Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wonders of Science

I was just posting a comment over on Jasper McKittencat's blog, and it got me to thinking. With all the advancement in genome mapping and genetics in general, there are a few genes that I really want them to find. Please feel free to add any others:

Mind-Yer-Own-Business gene: to assist those kittens/cats and or humans that just can't get it through their head that their opinion is not always wanted or appropriate.

Shoe Sale Attraction gene: (maybe linked to the Sale Attraction gene) to assist those who are drawn to a 50% Off sale flyer like a moth to the flame. Guess what happens to the moth.

Talking During Sporting Events gene: to assist those people who are clueless to the thousands of other people surrounding them that actually don't want your two cents on whether the quarterback should have thrown the ball or not.

Overdependance on Cellphone gene: to assist those who cannot be separated from their cellphone for 121 minutes during a movie. This one needs to be found in teenagers first. Unless you're a frigging doctor and you're on call, you don't need your phone.


  1. you don't ever see a cat on a cell phone do you? then who needs 'em?

  2. One day, the Kit N Carlyle comic had Carlyle enjoying a bellyrub from the cell phone - set on vibrate. That's the best use I've ever seen for them.

    How about the hairball in front of guests gene?

  3. Actually, Edsel, I have a cellphone, but I use it only in when I want to go into the litterbox and Brach has left a turd unburied or when I am in desperate need of treats and Mom is still at work.

    An Empress needs to take care of her business...

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  5. How about the "yelling at the tv during sporting events" gene? When is THAT one going to be addressed, huh? Dad scares the living crap out of us when he does that!!

    And while we're at it, the "teenagers runnign through the house to get the phone" gene. That one's gotta go, too.

    turtle, moose & nala