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Dolce's Story Chair - Jingles and The Homecoming (Part 2)

Dad: I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season. So get all cuddled up on the Story Chair, have a cup of Hot Catmilk and a large catnip cookie, and let's rejoin Sangilak, his Pack Mate, and Nial as they arrived at the Main Garage.

Welcome to the Story Chair

Jingles and The Homecoming (Part 2)

Nial, Sangilak and She Who Must be Obeyed stood outside the main garage in front of a peculiarly arranged door. Like every door at the the North Pole where both Santa and the elfs entered, the doorway was actually a door within a door. There was one large door for Santa to use and a smaller door embedded inside for the elfs to use. Nial had opened the elf door and had started to walk inside. He did not realize that his two companions could not follow him through the smaller opening. He only noticed his error when he heard She Who Must Be Obeyed growling. Nial was stuck. He could not reach the gold door knob that Santa used.

“Do you think I could…” Nial stuttered and pointed sheepishly at Sangilak’s back.

“That is demeaning.” She Who Must Be Obeyed growled. “No creature has ever climbed on the back of…”

Sangilak shook his head.

“I have had one of the creatures on my back before.” Sangilak admitted as he pointed his nose towards Nial. “And two cats.”

“You tell no one in the Pack of this.” She Who Must Be Obeyed snapped. “Not ever.”

She Who Must Be Obeyed turned her head away as she could not bear to watch Nial grab a tuft of Sangilak’s fur and clumsily pull himself up onto the wolf’s sturdy back. Nial balanced himself and then placed both his hands on the doorknob. Nial strained to turn the large doorknob that was the size of a dinner plate in his small hands. The doorknob slowly moved and Nial was suddenly rewarded with the sound of the latch sliding free. His relief was quickly replaced with dismay as he was pulled off Sangilak’s back and suddenly found himself hanging from the doorknob with his face pressed against the door.

“Enough of this.” She Who Must Be Obeyed stated and she moved towards the elf hanging by his hands from the doorknob. She gently supported Nial by the back of his vest and slowly lowered him to the ground.

“Please don’t do that again.”Nial shivered. “I think you are a fine wolf, but I really don’t like being that close to those teeth of yours.”

She Who Must Be Obeyed snorted back at Nial, who quickly turned and marched into the main garage.

Sangilak and his companion were amazed at the sights within the main garage. There large conveyors for bearing the toys from the Toy Sorting and Shipping departments running from almost every direction near the roof. Along the walls, there were various workbenches and diagrams of components of Santa’s sleigh.
In the center of the garage was a large round pedestal. On top of this pedestal, there was the most ornate red and gold sleigh.

Running back and forth from the workbenches and the sleigh were several elfs. They were carrying either parts or tools to the two workers obviously in charge of maintaining Santa’s Sleigh. Nial, Sangilak and She Who Must Be Obeyed could hear them discussing and debating over what should be done next and how it should be done.

“Sammy.” The sleek black coated Cat pointed to the exposed Candy Cane Drive Oscillators. “You have to use a right twist candy cane here. The left twist canes always come loose.”
“Tinker.” The elf wiped the sugar dust from him hands onto his leather apron. “These are right twist candy canes. You have put them in backwards.”
“Are you sure these are right twist?” Tinker asked not believing he would have put something in backwards.
“Yes.” Sammy stated. “The right twist candy canes are green. The left twist canes are red.”
Tinker looked down at the candy cane he had just installed. He scratched his ear with the wrench he held in his paw.
“Sammy.” Tinker pondered.
“What is the matter?” Sammy sighed.
“Shouldn’t we find someone who isn’t color-blind to pick the correct candy cane then?” Tinker smiled.
Sammy looked at the canes and realized that neither he nor Tinker would ever be able to tell them apart. He started to laugh. Tinker joined in and was soon rolling on his back in laughter.

Sammy and Tinker’s laughter caught the attention of three others working in the Garage, one was a large portly gentleman and other two were cats, a fluffy cat with brown fur and dark chocolate points and pure white paws and a white-mitted brown and black tabby. They all looked up from the navigation maps they spread out over a large oak table to see the source of the laughter. It was Santa who first spotted Nial and his two wolf companions.

“Now.” Santa said with a tinge of surprise. ”Who do we have here? I don’t get visitors like this very often.”

Jingles tapped Cookie on the shoulder and pointed towards the newly arrived guests. Sammy and Tinker ceased laughing at the sight of the two wolves.

“Sangilak!” Tinker cried out as he leapt from the sleigh and ran to his old friend’s side. Tinker rubbed against Sangilak’s foreleg and began purring fiercely.

“Tinker.” Sangilak gently nuzzled Tinker.

“Sammy.” Sangilak croaked out his old elf friend’s name as he suddenly found Sammy’s arms wrapped tightly about his neck.

“Cookie, Jingles.” Tinker chirped happily. “This is our friend, Sangilak. He’s the one who helped us get South that year.”

“And who is this lovely lady.” Santa asked as he regarded Sangilak’s companion.

“This is my mate, She Who Must Be Obeyed.” Snagilak said proudly.

