Friday, April 28, 2006

A Bright Sunny Day

It's hard to believe but Dolce is seven months old now. No more sleepy cuddly kitten. She is now a full blown attack anything on sight terror. She gets to go out with her brothers and sister into the garage. She is so excited, it's like she thinks she is one of the big kids now.

A Poem by Dolce:

Ants are fun,
Ants are neat,
Ant go squish
Beneath your feet.

I am stunned,
I am in awe,
I pinned an Ant
Beneath my paw.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cat Remembrance Day

First of all this is not to belittle the sacrifices made by our men and women in the armed forces who have given their lives to protect our way of life.

I propose that we take a moment on 09/09 at 9:09am to remember those feline friends and companions who have left us. Although I know it it is a little close to 9/11, I chose this date and time in honour of the nine lives our feline friends choose to give to us, their human companions.

The profound loss I felt after hearing about Eppy, Fergus and Silas who I only knew though cat-blogging made me think. Many times co-workers and friends sometimes laugh at us and the attachment we have to our cats. If we ask for time to take care of one of our precious charges, we are dismissed or mocked.

I, for one, do not ask that they accept or understand. I have made a decision that a cat will always be part of my life. I have even "project managed" my life to determine when the last cat can cross the threshold of my home and be assured of a comfortable and safe life.

Here is the site we can use for the Cat Remembrance Day. Nothing on it yet is sacred so anyone who wants to help, please do.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Is there a better time of year than this? For once my Dad's team, The Edmonton Oilers has made the playoffs. Even better, they are playing the Detroit Red Wings, Edsel's favourite team.

So Magoo demands that I put out a challenge to his buddy, Edsel. Time to put the kibble where your mouth is. Dad predicts Edmonton to win. He will send Edsel $25.00US to go to the Animal Shelter of his choice, plus Four Cans of Stinky Goodness to him. To cap it all off the loser has to publish a picture wearing the other team's jersey. If the Red Wings lose (I mean when), Edsel has to reciprocate.

Come on Edsel. Time to put your hoo-has on the table.

The following has nothing to do with hockey...

Being outdoors rocks...Dolce

Monday, April 24, 2006

Our Loss, Heaven's Gain

Our blogging friend,Silas, has left us. We are very, very sad today. Our thought and purrayers go out to his Mom and Dad, and to his brothers, Brendan and Harper< and his sister, Ramona.

May he find peace with his brother, Fergus.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Favourite Cat Terms

Our favourite cat terms have to be the following:

Stinky Goodness: Do you know how hard it was to ask for this stuff when you don't know the proper name?

Dingleberry: This sounds so much more defined and less gross than butt-poo.

Niptini: 'Nuff said.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My first day outside

Our dad let us outside!Yay!

Of course, I had to wear my new pink collar and had to go on the leash. But I was still outside and as any cat can tell you that is one of the bestest things ever.
I loved the sand and the patio, but I wasn't too crazy about the grass. It's still a little wet. Do you know how hard it is to get dirt stains out of white fur!

My brothers and sister were outside with me too. Magoo and Smudge behaved themselves, but Bella went for an unauthorized stroll into the neighbour's yard. Dad had to run around the house and try and coax her out from under their deck. he was not happy with Bella. Dad says that now Bella has to wear her collar like I do.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Regarding the Story Blog

There appears to be some confusion over at the story blog, The Darkening Road. I put a note in the sidebar to prompt anyone who was reading to leave me a comment.

I had also alluded that the ending was already written. Some of the readers thought that the last chapter was the end, but I want to let you know that is it not. What I was hoping for was more feedback from anyone who was reading. I sometimes worry that I focus too much on the dark, sad stuff. But I also wanted to be true to what I thought was a cat's perspective of how we as their co-dependants act.

Yes, I have written the final chapter, but I have not published it. Little One, Eppy, Bandit, Uncle Magoo and Momma Cat still have many adventures left in the House. Also BlackPatch is growing up as a Free Cat and he has many more things to learn as well.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It finally feels like Spring

The snow is gone and the grass is starting to turn green here. Soon, the furkids will be clamouring to go outside and play on the patio and the grass.

I wonder what Dolce will be like when she is allowed to run around with her leash on. That will be something I will have to get video of.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Me and My Family

This is me and my brother Smudge. He was getting a drink of water from the bowl that Mom and Dad leave in the sink for us. I started to cry at Dad so he lifted me up so that I could be in the picture. Smudge decided that he needed to lick the top of my head. I loves my Smudgie lots.

Bella was sleeping when I wanted to play. Dad interrupted me before I could pounce on her. As soon as he turned the camera off, it was Game On!

Magoo is big and I am little. This is my brother Magoo and I enjoying some sunshine in the computer room while Dad was working. I love to play with Magoo's poofy tail, but Magoo is not so crazy about it.

The sun is really starting to shine lots here now, and the snow is completely gone. The cats all yammer and cry to be let out so that they can roll on the patio and chase each other around the yard. Dolce even got to go outside for the very first time ever. She wasn't let out of my sight for a second, but she did enjoy the limited freedom while it lasted. Bella is quite fearless and she actually hopped up onto the frame-out for the fireplace. Dolce could see her from inside and she started to cry so loudly that it can only be described as yelling.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Equal Time for the Cats

When you have four cats and one blog, it sometimes hard to give all the cats equal time. Especially when one is kitten and is forever doing something funny, stupid or noteworthy. So from now on I am going to try and give each at a little time on the blog.


Can't you see I'm trying to sleep here in my favourite sleeping chair? Go find Smudge, I'm sure he's peeing on something he shouldn't.


Plhhhpht! to you Magoo. I don't pee on everything. I only pee when Dad hasn't kept my litterbox as clean as I like it, or when I'm stressed out from that other cat coming for an unannounced visit.


I really wish Mom and Dad had kids. Then maybe they would spend their time dressing them in clothes instead of me. Although, I have to admit I look damn good in a zebra print.


I have a talent for getting on places that I shouldn't. The higher the better. Dad says I'm getting too big to go onto the window box, so I thought this shelf might be good. Mom says there's Pooh up here, but I don't smell anything. Can I leave a dingleberry here too?

I turned 6 months on Mar 27 and now that I'm a big girl, Dad decided that I needed to get a collar. Don't I look pretty with my new pink collar. This means I can go outside with my brothers and sister this summer. I don't know what that means, but it sure sounds exciting.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hisses and Purrs

View this clip on Vimeo

This is from my point of view as the Dad of the Four Furry Cats.

I wish I would have had a video camera when Magoo was a kitten. So many of his crazy antics are memories that I can only share with words and static pictures. Even then the pictures do not do his wild spirit justice. The same with Smudge. I can tell you how sickly he was, but I can't break your heart with the video of him walking around the house with the bandana around his neck to cover his shaved fur. I can't show you how absolutely precious and loving Bella was as kitten and how she stood up to Magoo's bullying. For that I get a great big hiss.

But I can show you Dolce. I have shown you her antics and her playing. I am trying to get pictures of her wrestling with her sister which I think qualifies for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Cats) championship. I have snippets of her kitten personality which I have gladly shared. For that I give myself a great big purr.

I am also very thankful that many years from now when Dolce has left us for the Rainbow Bridge, I will be able to look at those pictures and video and really remember what her spirit was like. For that same reason, I am trying to capture more of Magoo, Smudge and Bella. If they should be lost tomorrow for whatever reason, I will have some memories of them that can never be blunted or blurred by the passage of time.

PS: Dolce pulled the words "Dad", "Beautiful" and "Fun" down on the fridge. I told her I felt the same way. She is beautiful and fun too.