Sunday, March 25, 2007

My First Spring

Summoning my infinite powers of kitten cuteness, I have decided to take over this blog.

Mom and Dad have been talking about this thing called spring. I don't know what that is. Dolce says its a lot of fun, and that I might be allowed outside to see exactly how much fun it is. I asked her how many of these "Springs" she has seen and she said two. I don't think that makes her an expert. So I asked Bella how many springs she has seen. She hissed at me and said that a gentlecat does not ask a lady her age. So from that, I assumed more than two. I decided to ask Magoo how many springs he has seen. He said that he has seen 11 springs. He said that one was as a wee little kitten so he doesn't remember that one very well. In my mind that makes him a expert. I asked him what is the best part of spring. Magoo said that Dad will start Bar-B-Qing more since it is warmer and he doesn't have to trudge through the snow.

Magoo is very smart, because Dad Bar-B-Qued this weekend. I had to get a front row seat to see what the fuss was all about. I must say Bar-B-Que looks very tasty from this vantage point.

But since cats know that you can't always trust your eyes, I had to have a little taste of Dad's meal.

Magoo is right Bar-B-Que is fantastic. I think I will have to reserve this place at the table next time to see what else Dad has cooked up for me to sample.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

This just cracked me up

I made the dear wife buy this bottle of wine this weekend for two reasons: first, the name just cracked me up, and second, the marekting is supposedly donating money to the SPCA. I don't know which one, but since we have found furriends from Singapore to Australia to the United States to the U.K. to Spain, I don't worry. Somehow someway this money will help a furriend of ours.

Maybe I will get lucky enough in my life to have a job to think of names like this for wine:

Now you might not be a wine drinker, but doesn't this bottle just say "Honey, let's invite your mother over for dinner this weekend."

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Too much to say Thursday

I had to keep my mouth shut for wordless wednesday. You do not know how much that killed me to not talk about each and every picture of Baci.

There are words for ever picture that I post on this blog. Some are sad, some are happy, some will give you hope, and some with shatter your heart. After I wrote Smudge's Tail of Devoshun for Skeezix's contest and I posted some of the stories that careened around my brain, I realized that I can write things in a very sad, emotive way.

I try to write humourous things, but to me they sound contrived and stupid. My wife laughs, but then again I think she does it to humour me as she slips my credit card from my wallet.

But right now, there is a little kitten, who is dreaming of becoming a big mancat just like his older brother Magoo, curled up on the rug at my feet. What he doesn't realize is that the amount of love he generates is equal to his size times a gazillion.

I know that if I pick him up, two things will happen: he will let out a stinky kitty fart and he will start to purr. All I know is that I will brave a thousand of his noxious farts just to feel his purring cheek against mine. So in the immortal words of Obi-won Kenobi: May the Farts be with You.

I leave you with the following pictures. If it was free, right now you would be hearing the song "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting"

This picture has nothing to do with wrassling but if you look at
Dolce's face, she looks like she has just been shut down underneath the net at a basketball game. In Baci's words: "Denied!!"

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mancat(s) Monday

Baci and Magoo are having a small disagreement as to what constitutes a proper Mancat.

Baci says that a Mancat needs to be athletic, strong, and have a certain aura about him that inspires awe in other cats around him. He adds that it should make the female cats swoon, even if you don't have any hoo-haas.
Baci gets some air!
So the above is Baci's idea of what a Mancat should be.

Magoo on the otherhand says that a Mancat is strictly based on size. The bigger you are the more of a Mancat you can claim to be. This is easy for Magoo to use as his yardstick since he is quite large.
Magoo shows off his girth!
The above is Magoo's evidence for what makes a Mancat. In his words: "Awe this, Baci, you little turd."

Friday, March 09, 2007

Dad's Coming Home

Dad talked to Baci on the phone last night and said that he was going to be home for more than just a weekend. I told Baci not to lie because it is not nice to get your favourite sister all excited and then dash her hopes.

Baci said he was not lying. So all I can says is Hooray!

I have already drafted the napping and cuddling schedule for the next month. I left a couple of spaces for eating and using the litterbox. Oh and I hope Dad makes a point of using the time I allocated for updating the blog to do just that. Shopping and going to movies with Mom is not a acceptable excuse.

Baci noticed that I did not give him any time with Dad on the cuddling schedule, and right now he is crying to Mom about. Even though he is getting really big, he is still such a little baby. He is getting better at the wrassling and chasing games I have been teaching him. I heard Mom tell Dad that we were actually sleeping next to each other all curled up. That is a complete fabrication. I was sleeping on the bed and Baci was sleeping on the bed. The fact that we were right next to each other and that our paws and tails might have touched is no indication that we were cuddling.