“That is a mouthful.”Santa replied, as he studied the other wolf.

“May I call you Tanaraq?” Santa asked.”It means…”

“Granddaugher of the Tundra.” Sangilak bowed his head at the honour Santa gave his mate.

“Tanaraq.” She Who Must Be Obeyed said the name out loud. “It will work amongst these creatures.”

“But to you.” Tanaraq snapped at Sangilak. “Do not forget my Pack name.”

“Never.” Sangilak backed away slightly.

“What brings you to the North Pole, Sangilak?” Sammy asked.

“I caught scent of a familiar scent while on a Hunt.” Sangilak stated.”It seemed strange to be so far away from where I remembered it.”

“What was it?” Tinker asked.

“I bear tidings of the Wishbringer.” Sangilak replied. “The one you called Myrrh.”

Sammy, Jingles, Tinker and Cookie let out a surprised gasp.

To be continued...

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Friday, December 03, 2010

Dolce's Story Chair - Jingles and the Homecoming (Part 1)

Dad: I hope you enjoyed yesterday's teaser. Like I hinted this story takes place a while after last year's story. Hopefully you enjoy. I promise this year's story will be a lot happier. But I promise that I will make you cry by the end.

So please help yourself to some catnip cookies, and large mug of Hot Catmilk and snuggle in on the Story Chair. you might have to push Baci over as he tends to hog the bed/chair/couch.

Welcome to the Story Chair

Jingles and The Homecoming (Part 1)

Sangilak and his pack mate warily approached the outskirts of the fabled town at the North Pole. Sangilak paused several times and sniffed at the crisp winter air. He vainly searched for some sign of his old friends. He looked at his mate and then he shook his massive triangular head negatively.

"I cannot sense them yet." Sangilak admitted.
"It has been a while." his mate replied. "Are you sure they still cry to our Moon?"
"I am certain." Sangilak replied. "These are strange lived creatures. They live many seasons past our own path."
"You mean my path." Sangilak's mate replied. "You have been our pack leader for many seasons. None of our elders remembers a time when you were not pack leader."
"It has been a long time." Sangilak remembered. "Maybe too long."
"The Pack is strong and healthy because of you." His mate snapped in annoyance. "Our cubs play and feed in safety for none dare challenge He Who Races The Moon. When your path ends, it ends. Until then we do not talk of too long."
"I am just baying at a False Moon." Sangilak nuzzled his mate. "Let's see if we can find someone to help us find Sammy and Tinker."
"Strange names, Sammy and Tinker." Sangilak's mate snorted.
"They are even stranger creatures." Sangilak snorted right back.

The two wolves steathfully made their way into the town. The snow covered plain gave way to snow dusted cobblestones and the northern stars were soon eclipsed by flickering lampposts and brilliant strings of Christmas lights. Sangilak's sheepishly regarded the lights as she was uncertain what to make of them.

"These bright things." Sangilak's mate stared. "What did you call them?"
"Lights." Sangilak responded.
"They are just like the ones our pack found." she added. "But these are..."
Sangilak's mate could not find the proper word in the Wolf-tongue.
"Working." Sangilak finshed her sentence. "These lights are working. It has been a very long time since I have seen them. Not since I was a puppy."
"You don't talk of your path before you found the Pack." Sangilak's mate stated.
"It is unimportant now. " Sangilak replied. "The Pack is my life. You are my life."

Sangilak lead his mate down a darkened alley. He could finally smell other creatures on the wind. Unfortunately, so could his mate.

"Sangilak." his mate snarled. "You lied. There is food here. I can smell it. It is different than our food back home, but it still smells like food. Come, I am hungry and I could use the thrill of the Hunt."

Sangilak swiftly turned.

"There is no food here!" Sangilak snarled with his massive canines bared so that his mate would not misunderstand his intent. "There are creatures here that will smell like food and will look like our food back home, but they are not to be hunted. Please heed my words. These are friends."

Sangilak's mate backed away.

"No hunt." she repeated. "Friends only."

The two wolves reached the end of the alleyway. There standing next to large wagon full of verdent green wreaths was a brightly dressed dressed figure with a small leather tool belt cinched around it's waist. The creature was looking up at the side of the building and thoughtfully massaging it's stubbleless chin.

"Friend." Sangilak's deep voice growled from the shadows of the alleyway as he strode out into the open. "I am looking for two creatures that you might know."

The elf on wreath maintenance turned ashen white and then stumbled backwards. He trembled as his eyes stared straight into the large golden eyes of the largest, actually the only wolf he had ever seen.

"Holly and Mistletoe!" the elf cried out. "Please don't eat me!"

"We are not here to hunt." Sangilak's mate moved to the elf's other side. "Besides, I don't think there is enough there for a cub let alone a Huntress."

"Stop." Sangilak snapped at his mate. He turned his head back to the trembling elf laying on the ground in front of him. "I am looking for two old friends, Sammy and Tinker. Where can we find them?"

"They would be in the main garage working on Santa's sleigh." the elf stammerred.

"Where would this main garage be?" Sangilak asked.

