Monday, January 16, 2006

My favourite toy

Up until mom and dad brought up the cat tree for me to play with this was my favourite toy. It is a inclined cat scratcher with a dangling toy inside. I liked it a lot because I could fit right inside and play with the toy and none of the other cats could. This was good since none of the cats liked to play with me at first. Now me, Smudge and Bella play together and chase each other all over the house. Magoo still does not like to and he still hisses at me if I get too close. So Edsel, I know how you feel about having a sibling that does not like you. But then Magoo doesn't really like anyone but Mom and Dad.


  1. You sure look like me Dolce! That is a way cool scratcher thingy. Scooby still does not like me. I keep trying to get him to play but all I get is a hiss in the face. Shaggy will play, chase & wrestle with me so at least I have one cat friend. -Scout

  2. Boxes with toys in them are the bestest. Bonnie still doesn't like me to get close, so I'm careful. Last night, she got into a box for laundry and swatted me from it!