Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Magoo - Year Three

Magoo's third year was relatively calm. He was past his terrible two and was now a strapping young male cat. He was starting to show his Maine Coon heritage as he was starting to develop his mane and his tufted paws. As for excitement, there were a couple of incidents of note.

We had gone out to a company social function and did not want to have to take a cab home so we stayed the night at the hotel where the function was held. We gave Magoo plenty of water and food and left him for the night. When came home the next morning, we weren't greeted by a large grey cat blasting out into the hallway like he usually did. We called to him but he did not come to the door. We started to get worried and we searched around the house for him. WE came to the closed 2nd bedroom door and could hear him crying out. We had locked him in the bedroom by mistake and he has stayed there all night. We frantically looked for an unwanted gift as a reprisal for our thoughtlessness. But our wonderful boy had not made a single mess.

Later that spring, we gave Magoo a new gift: a brand new house that was all his. He must have spent hours running from one window to the next, checking out each new view. As part of the new house, He also got a new cat tower scratching post.

Unfortunately, it was the beginning of the end for Magoo as single cat home owner. My mother-in-law had a purebred Ragdoll that was getting up in age. Alyssa would sit at my M-I-L's front door and cry all day. The neighbors started to complain and we took her in. Magoo wasn't too crazy about this new cat, but we thought it would be good for him to have a companion. But Alyssa was not interested in playing with Magoo.

That summer we picked up Smudge. We thought that another young cat would provide Magoo with the companionship we thought he needed. Turns out, He wasn't that crazy about Smudge either. Now Smudge and Alyssa were instant friends. Smudge would chase and play tag with Alyssa all the time.

SO in all year three was a big one for Magoo. You can use this link to send your pictures to Magoo's Email.


  1. I have fallen in love with Magoo. What a character. You never know what adventure he's going to find next. sss's mom

  2. Holy shamolies! We missed the post about the Birfday Party - we will be verry eksited to attend. We will send our pictures soon.


    Finny & Buddy

  3. Beans aren't very good matchmakers, are they? Sure, I haven't really hurt Victor, but I certainly don't want to be friends. Why must they think a solitary cat needs a companion?!?! Just ask Psychokitty Max - was he happier before Buddah came? My point exactly.