Friday, February 17, 2006

Our apology to Dolce

Dearest One;

Had we known we would have never taken you to that Vet. We relied on the rules of the rescue society that brought you to us to protect you and us from harm. If I had only known the vet's incompetence and lack of caring I would have never ever taken you back there.

Please forgive us.

Dolce's Dad: I'm not a f##king vet (pardon my language) but I have a nephew who has potentially life threatening allergies, and even I can tell a f##king allergic reaction when I see one. Maybe she was too stupid to let her kill humans in med school but killing pets is fine.

Magoo: All ya got to do Dad is not cut my claws for a couple of weeks and then book a visit for me. Ten, Fifteen Minutes with this Quack and she won't know how to find her butt with both hands in a well lit room.


  1. That is just plain unacceptable! I second Magoo's suggestion. In the interim, I suggest a nasty call to the vet's office.

    I hope the kitty is getting a LOT of extra attention:)

  2. Is she ok? That looks horrible! Poor Dolce! I would be furious and I would find out what it is and write about it. And, I want to know what it was just so I know for my cats. I can ask my shelter friends.

  3. Is Dolce OK? OMG. Our hearts are breaking for her. have you called the state agency that licenses vets? She should have her license revoked.

  4. Oh sweet baby Dolce! We are crying over this!
    Did the spaying go ahead as planned? I am praying that it wasn't bungled too by this incompetant vet. Reminds me of the story of the fake vet on Puff's blog who mistreated animals for 6 years before they caught him. Do your other cats go to a different vet? Did you take her to this one because of a rescue society rule/agreement? This needs to be reported so more creatures don't suffer.
    Sweet, sweet Dolce. We love you. sss & mom

  5. David E. Francis2/18/2006 11:48 AM

    I agree with the meezers and SSS! A complaint to the state licensing agency seems called for. Also, a complaint with the rescue society. Is Dolce going to be okay?


  6. Dear Dolce,
    Lots of love and purrayers going your way. Your mum and dad didn't mean to have this happend and will help you to get better.

    Agree that the VET needs to be reported to both the licensing board and back to the shelter. You don't want them to continue to refer people to this person if they are not good.

  7. awww, poor Dolce. I would like to send Sebastian over to that Vet and poop in his face. And then I'd go over and smear it in.