Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tabby Tummy Tuesday

Dolce and Bella once again showing off their beautiful tabby tummies.

Smudge Update:

From Smudge's point of view, life has continued as normal. He still plays with his sister Dolce and sleeps on the bed at my feet.

We are going for the consult with Dr. Nick on Friday to see what the treatment options are for Smudge. From what I have read, it will involve giving him subcutaneous fluids. My main concern is will this hurt him in anyway. I don't want to lose Smudge any sooner than I have to, but I also am against prolonging his suffering or making his life miserable just to postpone my own sense of loss. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments and purrayers. As Smudge said on The House Panthers' blog: "I am but a small stone tossed into the great pond of the world, but the ripples I create will echo long after I am gone."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Smudge is very sick

We got word from the V-E-T about Smudge's tests. The results were not good.

His creatinine levels were 3 times the normal and his urine is extremely concentrated. Unfortunately, these are both signs of chronic kidney failure.

I have to pick up some information from the V-E-T today and then arrange for another consultantation with him to determine the treatment options.

We always figured that, barring stupidity on our part and letting a cat get out, we would lose Smudge first due to his rough start in life. We just hoped that he would be with us for at least ten or more years.

I'm sorry, but that crack you just heard was my heart breaking...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Smudge's V-E-T Report

Honest, Dad, I had known there were going to be tests I would have studied more.

To all Smudge's friends, his V-E-T did not go as well as I would have hoped. Dr. Nick said that all of his insides looked good, and that his coat was in excellent shape, but then we came to the weigh-in.

Two years ago when Smudge went in he weighed 5.1kg (11.2lbs ) and then last year he weighed 4.6kg (10.1 lbs). Dr. Nick thought this was great since Smudge did have a bit of a fat pocket on his tummy. But as we had feared, Smudge has lost more weight, too much weight. He weighed in at 3.7kg (8.1lbs). Dr. Nick said losing fat is one thing; but when Smudge has started to lose muscle mass, he gets concerned. He said it would be like a human losing 1/4 of their body weight unintentionally, and that weight loss like that is never a good thing. So, Smudge had to have some blood and urine tests done. Now we have to wait to find out the results.

I love all of my cats. Each has a personality that is completely different than the others. But Smudge is my boy. He is my stretch out on the couch for a Sunday nap partner. He lets me know when it is time for bed and when it is time for snuggling. He is my nightly foot warmer and my early morning alarm clock. To lose him will leave a hole that no other cat will ever fill. We have all had a cat like that in our lives; that one special cat that seemed to shine only for us and that seemed to defy description when trying to explain their effect on you to other people.

On a lighter note, Dolce was her usual self. She made herself right at home and weasled her way into Dr. Nick's good graces. She managed not to break anything but she did stick her paws into everything. She then sat right next to her chart and watched Dr. Nick fill it out. I think she was supervising. She weighs 3.5kg (7.8lbs) now, but given her tiny frame Dr Nick says that she needs to start watching the groceries. She demanded to be let out of the carrier for the drive and she was quite well-behaved for the entire trip on my lap and shoulders.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tabby Tummy Tuesday (Doubleshot)

Bella has always been the essense of dignity and grace. Sure she can't sit like a lady with her paws together (Actually more like a trucker with a beer gut), but when she lays down she is simply stunning.

I couldn't help but repost this picture of Dolce's kitten tummy.
If there was ever a picture that signified Tabby Tummmy Tuesday, for me, this is it.

PS: Smudge may have outwitted Mom, but he is no match for Dad. He goes to the V-E-T today with Dolce. After seeing the weight chnages in the other cats, Dad is not as worried about him. He is still thankful for all the knid thoughts everyone sent Smudge. This will Dolce's first visit with Dr. Nick. I wonder what she will break in his office. (All of the cats have each demolished one thing in his office.)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Midnight Monday

Welcome to Midnight Monday!

I have to type fast, because Magoo is still on the warpath about me missing the V-E-T visit. Sometimes there are benefits to being an all black kitty who can squeeze into tiny spaces.