"It's next to the stables and across from the machine shop." the elf answered as he tried to still his chattering teeth.

"That's not helping."Sangliak mused.

"Plum Pudding and Figs!" The elf started to weep. "I am trying to help. Honestly, I am."

"I don't doubt you, friend." Sangilak replied. "I think I might need you to take me to this garage."

Sangilak's mate reached down with her powerful teeth and she lifted the quivering elf to his feet by the collar of his fleece-lined vest.

"Don't eat me. Don't eat me. Don't eat me." The elf repeated over and over as he found himself suddenly lifted to his feet.

"What is your name, friend?" Sangilak asked.

"I'm called Nial Hammertrue." The elf stuttered. "It was supposed to be Nail, but my pa was a terrible speller."

"Nial, I am... " Sangilak started to introducve himself, but puased midsentence. "I was called Sangilak once apon a time."

"The Sangilak?" The elf stood a little straigher and brushed the snow from his red breeches and green velvet vest. "I heard stories about a Sangilak from Sammy. Actually, it's the same story. he just tells it a lot.I do mean a lot."

Sangilak grimaced as he realized that the elf had overcome his fear of the two wolves and was now chattering and jabbering endlessly. He was about to interrupt Nial, when his mate growled and stepped towards the elf. Sangilak moved between his irritated mate and the elf.

"Nial." Sangilak blocked his mate from reaching the elf. "Let me introduce my mate. This is She Who Must be Obeyed."

"That is a strange name." The elf responded. He quickly stepped back as Sangilak's companion growled once more. "But wholey and believably appropriate."

"Let me guide you two to the main garage." Nial stated as he tried to regain his composure. "I would ask for you not to cause any problems, but I am pretty sure that two wolves walking down the main boulevard at the North Pole is going to create quite the commotion."

As Nial had expected, the sight of an elf leading two large and wild looking wolves down the main boulevard created quite the commotion. Elfs ducked into stores and quickly shuttered windows and doors behind them. Others jumped into snow backs or climbed up Christmas Trees and tried to hide themselves. Even more elfs ran in panic in any direction that took them away from Sangilak and his mate, She Who Must be Obeyed.

To be continued...

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Dolce's Story Chair - Jingles and The Homecoming (Prelude)

Dad: To all our furriends, welcome back to the Story Chair. Dolce and Baci have been busy making sure the pillows have been fluffed properly, and Bella has overseen the preparation of the catnip cookies and hot catmilf. There are some leafy greens and carrot punch for our non-feline furriends.

Welcome to the Story Chair

Jingles and The Homecoming (Prelude)

Two great figures stood atop the wind swept snowdrift and looked down on the bustling town. A cold northern wind swirled and buffetted their thick furry coats. The larger of the two creatures turned to his smaller companion.
"Remember." The larger wolf growled seriously. "These are friends, not food."
"Friends. Not food." The smaller wolf replied, hesitantly.
"Mate." The larger wolf growled. "You promised that you would heed my path."
"I remember, my mate." the smaller wolf relaxed. "What do we do now that we have found this village."
"I need to find two friends." the larger wolf replied, as he leapt down the face of the snowdirft.
"Then what." the smaller wolf asked as she followed her packmate.
"I hope that they remember the name Sangilak." The male wolf replied as he raced towards the hidden northen town. "And a long lost sister."

To be continued...

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dolce's Story Chair - 2010 Story

Dad: I don't like to leave a story unfinished, but I am unable to finish (share) the ending of last year's story "Jingles and the Wishbringer".Don't get me wrong, it is finished, but the story took me to a place that Magoo's passing was too hard for me to share. I miss him...We all do in our house...We don't have anyone to remove the gift tags from all presents, forcing us to unwrap them to figure out what is what, and then rewrap them with more secure (ie cat-proof) labelling.

Baci: Are you done yet?

Dad: Baci...

Baci: Yes?

Dad: Be patient...

Baci: Does that involve Chick-hen?

Dad: If you are good, it can.

Baci: I'm patient. I'm the most patientest cat ever... Where's the Chick-hen? Sorry, being patient...

Dad: I couldn't finish last year's story. For that, I am very sorry. But then I thought about publishing the remainder, and I decided that is not what the Cat blogging world needed. I decided to cast the the reel of time forward, and let our blogging furriends find us sometime in the future or maybe even this year...Who knows...One can never predict when you are at the Story Chair...And your heart is open to Adventure, Hope, Love and the presence of Furry Mice.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dolce's Purrthday!

Today our little Chatty Cathy Cat is 5 years old.

This was from when Dolce was just twelve weeks old. I originally posted it for her second birthday. Between you and me, this is what I see everytime I look at her.

She is still quite the little lady.

We love you, Beanie!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dolce's Story Chair: Caught

Welcome to the Story Chair

Dad: The renovations to the story chair took a lot out of me and mom. But wouldn't you know it, just as we finished a small tiny voice called out to me. It said: I has a story. I has a tale of abandonment, love, and redemption.
Dolce: That is so lame.
Dad: That was mean, Dolce. So what should I say to introduce this story?
Dolce: That's easy... Lost, Beloved, Found. To our furriend, Wintergreen...
Dad: You win, Dolce. To our newest furriend, Wintergreen; an Angels of the Rainbow Bridge Story: Caught...

