Thursday, January 19, 2006

We desperately need help!

We been having some issues with Magoo in the last couple of days. There has been another male cat come into our yard and he has been marking some of the trees. We let Magoo and Smudge out so that they could go and remark their territory. Magoo was getting very vocal, and he was starting to set Smudge off as well.

Well now Magoo has peed several times inside the house. My wife picked up some Feliway, which has in the past settled him down. It appeared to work, but my wife discovered that he left another present on some clothes. Normally, we would try and comfort and reassure him and find out what is happening without getting mad at him. But we have a little girl kitten in the house now. And yes, she pees every place Magoo's peed. She goes to get spayed in a couple of weeks, and I am trying to reassure my wife that should eliminate Dolce's copycat (no pun intended) peeing. We never went through this with the other cats.

We need some help on how to curb this new behaviour. My wife thinks it could also be do to the fact that Dad's been working away from the home a lot more.


  1. why don't you email me at i unfortunately have a lot of experience in this....

  2. We'll keep my eyes peeled, but our mom doesn't let us out, so we are pretty oblivious to the scents of stray cats.

    Good luck!!

  3. :::scratches head:::

    Wow, I dunno. But I rad once where kitties with bladder infections will pee all over the house. Maybe it's not the outside cats or Dad, but he has an infection or a bladder crystal...?

  4. We don't think it's a bladder infection, becuase he still uses his litter box regularly and isn't showing any other signs of illness. We are going to monitor it over the next little while and see if he continues.

  5. My vote is call your vet.
    Could be just too much activity spurred by that other cat...when in doubt call the VET!

    The Tart

  6. Victor and I have never had litterbox problems, but it sounds like Magoo is really worried about his territory. Some way to avoid scenting the other cat? Avoid seeing it? Get it to stay away?

    Not to make light of the situation, but the FITHL is gaining momentum. I posted a call for players (I'll coach) and have had a huge response. But we need help interpreting the rules. And... some calicos want to be cheerleaders. And I still haven't seen the CBA. Thx

  7. We want an agent who'll get us a nice contract with lots of bonuses and loopholes in it. And I want my number to be 88. Big 88. Big like me!

  8. It's starting to look like it is a case of behaviour and not medical. Magoo has not "shown" his displeasure since Friday; the day his dad returned from his work trip.