Friday, March 02, 2007

Sorry. It's been busy in the Great White North

I just realized that it has been over two weeks since my last post. To say it has been hectic in our household would be an understatement. I have been travelling a lot with work, and when I get home the last thing my beloved wife wants is me to spend time on the cats' blog. Go Figure.

Things have been moving along in our house. Baci is growing. Both in size and spirit. I do not want to encourage people to get kittens just so they see this miracle of of evolution, divine guidance and screenplay by Laurel and Hardy, but watching a kitten grow up is truly one of the miracles that we humans can see easily. Once you learn to see the easy miracles, the harder ones become more apparent.

How to summarize the Four Furry Cats household? Let's use some old TV programs as guidance:

First off we have, Dolce loves Baci (aka Joanie loves Chaci)
Dolce and Baci have started to bond the way we hoped. She looks for him to play, and he is trying to get her to cuddle with him.

Then we have Dolce and Bella (aka Laverne and Shirley)
Dolce and Bella have a weak arrangement as to who is in charge. Dolce the outgoing, not-to-bright butterfly or Bella, the mature, always thinking responsible one who still manages to drive the local boys crazy.

Then there is Magoo...
Magoo is Dirty Harry, Macleod, Columbo and Inspector Clouseau all rapped up into one package. Ever alert to what is going on around him but totally oblivious to the effect he has on his surrounding characters.

Last but not least, there is my Smudge (aka The Shadow)
I no longer see him daily, but I sense his presense throughout this house. What lurks in the heart of this blogger? Only the Smudgie knows...
(For the rest of his update, you are going to have to visit the House Panthers)


  1. Who needs tv when you have such entertainment right there in the house.
    We read the continuation of Smudges story at House Panthers and got lumps in our throats for your sadness. Smude is wise and very special.
    PS from Scout: "Hi Dolce!"

  2. Thanks for the update. We have missed hearing about the gang. Also waiting for a new story.

  3. your house sounds very entertaining. we're glad Baci & Dolce are getting along so well.

  4. I was worried not seeing you post for a little bit... Glad you were just busy and that was all. It's so good to see that Baci is fitting in well.