Angels of the Rainbow Bridge: Caught

In a human lap, in a relatively unknown place, a small little kitten snuggled down into the only human lap it had ever known. It closed it`s eyes and laid down with the fullest belly it ever had. A small sigh escaped its little mouth, and with the only sounds to mark it`s passing being the tick of a large clock on a wall and the soft sob of its human rescuer, the little stray kitten slipped peacefully away.

Two Angels appeared in the room and hovered over the still form of the kitten and the human that lovingly cradled its furry body. Antonius was as shocked to see Elbereth as she was to see him. Given their diverging chosen true purposes, they had never met at a scene such as this.

"Elbereth." Antonius was startled to see his beloved angelic sister. "What calls you to the passing of a Lost One?"
Elbereth looked at her angelic brother puzzledly.
"Dearest Antonius." Elbereth replied. "I am here for the passing of a Beloved One."
"I have followed this tiny soul." Antonius explained. "For the last two weeks, I have watched and waited to bring him home and release him from his abandoned existence amongst the humans."

"This human soul." Elbereth pointed to the human woman that sobbed quietly as she held the kitten so that she would not wake her household. "Has claimed this kitten as a Beloved One. I felt the pull to Earth only minutes ago. The Bond has been made."

"I can still see her, Elbereth" Antonius stated. "She is a Lost one; forsaken by humans."
"Her name is..." Elbereth paused as she had trouble sensing the name-bond between the human and the kitten. "Her name is Wintergreen. They also call her Winnie. She is not a Lost One; she is Beloved."

"It is most strange that we were both called to this kitten's passing." Antonius replied. "But I would never deny a creature the eternal love of a human. Please take Wintergreen to the Rainbow Bridge and let her wait for her newfound human companion."

Elbereth nodded her head to her brother, and then she outstretched her hand towards the human.
"I bind thee to thy friend..." Elbereth repeated the vow that she had spoken at every passing of a Beloved Pet.

The void appearred next to the human's heart, but no energy would transfer to the still kitten in her lap. Elbereth sighed and released her binding on the human.

"I am sorry, Antonius." Elbereth said sadly, "The kitten is indeed a Lost one; for the binding would not hold."

"It is I that is truly sorry." Antonius replied as he prepared to release the Lost One's soul from Earth and take it back to Heaven. "She deserved to be loved and to give love in return."

Antonius pulled two feathers from his wings and prepared to bind them onto the still kitten.
As he laid them onto the kitten's body, the two feathers turned grey and disappearred in a puff of faint dust.

"Since I saw your Bonding fail." Antonius stepped away from the human and the kitten. "I would have thought this frail creature was a Lost One; but it repels the angelic wings I would give it to ascend to Heaven."

In what seemed in Angelic terms to be forever, but to a human only a couple of heartbeats; Elbereth decided to try something different. She pulled two feathers from her wings and placed them on the kitten's body. They did not turn ashen and blow away as dust. She pulled a thread from the hem of her robe and she bound the wings, as Antonius always did, to the still form.

"Bear with me brother, my singing voice is not as practised as yours." Elbereth tried to remember the words of Antonius's song as he took each Lost One home.

As she sang the joyous words of love and peace, the two angelic feathers merged with the little kitten frame. As she finished, she noticed that the kitten's spirit has not separated from its earthly husk.

"What did I do wrong?" Elbereth asked Antonius, who wiped a tear from his cheek.
"Nothing." Antonius smiled. "It was perfect. You have tried my gift, let me try yours."

Antonius held out his held towards the human female.

"I bind thee to this creature." Antonius repeated Elbereth's vow, "I take this as a promise of your love and devotion for this creature. I take it it not so that you shall remember her, but so that she remembers you as she waits in a Meadow under the loving gaze of God."

A small blue orb formed out of the void that Elbereth had started to form over the human's heart. It floated to Antonius's hand; much to his and Elbereth's surprise. He held it over the kitten's body. It crackled and sparked and the lifeless angelic wings turned from white to a rainbowish hue that danced happily in the light.

The kitten's spirit separated from it's earthly body. It shone with the faint blue light of a Beloved One, but it bore the wings of a Lost One.

"What do we do know?" Elbereth asked.

"We take her home." Antonius replied with smile as he bent down to pick up the kitten.

Antonius gasped as he hand passed right through the tiny angelic kitten. Elbereth tried and her hands also passed right through the kitten's body.

"It took us both to free her, but now neither of us can take her home to heaven." Elbereth stood dumbfounded.

"You cannot take her home." Another angelic voice sounded from behind the two Angels. This one was was younger and softer.
Antonius and Elbereth turned and saw their Seraphim cousin, Cirrin, standing behind them. He had grown bigger since he had been tasked as a Guardian Angel. His wings were larger and stronger, although still smaller than Elbereth's and Antonius's wings.

"This is now up to me." Cirrin stepped forward. "I have tried to keep this one safe. I even thought that pushing it out in front of that car might give it a fighting chance for a longer life."