I demand that Dad produce photgraphic evidence of this supposed cuddling. Until then, I do not want my reputation being sullied about the cat blogosphere. What would my Scout say if he heard these scandalous rumours.

Purringly Yours

Pee Ess. Dad says he has lots of pictures of Baci and he get them converted and posted as soon as possible. Both Dad and Mom say that he is living up to his name.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

CatBlogger Idol

Dolce says that she has a great voice and she has decided that it is time for all the world to hear it. She saw "American Idol" and decided that there should be a Catblogger Idol.

So here is her audition tape...

"These Purrs"

These purrs are my own

Threw some meows together
The combination Mew-Mew-Mow
It's who I am, it's what I do
And I was gonna barf it up for you
Try to focus my attention
But I feel so Ta-ab-by
I need some help, some Temptations
(But they're not coming quickily)

Trying to find the catnip
Trying to lick my backside
Don't you know, don't you know, don't you know?
Waste-bin full of paper
Fevver mouses, see you later

These purrs are my own
From my heart flow
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
There's no other way
To better say
I love you, I love you...

Read some Derby, Skeezix and Meeps
Recited it over a Meezer beat
I'm having trouble saying what I mean
With Tabby Cats and House Panthers
I know I had some litterbox time booked
But I couldn't find a killer hook
Now you've gone & raised my dish right up
Nothing I scratch is ever good enough

These purrs are my own
From my heart flow
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
There's no other way
To better say
I love you, I love you!

I'm getting off my ledge
The curtains pull away
No furry coat to hide behind
My naked soul exposes
Meow-oh!.. Mew..Mew Mew.. Meow-oh!...

Trying to find the catnip
Trying to lick my backside
Waste-bin full of paper
Fevver mouses, see you later

These purrs are my own
From my heart flow
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you

That's all I got to say,
Can't think of a better way,
And that's all I've got to say,
I love you, is that okay?

Pee Ess. Apologies to Natasha Bedingfield. But then again Dolce is a cat and she really doesn't care about copyright.

Friday, March 02, 2007

A little philosophising...

As I write this a little boy kitten is celebrating his six month birthday. How is he celebrating it? He is sound asleep on my feet while I type away on the keyboard. It boggles my mind sometime on how creatures that have no knowledge of greed, jealously or vanity can accepted us humans so easily. Then I thought about it...

Cats will purr to show happiness or to show discomfort of pain.

Although I will call myself a Christian, I have often found myself disagreeing with a lot of what the establishment has been saying or doing. But, my cats keep reassuring me that I am in line with what God says we as humans should do.

A cat will purr to show it's pleasure at being petted or brushed or cuddled. This is suspicously similar to humans who will rejoice to God when things are going their way.

A cat will purr when it is harmed or in pain or scared. This also sounds very familiar to humans when they are scared or in pain.

Who taught them this? Is this why we treat cats to be on almost the same footing as ourselves? We share the same opinion of God. If we pray or if a cat purrs, then we are trying to connect with the same God that we believe made us both. In happiness and in sorrow, we try to reach out and find strength outside of ourselves.

Personally, I think that GOd likes Cats better. Cause Cats can lick themselves.

Sorry. It's been busy in the Great White North

I just realized that it has been over two weeks since my last post. To say it has been hectic in our household would be an understatement. I have been travelling a lot with work, and when I get home the last thing my beloved wife wants is me to spend time on the cats' blog. Go Figure.

Things have been moving along in our house. Baci is growing. Both in size and spirit. I do not want to encourage people to get kittens just so they see this miracle of of evolution, divine guidance and screenplay by Laurel and Hardy, but watching a kitten grow up is truly one of the miracles that we humans can see easily. Once you learn to see the easy miracles, the harder ones become more apparent.

How to summarize the Four Furry Cats household? Let's use some old TV programs as guidance:

First off we have, Dolce loves Baci (aka Joanie loves Chaci)
Dolce and Baci have started to bond the way we hoped. She looks for him to play, and he is trying to get her to cuddle with him.

Then we have Dolce and Bella (aka Laverne and Shirley)
Dolce and Bella have a weak arrangement as to who is in charge. Dolce the outgoing, not-to-bright butterfly or Bella, the mature, always thinking responsible one who still manages to drive the local boys crazy.

Then there is Magoo...
Magoo is Dirty Harry, Macleod, Columbo and Inspector Clouseau all rapped up into one package. Ever alert to what is going on around him but totally oblivious to the effect he has on his surrounding characters.

Last but not least, there is my Smudge (aka The Shadow)
I no longer see him daily, but I sense his presense throughout this house. What lurks in the heart of this blogger? Only the Smudgie knows...
(For the rest of his update, you are going to have to visit the House Panthers)