Saturday, February 18, 2006

Update on Dolce

In happier times...

This was one of the pictures that I wanted to post so that you could see how big Dolce has become. The other pictures were the ones I had to show.

Thank you all for your concern and comments. Other than the abrasions under her eyes, she is doing fine. She's back to old self again. The swelling on her face has gone down considerably. We were contacted this morning by the Rescue Society, who to their credit contacted the Vet in question and demanded to know what happened. The Vet admitted that they did not watch her closely enough. I don't know how a lay person like myself can know that she experienced an allergic reaction but a room full of supposed professionals could not.

We figure the abrasions were caused when her face was extremely puffed up and like a child, she would rub them to relieve the itchiness. Anyone who has ever had Hay fever knows what your eyes feel like. You can sort of figure out where she rubbed her face on the bar of her cage by looking at the bottom of the abrasions, which are almost in a straight line.

I cried a little last night as I realized how close the Shadow came to taking our little girl.


  1. Thanks be to God! Those pictures in the last post were horrifying. Poor sweet little baby girl! I'm allergic to penicillin and my face puffs up just like that & is super itchy if I take it. Glad you made the right phone calls to the authorities. Regarding the picture of "big" Dolce on this post...I dunno, she still looks little to me. sss's mom

  2. Oh Thank God that she is doing better. I cried when I looked at her poor little face. She is still a baby and I think she is still little too! - Meezers Mom

  3. Poor little Dolce, my mum and me were upset when we saw the pictures. Hope Dolce gets better quickly and you manage to get something done about the useless v-e-t.

  4. That kind of incompetence is unacceptable. I hope you don't have to take her there anymore. Poor little baby girl. Please tell her how many friends she has praying for her. We're so sorry and hope she is better soon.

    tammara, turtle, moose and nala

  5. poor little girl, glad she is doing better. give her a kiss for us, please!
    Edsel & Edselsmom

  6. Poor thing! Our mommy almost cried when she saw Dolce. Glad she's going to be ok. We'll keep her in our purrayers.

    Love, Meeko and Kiara

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Dolce, but I'm glad to hear she's doing better. When Fizzy got spayed, the Mom brought her to the local V-E-T and they botched the job up so badly that the Mom made sure everybody knew and she never went to that V-E-T again. We now go to one 40 minutes away but we know they are good V-E-Ts.

    If I were you, I'd give them a really good thwaping.

  8. Oh, Dolce! I'm furry sorry bout what happened and hope you feels much better soon. Stick close to your beans and Magoo cause they love you furry much and will keep you safe.

  9. Hey, Dolce, here's an idea. I look a lot like you, only bigger. If I pretend to be you and go to that bad VET, she'll never know what hit her. Yowl! Growl! Hiss! and Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Snort. The Attack Tabby is On Duty.

  10. Geeze. Poor Dolce. That really is unacceptable. A ten year old could see there was something going on...

  11. hehloh? im Katie.

    Oh i so gwad u doin betur. I git runi eyeses sumtimz. n my sistur she alurjic ta korn. she brek owt reel bad frum korn.

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    bye bye. ^..^

  12. n sandi he wike shoes. he got da azthma n he gonna talk n next bloggi. bye bye.

  13. Poor baby! My mama and me am so upset to hear bout this. We am glad Dolce am feeling better. Mama says the parents will be upset long time after the poodin furgets. We send good thoughts and purrayers.

  14. Hi Dolce! We hope you are feeling much better this morning!

  15. Oh my glad to hear she is doing ok.
    Big kisses to her and many get well wishes.
    Her baby pic is great! Please keep us posted!

    Lyn & The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

  16. David E. Francis2/20/2006 10:48 AM

    It's good to hear that you are back to your old self Dolce. Good for you Dolce's Mom for contacting the authorities and the shelter. We trust these VETS to take good, loving care of our furbabies. One that can't do the job shouldn't be in it!


  17. Oh poor sweet Dolce. I'm happy to hear that you're gettin' better but those pictures maked my eyes hurt just lookin' at em. You're a big girl now and your beans love you very much! I poop on that vet.

  18. Holy crap!! I hope you are able to find a more competent and compassionate vet--which sucks, because while the diploma doesn't guarantee compassion, it should, at least guarantee competency!!

    This is an abomination...we cats are taken to the vet to keep us healthy--not incur additional issues!

    Snuggle with your parents until your eyes feel better--we'll be sending you healing vibes in the meantime.

  19. Poor Dolce! Headbutts and purrs! Please keep us updated as to how she is doing. It's bad enough to go to the evil vet but it's worse when they cause more problems. Snuggle lots with Mom and Dad, little Dolce.

    The Monsters

  20. This is just terrible.....awful, inconpetents! Thank goodness Dolce is recovering. Just no excuse.......purrs and headbutts.....

  21. Oh my gosh! We haven't been by in a few days and we are so sorry that this happened to sweet little Dolce. Please give her a kiss from us and know that we are all keeping her in our thoughts to feel better soon.

    Lots of hugs & purrs from Finny & Buddy