He placed one hand on the kitten's body and the other on it's newly freed angelic spirit.

"Wintergreen." Cirrin said softly and sadly. "I am your Guardian Angel. I am here to protect you. And when all else fails, I am to take you Home."

With that, there was a bright flash of light.

Antonius, Elbereth and Cirrin, holding Wintergreen in his arms, suddenly stood at the meadowside edge of the Rainbow Bridge.

Antonius knew what he was supposed to do. He took Wintergreen from Cirrin and for the first time in his entire existence, he walked onto the Rainbow Bridge. As he expected, his sister, Dulcinea, met him at the halfway point.

"This creature cannot cross yet." Dulcinea said."It's Beloved Human has not yet arrived to cross to Heaven with her."

"Dulcinea," Antonius replied. "I have one more burden for you to bear. This kitten is both a Lost One and a Beloved One. Like you, she is caught between the Rainbow Bridge and Heaven. Will you take care of Winnie until her human comes for her?"

Dulcinea reached out her arms and took Winnie into her grasp.

"We shall both wait here." Dulcinea said with a wide smile as she petted a softly purring kitten whose wings fluttered happily. "I will hold this little one as a special trust between me and her human."
There are rumours from Those Who Have Gone Before that there is a tiny kitten that runs and plays on the Rainbow Bridge and greets every human and their friends as they cross into Heaven and that she sleeps lovingly nestled in the embrace of an Angel, as she waits patiently for her own Beloved Human.

The End

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Dolce's Story Chair: Renovations are complete

Dad: When I started telling stories here at Dolce's Story Chair, I envisioned a large chair that of all us could sit and enjoy some stories that I had thought up. I used to put a really bad picture of a red chair on the blog to signify that this was a Story Chair moment...

I'm sorry. It was pretty lame.

Then my furry inspirations decided to help me out...

Welcome to the Story Chair

Dad: This is a place to tell stories! See the long puffy pillow! See the comfortable blankets for laying on! See the two kitty belly's that cry out for cuddling!


The ending credits just like a big fancy movie...
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Dad: So what do you think?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dolce`s Story Chaiir: A Bridge to be Crossed

Dad: I promise to complete "Jingle and The Wishbringer" but stuff happened and I want to tell another story.
Dolce: I brought catnip cookies.
Baci: I has the leafy greens.
Bella and Chloe: We have the Niptinis and Meowgaritas for the adult cats on the left arm of the Story Chair.
Dad: I don't think my stories are that bad...
Bella: They're not. We are serving singles for now...
Chloe: If the plot line drags too much, we may jump to doubles.
Dad: Girls are so mean...
Baci: Just tell the story. I can see that Magoo has already arrived and is sitting next the feathers. Oooh! Fevvvvers!
Dad (nodding to Magoo): Before Baci attacks the feathers, here is A Bridge to be Crossed...

Summer is supposed to be at time of growth; a time when all things apon the Earth are trying thrive. It is a time when flowers bloom and birds fill their nests and the air is filled with scent of potential that has not yet been fufilled. This current summer had a potential that no one in the McCoy family was anticipating or yearning for it fufill; their beloved matriarch of eighty-two years was slowly slipping from this earth and reaching for the next.

Around the beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother stood three generations. Each was called to bear witness to passing of a beloved member of their family.

Off in the corner hovered two angelic beings; one was darkly robed and had wings that glistened with the colours of the night, the other was simply robed with wings of purest white.

"Are you ready, dearest sister" the darkly winged being asked his companion.
"Yes." The other angel replied as she pulled a small glowing ball of energy from beneath her robes.

The dark robed angel hovered over the bed of the elderly human. He pressed his fingertips onto her forehead. The woman's eyes widened as she beheld something that she could not share with her family. The angel and the elderly woman smiled at each other and they both waited patiently.

"Now me know, beloved of God." the dark robed angel softly spoke, "I am the Angel of Death. I have come to release you of all your earthly burdens. I come not to destroy but to give everlasting peace. Will you accept my gift?"

The elderly woman gave a faint gasp and then her body laid peacefully still.

The Angel of Death looked to his companion and nodded.

The other Angel held out the glowing orb of energy and placed in onto the elderly woman's chest.

"By your vow." the Angel sang. "I bind thee to your promise."

The orb crackled and flashed. A small piece broke off and hovered in the air over the woman's body. The remaining portion elongated until it covered the elderly woman's entire body. A final electic snap separated the woman's physical from her spiritual being.

There before the two Angels stood an human female. She was now longer cowed by the ravages of time of her earthly existence.

"What happened? the woman asked.

"It was your time." the dark robed Angel replied. "I no longer have claim apon you. What you must do next is up to my sister, Elbereth."

The Angel of Death bowed to his sister and then he disappeared into the ether. The woman looked at the other Angel.

"Are you to decide my fate?" the woman asked.

"Oh No!" Elbereth replied, "You decided your own fate. I am here to remind you of a promise you made. Actually a promise you made several times over the course of your life here on Earth."

