Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Weekend with Dolce

Warning to all cats, Dolce is showing her linguistic skills again. This time the words "Share" and "Drink" were pulled down. The minute I see the following words pulled down I'm running for the hills: "Feed", "Me" , "All", "The", "Soft", "Food" & "Now"

Now for the weekend report. It appears I was not the only who was depressed at being separated last week. I was visited by a kitten at least four times each night and woken by a sandpaper kiss, a loud purr that even woke my wife up, and about fifteen minutes of claws extended kneading on my exposed arm. I don't mind the raspy licking tongue, but when she starts pulling on my goatee. That just hurts. I tried pulling the blankets over the lower part of my face. No such luck. She simply burrows at the covers until she can reach my face, and the licking starts all over again. I try to let her do it until it actually starts to hurt.

It was also as I had feared; she grew up. She may still be a kitten in the strictest sense of the word, but the clumsy, uncertainty of kittenhood is gone. She trots purposefully around the house. She attacks her brothers and sister in a precise manner. No more crashing into them by mistake and then trying to play it tough. If she wants Smudge to play with her, she finds him out and then nips at his rear legs or his ears until he decides it is time to teach her a lesson or two. This scene is repeated with Bella. Dolce tries it with Magoo, but it only last long enough for him to swat her with his paw, which happens to be almost as big as her head.

No Mom and Dad. I'm not playing in Mom's plants. I'm checking to see if they need to be watered. This one looks a little droopy.



  1. Dolce obviously wants to blog.
    Hey, Dolce, the fun is just starting. Now you're big enuf to really chase toys. Find (soft) things to crash into and bounce offa. See, my front paws and back paws go at different speeds, so I does summersaults.

  2. What a lovely wake up call even if it ws in the middle of the night & it got a bit raspy! sss's mom

  3. Dolce still has such a baby face. One minute Mommy says I'm getting to be a big boy, and then the next minute she is telling me I still look like such a baby. Sheesh. Make up your mind. I'm going to be 9 months old on Friday, so I AM a big boy now. - Miles

  4. Oh Dolce - You are such a cutie - and so smart too trying to use Bean's words to communicate with them. Wish I could do that. I just yowl a lot and the beans keep asking "Oscar, what is it exactly that you want?" - if only I could do what you do and use their own words. p.s. Have you considered entering game shows? You might win a lot of stinky goodness?

  5. Sweet story! Love the sandpaper kisses..not many around here, but many purrs & requests for lap time!