Monday, April 03, 2006

Hisses and Purrs

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This is from my point of view as the Dad of the Four Furry Cats.

I wish I would have had a video camera when Magoo was a kitten. So many of his crazy antics are memories that I can only share with words and static pictures. Even then the pictures do not do his wild spirit justice. The same with Smudge. I can tell you how sickly he was, but I can't break your heart with the video of him walking around the house with the bandana around his neck to cover his shaved fur. I can't show you how absolutely precious and loving Bella was as kitten and how she stood up to Magoo's bullying. For that I get a great big hiss.

But I can show you Dolce. I have shown you her antics and her playing. I am trying to get pictures of her wrestling with her sister which I think qualifies for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Cats) championship. I have snippets of her kitten personality which I have gladly shared. For that I give myself a great big purr.

I am also very thankful that many years from now when Dolce has left us for the Rainbow Bridge, I will be able to look at those pictures and video and really remember what her spirit was like. For that same reason, I am trying to capture more of Magoo, Smudge and Bella. If they should be lost tomorrow for whatever reason, I will have some memories of them that can never be blunted or blurred by the passage of time.

PS: Dolce pulled the words "Dad", "Beautiful" and "Fun" down on the fridge. I told her I felt the same way. She is beautiful and fun too.


  1. Thank you for sharing your cats and stories with all of us. Dolce is *so* me. We must be cousins. Bella looked quite baffled by the toy+kitten+camera. Wha?

  2. I love opening up your blog and seeing Dolce. It is 2:30 in the morning here and we are leaving for a nine hour drive to pick up Harper and Ramona. I have video of the beloved Fergus I will look at soon. And soon you will all meet the two new kittens in our lives.
    You have a Fergus spirit in your Dolce and you are a wise man to know what you have. Love every day with her beautiful spirit.

  3. Dolce reminds me of Bombay when he was juz a wee lil' thing. Thank you for sharing with us your precious memories of darling Dolce.

    ~5-Cat Style

  4. Our mom says that you write very nicely 'bout your kitties . . . she gets kinda choked-up 'cause we came to her as big grown-ups and she wishes she coulda seen us as little kittens. We think it's no accident that Dolce picked-out the words that she did off the fridge.

  5. It's so cute to see Dolce running around like that. I love that wild kitten spirit that makes everyone fall in love with them and makes us laugh. Luckily we got Beau Beau when he was 6 mos and had the pleasure of watching him bouncing off the walls too. Actually, he's still doing it. It's great to be able to video them.
    Beau Beau's & Angie's mom.

  6. I had to chuckle when she ran out & Bella was there! "Oops"!

  7. David E. Francis4/04/2006 6:11 PM

    I, too, thank you for sharing your cats with us. It gives me a warm feeling inside to see someone who really cares about their furbabies. I have five myself that I love dearly.


  8. Dolce is such a free spirit. Hope she keeps the kitten personality as she grows up.

  9. I truly regret not having video of Ep.

    I watched that video over and over and smiled from ear to ear!

  10. Dolce is just like Sebastian, quite playful. They look so much alike, they could be siblings!