drippy thing

What actually happened:
1. I jumped up
2. I counted One One Thousand, two One Thousand, Three One Thousand
3. I did not land on the hard stinky thing
4. I counted four one thousand
5. I said "WTF!"
6. I stretched out my paws as far as I could
7. I splashed into the stinky thing and got my fur all wet. (Thank god, he flushed)
8. I listened to the big idiot as he laughed
9. I added this indignity to the reasons why I chew on his toothbrush when he's not home


  1. you must always put the lid down. ALWAYS, the poor little guy could drown or somethin'!!!

  2. Scout did that once...and only once.
    sss's mom

  3. HAHAHAHAHA Oh, sorry...

  4. For such indignity, it sounds to us like there should be more payback than just toothbrush chewing!

  5. That happened to me once. I pushed the whole roll of TP into the human's litter box thingie the next time mom left the lid up. She has not forgotten to put the lid down again. but now she hides the TP acause me and miles like to shred it. - Sammy

  6. I've had the same experience. How humiliating! I finally demanded that the woman to get me a fountain, and that's almost as good as the drippy tap. Victor's one redeeming quality (to me) is his desire for tap water. - Bonnie