Elbereth pulled the small remaining orb from the air and placed it in the bewildered woman's hands.

"This is yours." Elbereth stated. "You will need it to call your friends."

"My friends?" the woman asked incredulously.

"Yes." Elbereth replied, "Each time one of God's creatures that you took into to your heart passed from the Earth, I visited you. Each time, I took a small piece of you spirit and gave it to them. It caused that ache you felt as you watched each one slip from the Earth. I told each of your beloved ones that what I took was not so that you remembered them but so that they would remember you. Now that you have also passed, it is time for you to call your beloved ones back to you. Will you follow me?"

The woman was stunned at the small orb that hoverd over her trembling palms. She could not find any words. She nodded affirmatively. Elbereth smiled and placed her hand on the woman's shoulder.

In a heartbeat, they both stood at the edge of a vast meadow. As far as the human eye could see, there were animals running and playing amongst the multitude of flowers.

"Cast your orb onto the ground." Elbereth instructed.

The woman looked warily at the ground then to the small orb in her hands and then back to ground. She could sense all of the spirits of her beloved pets as she held the orb. Her relunctance to toss that feeling onto the ground was noticable.

"Remember." Elbereth said, "I took this from you not so that you would remember your friends but so that they would remember you. Cast it onto the ground! Let them know you are here!"

The woman did not cast the orb onto the ground; it more or less rolled off her paralyzed fingertips and dropped to the ground.

As it hit, the orb dissipated into a faint blue wave that rolled across the vast meadow of the Rainbow Bridge. Every creature stirred as the wave washed over them; but unless they were bound to this human, they went back to their playing and cavorting amongst the flowers and the grass.

Four creatures did not return to their playing. Their ears perked up and their noses twitched with excitement. The first to respond was a small little beagle who was missing one ear and had a scar apon his right foreleg. He suddenly bayed at the smell that blasted into his nose. The two cats that were regarding the new sensation with a stern dignified resolve suddenly remembered days of snuggling and catnip treats and chicken pieces. A long flopped eared bunny sniffed at the air and thought of leafy greens and playing on a large well kept lawn.

The woman felt the presence of her beloved friend and she ran across the meadow to meet them. The beagle jumped and yapped happily at her. The cats rubbed and entwined themselves around her legs. The bunny sat and patienty waited for her to pick him up and cuddle him as she had done so many years ago.

Elbereth smiled and she gave the bunny in the woman's arms a loving scratch behind the ears.

"Beloved friend." Elbereth smiled to the woman as an angelic tear slid down her cheek. "The Bridge is open to you. Cross with your friends and be content forever."

"Thank you." the woman cried as she and her companions stepped onto the first shimmering stones of the Rainbow Bridge.

"My thanks to you." Elbereth replied, "It always warms my heart to see a human cross with their beloveds."

As she watched the woman cross the Rainbow Bridge with her beloved pets, Elbereth felt a large furry body rub against her robe. She looked down at smiled at the large grey cat that was butting his head against her leg and purring feverishly.

"Yes, Magoo." Elbereth smiled, "We can go and listen to a story."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dolce's Story Chair: A Bridge to Be Crossed

Dolce: Dad!Dad!Dad!
Baci: Dad!Dad!Dad!
Dad: Dolce!Baci! Please take it easy!
Dolce: We asked Mom where you were and she said that you were at the Story Chair and we should let her sleep.
Dad: Well you found me.
Baci: Are you going to tell a story.
Dad: I have one in mind, Magoo`s visit reminded me of someone I have forgotten.
Dolce: Who is that. A fearsome heroic cat who rights all wrongs.
Dad: No, Dolce.
Baci: How about a young male cat who makes all the ladies swoon.
Dolce: Why would Dad write about Scout.
Baci: I meant me.
Dolce: Oh, a fantasy story.
Baci: Dad!!!
Dad: Baci, Dolce is just teasing you. Right Dolce.
Dolce: Yeah. Sure. Scout is 5 years old now. That is a mature male cat... Yeeroowww!
Dad: You are both fixed.
Dolce: I know. I`m fixed here in this place and Scout is fixed in his place. And we can`t unfix ourselves to meet someplace like Los Vegas.
Baci: I don`t think that Fixed means that.
Dad: I`m changing the subject. A furriend just lost a Bean that very special to them.
Baci: They don`t know where their bean is. That`s very careless.
Dolce: Dad means that they went to the Rainbow Bridge.
Dad: You are sort of right, Dolce. When we beans leave this earth we don`t go to the Bridge, we stop and pick up all the furriends who left before us and then we go to Heaven.
Baci: You`re not going to do that for us are you, Dad.
Dad: I made a promise so that I could talk to Magoo one more time. So, no. You will wait for your mom.
Baci: But you`re my Bean. You and I will cross the Bridge together.
Dad: No, my beloved. Your heart belongs to my heart; my wife. Now come here and sit on the Story Chair. See those those feathers on the far right corner. Those are Magoo`s message to us. As we sit here and tell stories, all of our furriends who are still at the Bridge can come and sit and listen and laugh and cry with us here at the Story Chair.
Dolce: Can we play and laugh and wrestle with them.
Dad: My first thought, Dolce, is no for they are no longer part of this world. But...
Dolce: What is but. It usually means something nasty from Baci that can clear a room.
Baci: Dad!
Dad: Sorry Baci, Dolce`s right. Back to what we were discussing...whatever is possible is up to whoever comes to the Story Chair. If they want to play and cavort with their furriends, that is up to them. This is a place I have created in my mind where I have decided that furriends can come and visit and where miracles are as common as a honked horn during rush hour traffic and wishes are simply difficult action plans, and the Impossible is the to-do list for R&D.
Baci: Okay. Where are we going, Dad.
Dad: We are going to find a Bean who is at the beginning of the last great adventure...
Dolce: Do we know this Bean.
Dad: Of course! It is all of us, sooner or later...

