Monday, January 16, 2006

I love my dad

I like sleeping in my kitty bed or in the chair or on the big bed, but where I like to sleep best is on my dad. This is picture of me when I first came home and dad was spending time with me. Mom says we bonded. I just like sleeping on top of him.

I really missed him when he was gone, and I made up for it on Saturday. They went to a hockey game and didn't get home until late.(The Oilers really need a goalie. Maybe one of our friends who offered to play goalie for the Tub Hockey League would do a better job.) So I didn't want to eat when they got home; I just wanted to run and play. I woke him up, however, for a 4:30am snack. Afterwards, I came to bed and then fell asleep on his throat. Dad says it was hard to sleep with a 3 lb kitten purring like a chainsaw on your neck. He knows exactly how much I weigh because I went to the Vet and got my rabies stabby shot, and they weighed me. I have put on a whole pound since my last visit.

I also found out that my foster dads have taken in another batch of kittens to look after until they find their forever homes. They said they couldn't believe how big I was getting and they appreciated getting pictures of me. What can I say, I'm a Cutie!!!


  1. You are just one darling kitten! I used to be; but I am grown now and Mom says in my middle years; so I must be very dignified.

  2. I'll say it again Dolce, you sure look like me!
    Shaggy wants to be goalie in tub hockey, but I think he'd be askeerd of those big hockey men on the real ice.
    Mom & dad are going to Toronto vs the Wild tomorrow night. Should be an adventure with her busted ankle.... She loves Eddie Belfour. Her favoritest team of all is the Flyers. She says she's been cheering them for 30 years (that sounds like a long time....) and they keep losing. She dreamed twice this year they won the cup again. I don't know about that cup thing but it looks like a great place to nap doesn't it? -Scoutie

  3. You're so cute! I prefer my mom but try to give Dad and the boy their share of my warmth and charm (and shed fur).

  4. If I must have a human, I'll take my dad. I looked like you when I was a baby, but I've never been very snuggly. Humans have their uses, but I prefer to sleep alone. In a box. Any box, as long as it's plastic.