Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dolce's Sisters

When we went to look at Dolce (then called Samantha), we got to meet her mom and her three sisters. When we talked to Dolce's dads, they said that her mother had showed up on their doorstep and had decided that this is where she wanted to live and give birth to her babies. Dolce looks like her mother but we don't know what the father looks like. But look at her three sisters and see if you can guess what colour the father was...

And finally, this is the picture that won our hearts...

2006/01/08: Update of Dolce's Sisters...We checked out the link to NASAP, and found out that all three have been adopted. Dolce's dads have decided to keep her mom, and are having her spayed.


  1. How could you not take them all? What darlings! And all females in the litter?? Awww.... sss'smom

  2. Good choice. I'm partial to tabbies, naturally. The woman's first cat was the only male in the litter. He was a tux, but his sisfurs and mama were calicos. - Bonnie

  3. we want them!! do they have homes? we're serious, we would adopt!!

  4. excuse me, but why are you assuming i would have my butt served to me??? i'm shy and sweet but i could hold my own in hockey, bring it on!!