Friday, March 09, 2007

Dad's Coming Home

Dad talked to Baci on the phone last night and said that he was going to be home for more than just a weekend. I told Baci not to lie because it is not nice to get your favourite sister all excited and then dash her hopes.

Baci said he was not lying. So all I can says is Hooray!

I have already drafted the napping and cuddling schedule for the next month. I left a couple of spaces for eating and using the litterbox. Oh and I hope Dad makes a point of using the time I allocated for updating the blog to do just that. Shopping and going to movies with Mom is not a acceptable excuse.

Baci noticed that I did not give him any time with Dad on the cuddling schedule, and right now he is crying to Mom about. Even though he is getting really big, he is still such a little baby. He is getting better at the wrassling and chasing games I have been teaching him. I heard Mom tell Dad that we were actually sleeping next to each other all curled up. That is a complete fabrication. I was sleeping on the bed and Baci was sleeping on the bed. The fact that we were right next to each other and that our paws and tails might have touched is no indication that we were cuddling.

I demand that Dad produce photgraphic evidence of this supposed cuddling. Until then, I do not want my reputation being sullied about the cat blogosphere. What would my Scout say if he heard these scandalous rumours.

Purringly Yours

Pee Ess. Dad says he has lots of pictures of Baci and he get them converted and posted as soon as possible. Both Dad and Mom say that he is living up to his name.


  1. We are glad to hear that your dad is coming home. Happy snuggling and headbutting when he gets there.

  2. I'm glad to hear that your dad will be home soon. Enjoy!

  3. Yay for Dad coming home! Be really nice and let Baci have some snuggling time with Dad, too. I used to sit with one kitty on each knee and I'd bet that Dad can do it, too.

  4. Glad yer dad is coming home. theer's nuffin like yer dad furr snuggling on, well apart furrom yer mum.

  5. your mom says you were cuddling? I agree - demand proof. just because Cocoa and I sometimes touch each other when we happen to want to lay in the same general area DOES NOT mean that we're cuddling. it just means I'm too comfy to bother bopping him at that moment.