Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dolce's Story Chair - 2010 Story

Dad: I don't like to leave a story unfinished, but I am unable to finish (share) the ending of last year's story "Jingles and the Wishbringer".Don't get me wrong, it is finished, but the story took me to a place that Magoo's passing was too hard for me to share. I miss him...We all do in our house...We don't have anyone to remove the gift tags from all presents, forcing us to unwrap them to figure out what is what, and then rewrap them with more secure (ie cat-proof) labelling.

Baci: Are you done yet?

Dad: Baci...

Baci: Yes?

Dad: Be patient...

Baci: Does that involve Chick-hen?

Dad: If you are good, it can.

Baci: I'm patient. I'm the most patientest cat ever... Where's the Chick-hen? Sorry, being patient...

Dad: I couldn't finish last year's story. For that, I am very sorry. But then I thought about publishing the remainder, and I decided that is not what the Cat blogging world needed. I decided to cast the the reel of time forward, and let our blogging furriends find us sometime in the future or maybe even this year...Who knows...One can never predict when you are at the Story Chair...And your heart is open to Adventure, Hope, Love and the presence of Furry Mice.