Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Do cat's giggle?

Dolce has taken up sleeping with us. When you factor in that there are already three good sized cats sharing the bed, it's getting a little crowded. Usually it works out on average to 2.5 cats, since Bella and Magoo don't always like to share the bed. They both like the same spot on my wife's feet.

Several nights ago, I was sleeping quite lightly and woke up briefly. Dolce was sleeping stretched out between my wife and I. Now she gurbles at the best of times while she sleeps. But I swear that she let out a gurble that sounded exactly like someone chuckling. You know how a person laughs to themselves. That's exactly what she did. I told my wife about it in the morning and she didn't really believe me. Well Dolce did it again and this time my wife heard her. It is the funniest thing. At least she has one redeeming quality...Did I mention that she doesn't hiss but spits instead. We have it on video which I will have to post.


  1. Oh I hope you can capture that!! I wish my cats were cuddlers.... sss's mom

  2. If we can blog, why shouldn't we be able to laugh?

  3. Psst, don't tell, but...
    Bonnie SNORES! - Victor

    I HEARD THAT! I do NOT snore. But you do. - Bonnie

    Fact: You both snore. But it's cute. - Lambj (the woman)