P.S. This is dedicated to my grandma, Margaret. The first crazy cat lady I ever knew. And the one who taught me how to make chocolate brownies and whose dinner bun recipe I still use twenty years later.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We has a sad

A furriend of ours had to rush off to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.


Her purrson blogged at Vancouver's Yeowtown. for a while. I know she hadn't posted in a while, but she is hurting very furry much. Please let her know she and Ceili are in your purrayers.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

A faint voice at Dolce's Story Chair

Dad: I thought the Story Chair was bad before but this is so much worse. It is my fault I know, I couldn't find the right path for my story. And then...

Dad: And then my most beloved boy became an angel...

Dad: I loved this story. It was what I loved doing... Make you laugh, make you tense with expectation, make you cry, but always make you believe that in the end all would work out. But it didn't work out that way... Magoo was supposed to have the sniffles, a cough, a small chest congestion...instead we watched as he slipped away after the Vet's needle did it's humanitarian work. My beloved Magoo. I miss you.

One lonely night as I sat at the base of Dolce' Story Chair locked into to deep bout of melancoly, the air began to swirl and twist and fold upon itself until I no longer believed that I was at the ragged story chair that I had envisioned for my furriends in the Catblogosphere.

Magoo: I know this place. It's Dolce's Story Chair. It's been a while since I've been here.
Elbereth: Of course you do, Beloved one. This was the place your human created in his mind to bring you and all your furriends together. He wanted to bring joy to all those who would hear his words.
Magoo: I was in meadow playing with all my furriends just waiting for him and my mom to show up.
Elbereth: We cannot let you rest, Beloved Magoo. We have a request for you to make...
Your human visits the Story Chair he created in your sisfurs name from time to time but he does not call his furriends to hear his words nor does he share the joy that God has given his voice.
Magoo: What can I do?
Elbereth: Talk to your human one last time. Tell him to continue his stories for they give not only hope to him but to others as well.

Magoo: Dad...
Dad: Magoo?
Magoo: I have but a short time...
Elbereth: Cease, Magoo. Your human cannot hear your words until the Price is paid...

I looked at Magoo's shimmering form and at the glowing Angelic body before me..,

Magoo: The price I pay is that I shall not...

Dad(interrupting): The price I pay is that I shall not cross with any of my beloved ones. They shall all cross the Rainbow Bridge with my one and only beloved, my wife. None shall wait in the meadow of the Rainbow Bridge for me. From the breath I take at this moment to the breath that ends my life on this Earth, all creatures I love or have loved or will love shall cross the bridge without me.

Elbereth: The price is paid. Do you understand the covenant you have made?
Dad: I will pass from the Earth without anyone to accompany me. Even if I pass before my own earth-bound angel,my Wife.
Elbereth: Yes that is your pledge...

Dad: Magoo... We miss you so much.
Magoo: I miss you so much too. I have so many furriends here that it hurts. We talk about our humans and how much fun and love we had back in our old lives on Earth.
Dad: Have you shared the names of the humans that helped your dad along the way?
Magoo: The Angels know all the names of the humans that do what they can.
Dad: What do I do now?
Magoo: Remain true.
Dad: Pardon me, but what the hell does that mean?
Magoo: I was at the campsite at the fire when you retold the story of Jingles...
Dad: Please don't go.
Magoo: Dad, you are the Storyteller. I have spoken your name across the vast Rainbow Bridge Meadow. I will see you across the Rainbow Bridge.
Dad: Good bye, Magoo.
Magoo: Continue the stories, Storyteller...The magic in this chair can still bring us back to sit and listen and laugh. Even though we cannot touch you and let you know... Look to the corner of the Story Chair.. There are two Angelic feathers. All who have Come Before can fnd this place now...
Dad: There is a condition isn't there?
Elbereth: There always is; only when there are stories told and your loved ones are present, can your furriends cross the thresold between Heaven and Earth.
Dad: My furriends?
Elbereh: The Storyteller is wise. You told me that all cats you love or have loved or will love are covered by your vow. Your heart is vast. I have watched you cry tears over animals that you have never held or cuddled or even known. All creatures are bound by the stories their kind tells; from the Wolf that cries to the half-shapened moon to the frogs that croak at each sunset. Each talks of hope, contentment and love. Not much difference from that to a blog broadcast across the Internet...

