Monday, January 30, 2006

We were there...

Magoo seems to snitched on me to mom and dad. I'm not admitting to anything. But if something did happen to get busted during my catnip crazies, I apologize. You have to realize that I am still little and I don't always remember all the rules. I apologize for Bella as well. It was not very lady-like to be running around, asking all the boy cats to pull her paw, and then pooting. Embarassing that is.



  1. I thought it so funny! Sorry, but it was (what Bella did, I saw the whole thing, Mittens was napping)!!! It wuz a fun times!!
    Mom even said she was sorry to see it end and the closet seemed so empty; but she was glad everyone got back to their furever homes OK.

  2. It was nice to meet you all - Dolce and those other kittens were a bit wild and crazy for me, I was just hanging out with Smudge and the sensible mature guys.

  3. Glad to meet you North of the Border Cats...Bella was hilarious! She's just a girl who likes her nip! And I apologize for Scooby being such a grouch! He's like that all the time. -Shaggy
    Hi Dolce: It was fun playing mirror fights with the mirror kitties and you! Too bad the Calico's didn't have mikce tyo chase! -Scout