Thursday, November 29, 2007

What do you see?

I know from reading all of Magoo, Smudge, Bella, Dolce and Baci's furriends blogs that many of us have found our beloved companions at different stages of their lives. Some were adopted as wee kittens (Magoo, Smudge, Bella and Dolce), some as older kittens (Baci), and some as adult cats (Grandma's furriend, Chloe). So I ask you...when you look at your furriend what do you see...

When my dear wife and I look at Magoo, we do not see the 13 pound tank of attitude and fluff; we only see the ten week old fluffy kitten who captured our hearts in a pet store eleven and half years ago.No matter how big or how grumpy he gets, he still is our first little furbaby. When we look into his eyes that is the cat we see.

Bella is a quandary wrapped in a riddle. There are times when she is the large fluffy cat we have now and there are times when she is the self-confident little kitten who stood up to Magoo the first time she met him. I think it is her big round eyes, so kittenish, and yet so full of wisdom and grace.

Dolce is still the kitten. She still has that small impish face that we fell in love with. I look at her and I do not see the two year old cat; I only see that tiny little fluffball that came into our house and demanded that we love her completely.

Baci is a hard one to describe. We got him as an older kitten (5 months), but the reason we got him was that his "look" entranced us. It still does to this day. He has what I call the snorglicious factor. Whenever we see him we just want to pick him up and bury our faces in his fluffy fur. He protests feebly and always rewards us with his rumbly little purr.

As for my beloved Smudge, who has now chosen his Grandma as his favourite person; I see him as the beautiful, sleek furred cat he is now versus the tiny short-haired sickly cat we rescue from that horrible pet store. He is the eptimomy of trust; the more he trusts you the more gorgeous he becomes.


What do you see? The Cat or the Kittten?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Which leg is it?

I have a question for my cat-blogging furriends...

Do You Suffer From Sudden Hollow Leg Syndrome?

Dad says he feeds me plenty and that my food bowls always have some munchies. He says that I must have a hollow leg or something, because I always seem to be hungry. Now I have checked all of my legs and not one of them seems to be hollow. I even had Dolce check them out. She bit each one. I can tell you that they did not feel hollow at all. I think she took far too much pleasure in the test.

So I think that there is an new disease out there; Sudden Hollow Leg Syndrome. It strikes without warning causing perfectly happy and content cats and kittens to cry out in despair for a small piece of chicken (sorry, I'm drooling on the keyboard) or a smidgen of roast beef or a sliver of tuna. (Sorry more drool.)

If you suffer from this terrible affliction, please let me know. We can stand together and end our suffering (probably with some chick-hen or turkey or turducken or salmon or tuna or raost beefs.)

Your Furriend,

Baci the Bottomless Pit

Monday, November 19, 2007

Letters to the Cats

It has been far too long since I have posted anything here. The problem with blogging is that there is a fine line between describing every bowel movement of every single cat in the house and stories of major events and happenings from your pets perspective. I got lost trying to find a happy medium. That, and trying to get our stories ready for the new book.

I could try to recap what the furmonster have been up do in minute detail, but instead I will infer what has been happening and let your own imagination paint the picture...

Dear Magoo;

We understand that you are no longer pleased with the arrangements in the household. We feel somewhat bad that you and Baci do not see eye to eye on most issues. I say somewhat, because we feel that you cause at least half of the problems by hissing and growling whenever he is within five feet of you.

Also, peeing all over the fireplace and forcing your Mom and Dad to replace the fireplace facade does not put you into the most innocent status in this affair.



PS. The bed is only so big; kicking me can only move me over so far. Even if it is in the most tender of places.

Dearest Bella;

Although you are the quietest member of the household, you seem to be the one of our biggest challenges. The fence around our yard is a barrier. One that you are not supposed to cross. When you cross it, I have to go looking for you. I am trying to protect you from all the crap in the Crazy Lady's yard. You know it is wrong because you immediately run to the back door when you are caught. There are times I wish you were a teenaged human girl so that I could pull an "Uncle Buck" on you. Maybe then you would listen to me.



Dear Dolce;

No more booty calls to Baci at 3:00am! Nuff said!



Dear Baci;

We all understand that you are growing up. We understand that you think that Dolce is your girlfriend (Scout might challenge you on that point.) Please stop picking fights with Magoo every time you see him. There is enough love in this house for every one. Also, Dolce asked me to tell you that is okay for you to reciprocate and lick her head from time to time. It is very selfish to demand to be groomed all the time and never groom back.



PS: What did you eat! Warn me next time! I had my mouth open and everything!