Monday, May 01, 2006

William Always Has Great Ideas

William had a great comment on Edsel's blog. He said that in order to get more stinky goodness, Cats needed to think up more special days.

His suggestion was "We Didn't Eat A Bird Day"

These are Magoo and Smudge's suggestions:

"We Didn't Pee in Your **Insert Object Name** Day"
"No Broken Vases Day"
"Let You Go to Work Cat Fur Free Day"
"Random Acts of Hairball Barfing Day"

PS: The puck drops in just over an hour, Edsel. You better dust off that Oilers jersey.


  1. The special day around here would be "we didn't throw things off the bedside table and into your head" day.

  2. i am watchin' the game, it's between 1st and 2nd period and we are AHEAD!!!!!!

  3. Excellent idea. Let's see:
    I didn't walk across the carpet, stop and retch every few feet Day.
    Look Ma, no poopie butt Day.
    I didn't get underfoot Day.

  4. Holy moly, I missed this the other day!
    I like your suggestions, but "Let You Go to Work Cat Fur Free Day" would never work. My mom says "No outfit is complete without cat fur."

    (I think she really doesn't have any choice.)