Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Reigning Queen of the Mouse Hunt

Regardless of what Dad says about Dolce being the hunter of the the foursome, I have been killing fuzzy mice long before she showed up. Sure I stalked this mouse for about ten minutes before I killed it, but I killed it nonetheless. (Bella actually cheats. She pulls the mouse down and then bites through the elastic string. She has done this with every dangley toy we have bought for the furbabies.) As for Tub Hockey, I am still the reigning champ in this household. Nobody can fling a tub stopper as far as I can.


  1. you look like you have a great style!

  2. Taz eats all the elastics and strings off the toys too. Every time Mama gives her a mousie, the first thing she does is eat their tails. I mean EAT them, swallows and everything. She probably poops bright colored leather tails all over the place. Silly head.

    She has a fun tub game too. I don't know what she calls it but I call it tub boxing. She goes into the tub and starts boxing with the plastic wall all the way around the tub. She just bats it with her paws over and over, like a scratching post, cept she's not scratching, just boxing. She'd do it all night if Mama let her.

    Mama got us big fuzzy rats just like yours and put them in our stockings for Chrissmuss. I got a white one and Taz got a grey one, but she played with both of them and chewed on both the elastics. What a brat!!

    Luv Angel

    ps sorry bout my bloggie, it went bye bye :O(

  3. We have a toy like that, but I like mouseys without strings. Maybe I'll try Bella's trick. Nice paw action and I admire the way you're using the door for backup. Would you give me lessons?