Friday, January 13, 2006

Our Dad tells stories

Our dad is starting to write down the stories he tells us before we go to sleep. He started to tell them to the Smudge as a kitten while they hung out together on the couch. He then told them to Bella and now he tells them to all of us. Magoo doesn't like to hear them. He always turns away and says that he has something in his eye when he listens. I like them. I think Little One is supposed to be me. Smudge says that is impossible since he was hearing the stories long before I came along and besides, Little One is a black kitten like him.

The Darkening Road


  1. You Dad is a good storyteller. Mom read the first 2 chapters to us. We hope the rest isn't sad or scary.... Mom calls Scout "little one".

  2. ooh, we just looked at it quick. my Mom said she'll read it to me tomorrow, i can't wait!

  3. Mommy will read the stories to us tonight. we can't wait! Miles is the "little one" to us.