Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Long time no meow

It has been so very long since we posted.

Time measured in months, lost furriends and lost hoomins. We found ourselves only posting when one of our community passed to the Rainbow Bridge, either to wait or to go and retrieve their beloved ones for the final crossing. It was too much for Dad. Work was bad enough, but the sense of loss also started to hurt too much. But when one asks for a miracle, sometimes one is given.

Dolce has decided that she has a SUPER POWER! She has for the last four months decided that her secondary job (Primary job is detecting food and scritches) is monitoring her GIK (Grandma in KInd) diabetes. She has been 7 for 7 notifying my MIL when her blood sugar is low. I have seen her reaction myself. She will get right into my MIL face and give her the CAT STARE OF REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF. If that doesn't work, she will start her trademark yelling in Cat. The MIL has accepted that Dolce knows best. If Dolce alerts to her low blood sugar, she tests her blood and then acts accordingly. Did I mention that Dolce has been 100% accurate so far?

As for everyone else... Baci and Bella are fine. Smudge is starting to face his last battle with CRF. He is now 15 years old, which is amazing since six years ago we were given 12-24 months. Chloe is starting show her age as well. She is not in dire straights but she has lost a bit of weight.