I just didn't want to go to the V-E-T. Dad was feeling poorly due to "Too Much Fun the Night Before", so I took apon myself to take care of him. I wasn't being a Scaredy-Pants as Magoo put it; I was putting my Dad's welfare ahead of my own. The way I see it, I was being extremely unselfish.

Given that all the other kitties lost weight, it only stands to reason that I would as well. That hasn't stop Dad from sneaking me some extra Stinky Goodness. But I really got to run. I think I hear Magoo thudding down the hallway towards the computer room.

On a sad note, please go visit Cat Girl's Amazing Felines. It has been a rough fall on their household as three of their kitties crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this fall.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The V-E-T Report

By Magoo

Sure it was time for our annual check-up and we had to go the V-E-T anyways. But the main reason was to find out why my stooopid brother had lost weight. So what does Smudge do when Mom went to pack us all into the carriers?

He fricking hid! He hid so well Mom couldn't find him! So Bella and I had to go to the V-E-T without him!

I'm seriously thinking of giving him a couple Paws of Death and maybe a Magoo's Trademark Sumo Belly Slam. All that misery and he gets out of it by hiding. Maybe if I was a skinny little black twerp instead of a big-boned grey tank, I could have hidden too.

Breath deep. Inhale the gentle soothing catnip scent.

Well enough about Mr.Scaredy-Pants.

Bella and I had our check-ups and we are in great shape. I managed to loose 0.6kg (1.3 lbs) since my last visit. Dr. Nick says that my little fat pocket is gone and he can feel all my insides. I am now a strapping 6.6kg (14.5lbs). Bella has lost a little weight too, which Dr. Nick thought was good. He was glad to see that our enjoyment of Dolce's kitten food did not cause any lingering weight issues.

Now to go and find Smudge. I still have to "discuss" his skipping out on the V-E-T visit.

S-m-u-d-g-e! Oh S-m-u-d-g-e! Where are you? I have a gift for you! S-m-u-d-g-e!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Midnight Monday

It's time for MIDNIGHT MONDAY!

As the resident House Panther, I feel truly honoured to be able to participate in this noble day. Dad wants me to remind every House Panther to participate and that he plans on posting a roundup of all the House Panthers who have a Midnight Monday post.

Note from Dad: We noticed that our Smudge has lost a lot of weight lately. Although he seems to be as full of energy and spunk as always and his coat is bright and shiny, he has lost more weight than we think is good for him. He is going to the V-E-T this week for his annual check up, so we will find out if there is anything we need to worry about.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

And you thought Dolce was cute!

I came across a photo CD from several years back while trying to organize my home office. This was before we had the digital camera and the only way we could get picture of our three kids at the time was to get a CD made when we developed the film. Of course, we did no know how bad the picture were until we had them developed. Trust me, the Flash was not my friend. But what I discoverd was truly special; Bella's kitten pictures.

Bella was a real finicky little eater when we brought her home from the SPCA. She seemed to hate all the food we had bought for her. My wife was worried that she had been separated from her mom too soon so she picked up a kitten nursing kit.

Bella, being the stinker that she was, soon hated this too.

One thing was certain though, she was enthralled with her big brother Magoo from day one. She would follow him around all day. I don't think she had ever seen such a big cat.

From him she learned about going outside and it soon became one of her favourite places. Under strict Mom and Dad supervision of course.

Being that she was the first girl kitten that Smudge had seen in a long time, he was smitten with her from day one. Just as he has been good with Dolce, Smudge showed the same patient older brother tenderness to Bella. He even let her share his catnip.

The sharing of catnip was a good thing for Bella had a taste for the herb immediately. We used to put it into a little bowl for her, but she wouldn't be happy until she had knocked it over and had spent a good ten minutes rolling around in it.

One of the nice side effects of the kitten crazies that catnip causes is the peaceful naps afterwards. Bella would nap anywhere.

She was especially fond of the middle of the floor. We had to watch where we walked in those first months, for it seemed that there was a sleeping tabby kitten in the middle of every floor.

From the moment we saw her in her cage to the moment we brought her home, Bella has had her Dad wrapped around her little paw.

A feat that she has admirably taught her sister Dolce.