Friday, April 28, 2006

A Bright Sunny Day

It's hard to believe but Dolce is seven months old now. No more sleepy cuddly kitten. She is now a full blown attack anything on sight terror. She gets to go out with her brothers and sister into the garage. She is so excited, it's like she thinks she is one of the big kids now.

A Poem by Dolce:

Ants are fun,
Ants are neat,
Ant go squish
Beneath your feet.

I am stunned,
I am in awe,
I pinned an Ant
Beneath my paw.


  1. so many new things to discover! good poem, Dolce. is Magoo gettin' his Red Wings jersey ready to wear??

  2. That is a funny poem! Ants are good food. Me ate a bug today that I swatted out of the air.
    Beau Beau

  3. she still looks like a baby to us in that 2nd pikshur. she's so cute.

  4. Aw those are purrty pictures of Dolce. She's very cute and she is gettin big! I like her poem lots. :)

  5. Great poem by Dolce. She looks so much like Fergus and it seems like she has that funny personality too. She even looks like him with the white knee sock on the back leg. I know I would love her in person.
    Fergus and Silas loved to chase ants. They come into the house every spring. Big mistake with kittens around.

  6. I Love ants too Dolce. And yesterday I ate a couple bees....before mom figured out what I was doing.

  7. Dolce, you are quite a poet! And a nature lover! Moose loves ants, too. But the other day he swatted what he thought was an ant off a window, but it was a flying stingy thing, and it stung his paw. He licked and licked his paw and shook it. Mom was mad and smashed the mystery not-an-ant against the window with a book. But she wouldn't let me eat it.
    ~ nala

  8. Awwwwm Dolce, we'll come over & nap with you! -Shaggy & Scout

  9. what a very nice poem, Dolce! Kill those ants! Let none survive!

  10. I still think Dolce is the cutest thing around...and not because I feel strongly that white-chested, gray tabbies rock.

  11. Dolce

    You should be a poet lau-re-at. That's could be our CAT Poet Lau-re-at.

    Aren't ants fun?

  12. Love the poem. There should be more cat poets. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko