Friday, January 06, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

I made the mistake of insinuating to Edsel the Pooch that Canadian Cats would be be much better at Tub Hockey than their American Cousins. It almost denigrated into a flame war. But I wanted Edsel to know that I was just goofing around. Also we can keep our verbal sparring going here without clogging up comments on other posts.

Also, I wanted to allow other cats to put their two cents in. Just remeber, keep it fun people.


  1. magoo is the spittin' image of a dear departed one who came before me. his name was Goodi and my Mom and the Dad loved him dearly. they still think grey kitties are special (almost as special as Tuxedos). (and i'll still challenge you to a game of tub hockey anytime)

  2. So when you play road hockey and someone (a car) wants to use the road, you yell "CAR". What would you yell (meow) during a game of tub hockey?

  3. um, grab your umbrella?
    put on your raincoat?
    duck, the soap is falling?

  4. Hey you guys,
    Can I be goalie? Nothin' will get past me!

  5. I think "Naked Guy" would be appropriate to yell.

  6. David E. Francis1/07/2006 10:12 AM

    That's a real nice image of you, Magoo. You're a pretty kitty.

    As for "Naked Guy", are you the one who started Eponine's Cowboy to wonder what cats think when they see us beans naked? What do you think? :-) And, what about "Naked Gal"? hehehe


  7. i think we all agreed that naked is not good, our humans are much better with their clothes on. could we get them to take baths in their jeans???

  8. Can I be the other goalie? Oh, and I'll clear the playing field of those plastic things the humans use to keep from slipping - that's my specialty. I think I'd yell "Feet!"

  9. You'll need a ref. I have the dark stripes they wear and I'm not afraid to throw my weight around. I'm loud, too. So when's the game?