Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cleanliness is next to Kittenness

My dad was trying to work, but I decided that I needed to take my nap in his lap. Now before I have a nap, I must, like all other proper kitties, give myself a completely thorough cleaning.

I like to start with my toes. They seem to get the dirtiest, especially my little white mitts. Magoo says mom has to something called sweeping more often.

After the toes are all clean, then we can move onto the tummy.

And now, we are already to go to sleep. Which is good because all this grooming has made me one tuckered out little kitten.


  1. Precious. This is how babylust (which to us is kittenlust) starts...

  2. Great tummy fur!

    Maybe it's just us, but can you post pictures of each cat w/their names. We're confused on who's who.

  3. oh Dolce, if they ever get tired of you my Mom wants you!

  4. My Dad says you have a lucky Dad because you like to nap with him...

  5. Meow Dolce... Your tummy is just like mine except ab out 20 times smaller! -Shaggy
    Mom: Kittenlust is the right word!!!

  6. David E. Francis1/19/2006 6:32 PM

    Dolce, You're just adorable!


  7. OH! Smudge looks just like ME!!


  8. Those are great pictures of a clean little monster!!

    Just happened to go through some old comments on Ep's blog and saw you and recognized it as a blog I hadn't visited in a bit. I got teary seeing Ep's name included as a Rainbow Bridge Angel. Thank you for helping me to remember her.