Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Smudge and Chloe have now been here for two whole days, and I wanted to give all our furriends out there an update as to how everyone is doing.

Day One:

Smudge and Chloe were confined to the new room downstairs. They both preferred to hide under covers on the side of the bed or under the improvised tent I made with their blanket and a footstool.

Chloe did not let out a single peep, but Smudge was a bitt hissy and growly. Because Grandma hurt her arm two days before she was due to move in, my wife and I insisted that she sleep upstairs in our room instead of amongst the confusion and mess that still surrounds her new room.

So Smudge and Chloe had to share the room with my wife and me. Smudge treated us to a low growl almost all night; especially if one of us stirred or moved.

Day Two:

SMudge actually seemed to remember me. He rubbed up against me and did not try to run and hide whenever I entered the room. I think it helped that Grandma came downstairs and spent most of the day with Chloe and him. I think it reassured them both that they had not been abandoned in a strange weird place.

Day Three:

Smudge and Chloe got to spend the night with Grandma upstairs. Magoo, Bella, Dolce and Baci were banned from the room for the night. It really helped Smudge as he seemed to come even more out of his shell. I arranged a bit of a meet and greet for the cats. Chloe was surprisingly the first one to come out of the room and do a little bit of exploring. Bella was pretty interested in her and followed her around fairly closely.

Baci was of course a jerk and he was the first one to start caterwaulling and hissing at Chloe.

All things considered, it has gone relatively well. There have been no messy confrontations and we are slowly letting each household get to know one another.

Well, I have to go. The basement will not paint itself you know. I will keep you apprised on how things are working out in our newly expanded household. I hope to be able to get a picture of all six cats together.

Pee Ess: Because of all this, I will have to renege on my promise for two stories for Dolce's Story Chair. You can still look forwards to another of Jingle's adventures but the other story will have to be shelved. Don't tell Dolce though, she might get very angry with me and she might mistakenly blame Smudge and Chloe for me having to break my promise to her.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Is the Cat out of the Bag?

Dolce was right. Her furriends are very smart. Some of you guessed exactly what is about to happen very soon. This weekend to be exact.

But before I go into any details, we must enter the Cat Time Warp Machine and set the dials for minus 2 years...

Well here we are and it is Nov. 21, 2006...

Here at the blog, we are just coming to terms with Dr. Nick's news that Smudge has CRF and needs surgery. We are looking at our little guy thinking that we had only six months to a year left with him. Knowing that he might be better off away from the year-old terror that is named Dolce, my wife and I are discussing sending Smudge off to live with Grandma. Little did I realize that within two months Smudge would be gone and off to live with Grandma and Chloe.

We'd better get back into the Cat Time Warp Machine and return to our own time...

After a long absence (almost two whole years), Smudge is returning to our home. But he is not coming back empty-handed. He is bringing his bestest furriend, Chloe and his favouritest human, Grandma, with him.

Due to Grandma's retirement and the housing situation in our city, we decided that the best thing was for her to move in us. So I have been busy getting a place ready for Grandma, Smudge and Chloe to call their own.

So our family is growing from 4 to 6 cats. We can't say too much because we might be over the number of allowed felines in a bylaw designed to prevent cat-hoarding.

This is the big news that I have made Dolce keep secret. Wish all of us luck that everything goes well and all the cats behave themselves and integrate into a peaceful family. I don't say loving because Magoo still can't stand Baci.

The Dad

Woo! Hoo! Smudge's is coming home! Let's have a house wrecking party! Based on the construction mess, we can do some serious damage and Dad won't be able to prove we dids it. Hooray!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Clue...

Dad says that I can give my furriends another clue as to the Super Secret Big News.

Dad said he has learned to never say never.


Pee Ess: In the comments, Whicky Wuudler was very close to guessing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big News!

We has been away for almost a month from our blog. We aren't very happy with Dad about it, but he sat down with us and explained what was happening in and to our house.

First off there is stuff all over the place, which is okay 'cause Baci and I has lotsa places to play. Then there is the dust, which is not okay 'cause we has to lick dat stuff outta our furrs.

So now we know what Dad has been doing this last month, but we didn't know why.

Ooh! Ooh! This is the bestest part!

What? Whaddya mean I can't tell my furriends the secret? Maybe they don'ts want to wait. Maybe I should just tell them now.

Whaddya mean that you'll give my treats to Baci if I tells the secret.

Fine. I won't tell. I'm not happy about it, but I won't tell. But I warn you, my furriends are furry furry smart. They'll figure out the secret.