Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Equal Time for the Cats

When you have four cats and one blog, it sometimes hard to give all the cats equal time. Especially when one is kitten and is forever doing something funny, stupid or noteworthy. So from now on I am going to try and give each at a little time on the blog.


Can't you see I'm trying to sleep here in my favourite sleeping chair? Go find Smudge, I'm sure he's peeing on something he shouldn't.


Plhhhpht! to you Magoo. I don't pee on everything. I only pee when Dad hasn't kept my litterbox as clean as I like it, or when I'm stressed out from that other cat coming for an unannounced visit.


I really wish Mom and Dad had kids. Then maybe they would spend their time dressing them in clothes instead of me. Although, I have to admit I look damn good in a zebra print.


I have a talent for getting on places that I shouldn't. The higher the better. Dad says I'm getting too big to go onto the window box, so I thought this shelf might be good. Mom says there's Pooh up here, but I don't smell anything. Can I leave a dingleberry here too?

I turned 6 months on Mar 27 and now that I'm a big girl, Dad decided that I needed to get a collar. Don't I look pretty with my new pink collar. This means I can go outside with my brothers and sister this summer. I don't know what that means, but it sure sounds exciting.


  1. Awww! I think Magoo looks soo comfortable. What's better than a comfy chair and a nice snooze?

  2. Magoo has a nice throne, and deservedly so. Smudeg, we're sure you wonly pee where it is needed. Otherwise what would be the point? Bella, we feel your pain! Dolce, darlin' outside is great but make sure you are always in your harness or collar. That's a nice shelf you are on, but if someone is putting poo there you might want to figure out why... We like the equal time deal!

  3. Sleep away, Magoo! I hope you were doing that during the middle of the day while folk like me were working and wishing we could be taking a nap.

    You have a very nice tongue, Smudge. Do you like ice cream?

    Smashing! Simply smashing, Bella.

    Happy 6 months, Dolce. Oh, and I do see Pooh.

  4. Wonderful pictures......I love to see them, so does Mom.....

  5. Dolce, the Pooh here is a nice Pooh. Not the stinky kind. So don't leave any of your presents there.

  6. Lovely pics and a good idea to feature them all. Dolce's collar is lovely and I'm sure she'll have great fun outdoors this summer.

    Vel and Arty are already spending more time out there and regularly help with my gardening.

  7. Magoo, you look so much like one of my cats-who-came-before. Her name was Charcoal, and she was actually named after my first kitten when I was very little. Both beautiful gray, like you.

    And wow, Smudge, you and Turtle could be twins. What a sweet face (despite the gruff words, lol).

    Bella, you need a runway somewhere. Go girl!

    Dolce, that shelf is pretty high, and quite populated! You may have a hard time fitting up there soon, you are getting so big...

  8. Magoo, you look so comfy. Smudge, great pikshur - don't worry about peeing places, grampa norton does it too for the same reasons. Bella Bella Bealla, that is really a beautiful pikshur. Dolce, Happy 6 month purrfday!

  9. Magoo, that is the way to nap!

  10. Dolce, my mom took me outside once wif a harness, an I didn't like it at all! I was furry, furry scared an shedded all ofur her an hid when I gots back inside the house.
    Bella, I don't fink I'd want clothes all ofur me like that, but I like gettin wrapped in Mom's towel after her baf.

  11. Magoo, you and I are soulmates. We both have the ultra-relaxed, fluffy-yet-macho look off to a tee.
    My mum is yearning for a fluffy black kitty. She loves Smudge's tongue.
    Bella, I feel for you, I would NEVER let my humans dress me up in zebra-print!
    Dolce, go easy on the shelves. For some reason humans get agitated when you knock stuff off shelves. Especially if it makes a crunching sound when it hits the floor.

  12. Its good to share your blog, Magoo, then you don't have to do all the writing all by yourself.
    I had to pee on the floor last night, cause the dad didn't clean the box until today.
    And there is no way that I'm ever wearin' anything other than my collar, ever.

  13. Lookit Smudge! Such a cute pink tongue. An Bella we really do fink the outfit has such a slimming effect. Our mom just wants to reach out a squeeze Magoo coz he looks so soft and furry. Dolce, what can we say but we just went frew the 6 mo. old stage with Beau Beau and you have lots more amuzing fings comin up that you can do at that age to keep the beans runnin!

  14. Please give my Bella more Blog-time! I want to see much much more of my purrtty lady.


  15. 6 months, eh? Nice new collar, Dolce.....

    You going to the Calico Girls' party today??

    [smooths whiskers]



  16. equal time, that's the trick ~Poi Mom Jane