Dad: I will be back...

Monday, April 12, 2010

My father gave me a mental kick

I talked to my dad tonight. I tried so hard not to get emotional like he had taught me as all men should be. Then he played the out all men have.. "Well, your mother..."

Listen and know this to be a truth, if your father ever says "Well, your mother...", he is trying to express something that is a repressed maleism. I have never told him this, but my father is my protractor, my straight edge, my compass. With him, I have been able to plot every path through my life. Not all have been happy or prosperous, but I have always ended up on the right side of right.

He told me tonight that my mom said that my story in "We are the Kitties, And We Writed You This Book." might be the guidance I and my family needs.

Damn him for being right. Here is the story that reminded me why Magoo was in my life and why I am a better person for knowing him.

Of Memory and Loss

Before I went to sleep, I decided that the next morning I would go and get a pet. I was not sure if it would be a dog or cat or bird or something else. All I knew was that I needed, no, wanted to share my life with another creature that would accept my friendship and affection.

As I slept, I fell into a deep dream.

There before me sat the most beautiful creature, neither male nor female. To either side of this wonderous creature, there were two indentical waterfalls with deep clear pools at their base. From each waterfall, the most crystal blue water cascaded down. I was entranced. Never before had I seen seen such beauty, such serentity.

Wordlessly, the creature motioned for me to come towards the pools at the base of the waterfalls. I noticed that at each pool, there was a small silver cup attached to a fine silver chain.
"Dip thy finger into the pool and taste." the creature said as it gestured to the pool to its left.

I did as instructed. As the clear cool liquid touched my tongue, my stomach clenched with pain and my heart pounded fiercely within my chest. A hollowness rang throughout my being that I feared I would never recover from.

"This is the Pool of Loss." the creature said and then it motioned to the other pool of water. "Dip thy finger into the pool and taste."

Warily, I drew my forefinger through the water of the other pool of water. As my finger touched my tongue, a joy so deep and pure touched my soul. A wave of happiness and wonder drowned the pangs of sorrow and loss the first pool had caused.

"This is the Pool of Memory." the creature said. "If you take one of God's creatures into your heart, you must be prepared to drink from both pools. Do you accept this as your covenant, your bond with one of God's creatures?"

Silently I nodded yes.

"Then drink from each pool." The creature instructed as it motioned towards the silver cups at the sides of the pools."For now they will bear no taste, but in time you will discover how much you have partaken of each."

The very next day, I went and found a kitten at a local pound. It was the smallest one of the litter and it was the one who seemed to need me the most.

I watched it grow and play and I revelled in the smallest joy it brought to me. But then without warning, it was taken from me in a way most sudden and cruel.

Once again I felt the pangs I had felt in my dream when I tasted the waters of the Pool of Loss. Only this time, I thought the pain would never leave. Then, I remembered the taste of the waters from the Pool of Memory. Slowly the pain of Loss began to subside, and was replaced with the joy of Memory.

Now I realized that I had drank more from the Pool of Loss than the Pool of Memory in my dream. But now I knew that the Pool of Memory brought more than enough comfort to offset the pain the Pool of Loss could cause.

I now bear the knowledge that each time I open my heart to one of God's creatures, I drink from the Pool of Memory and the Pool of Loss. How much I partake depends on each creature and that, in the end, the power of Memory is so much more powerful than the power of Loss.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

How we are doing

Before he left us, Magoo gave a final MREOW. The Vet said that it was special. He gave his last breath as his heart stopped to say goodbye to us.

How are we doing?

This song says it all.

Everytime we see his picture we cry...

Friday, April 09, 2010

Heaven has a new Angel

At 8:08pm Mountain Daylight Time, Magoo Smith peacefully passed away while his Mom, Dad and Grandma placed kisses upon his furry head.

Magoo Smith 1996-2010

I was here.
I mattered.
I was loved.
I am eternal.

Magoo is feeling poorly

Magoo is not feeling very well. He collapsed as Grandma was getting his breakfast ready. He has to go see Dr.Nick. We are very worried.

Update: 5:20pm
This morning at 10:00am, my wife and I went to the Vet and met up with Grandma. Magoo was already in the incubator getting oxygen when we arrived. He was clearly in distress. His gums had turned blue which meant he wasn't able to take in enough oxygen on his own. The Vet said that she could not tell whether the problem was with his lungs or with his heart. But the most worrisome thing was that his heartbeat was so faint she could not hear it through her stethoscope. We had two choices: release him to the Bridge then and there or try to stabilize him. We choose to try and stabilize him.

We took him to the Emergency Vet Clinic. They also tried to hear his heart but his breathing was so labored it wasn't possible. They sedated him in hopes that once he relaxed they might be able to figure out what is going wrong. When we left him, he was receiving oxygen in a special cage as his heart and lungs are not doing what they are supposed to.

I made the mistake once before thinking that Smudge was ready to leave for the Bridge. I don't want to do the same thing again, but I am very scared that Magoo will not be with us very much longer. My wife is devastated as Magoo is her baby.

I am a coward as I am praying for Magoo to make the hardest decision ever for us.