Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dolce is a genius

In a previous posting, I put a video of Dolce attacking a strange mirror cat. You can also see her jumping up and down against the doorjamb. It seems that this behaviour has developed into some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder for her. She does her jumping trick against any vertical surface now. She especially loves the fridge.

Like pretty much everyone else, we have some pictures, lists, and calendar attached to the front of the fridge with magnets. During some innane marketing scheme for Soy Milk, we were given a whole collection of tiny magnets with words on them. Supposably, people who drink Soy Milk like to form sentences on their fridges. I had left my wife a couple of messages with the magnets, and all she had to say was "What if my mother came over and saw that?" So now I am forbidden to use the magnets, but they are still on the fridge. This where Dolce has shown her true genius.

The magnets seem to have really annoyed her, and they are the focus of her jumping attacks on the fridge. My wife informed me that she removed and chewed the following words: Excellent, Jump and Skip. Coincidence? I think not. Now before anyone accuses me of placing those words nearest the bottom, I want you to know that the words are all randomly scattered about the fridge door. Since we have proven ourselves incapable of speaking Cat, she is now trying to communicate in our language. She is using very basic sentences right now. Obviously, she doesn't think we are very smart.


  1. Dolce has proven herself to be a super smart kitty! The is amazing and should be reported in the New Feline Journal of Medicine.

  2. Dolce - don't make it too obvious that we cats think all hummums are not that smart.

  3. Magoo, could you have a word with Dolce before she blows all our cat secrets? Your humans are starting to guess the truth...

  4. Yup, she's the brains of the family!

  5. Our fridge has words, too. I'll have to make sure Victor doesn't get any ideas about them. Humans will never approach feline intelligence, but it's hard to tell sometimes if they're smart or just stoopid.

  6. My mom didn't get her magnetic words from the Soy Milk people, but she does drink soy milk and she does have words on the big, cold box.

    I haven't tried fridge front jumping, but I am an ace at leaping and clinging to the door frames.

    Makes my mom FREAK OUT! Love it...