Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Farewell Sweet Tiffany

A human-made disaster has struck one of our youngest friends...

Tiffany (RB Angel)of Five Cat Flyer has been taken from us far too soon.

The cats and I will not comment on our personal feelings about what happened. No good will come from critizing or condemning now. I just want 5 Cat Style and The Flyer to know that we deeply appreciate what they have undertaken to do.

May God speed you quickly to the Rainbow Bridge
And take you without delay into his arms.

PS. Damn it! I hate for my first post in nearly a month to be a depressing one. Please pick up your kitty tonight and give her/him a loving hug and say "Tiffy ask me to give you this."

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dolce is a troublemaker

I don't have any pictures of Dolce's antics this weekend, but you have to trust me she is a troublemaker.

This weekend was the work in the yard weekend. I hadn't mowed the lawn for a while and it was quite long. We won't go into too many details about how Dandelions became the dominant perennial in our flower beds. My Wife was busy with work this weekend, so I decided to enlist my nephew and the two worked on geting all the yard work done. He is still in High School, and never says no to the opportunity to earn a couple of bucks.

My nephew met Dolce when she was a wee little kitten. She took to him instantly, but then again she is a little heart breaker. She was hesitant at first but then it seemed she suddenly remembered him and they were best friends again. Now that you have the image of two guys working hard outside, with a couple of cats running around and investigating everything we were doing.

Before Dolce was on a leash when she went out, but since we were outside the entire time, I let her go leash free. Well, she ran, and she ran, and she chased bugs, and she attacked bushes, and she ran and she jumped. Of all the activities she did, bug chasing was her favourite. My nephew laughed that she was even trying to chase after a couple of bees.

This leads us to the complaint of Dolce being a troublemaker. I don't mind her chasing bees or wasps. Sooner or later she catch one, and maybe she will get stung. If she does, I'm pretty sure that will end the lure of bee-chasing. But, damn it Dolce, don't swat at the bee flying by while I'm carrying you into the house. All that does is tick off the bee. The bee doesn't separate you from me when he gets whacked by an overeager kitten paw. Now, my nephew and I have to deal with the ticked off bee. Luckily no one got stung. Getting your dad stung by a bee is a real quick means to end your yard priviledges.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dolce is a genius Part 2

Many months ago, when Dolce was much tinier than she is now, I bragged that Dolce was a genius. I told you how she was pulling magnetic words down on our fridge. I could only assume that she was trying to talk to me and my wife. The following is the proof of her attempts to talk to her linguistically challenged co-dependants.

So Dolce, what word do you want to share with your Dad?

Yes, my beloved little kitten, we are together. You, me, your Mom, Magoo, Smudge, and Bella are together; and together, we shall always be.