Saturday, March 24, 2007

This just cracked me up

I made the dear wife buy this bottle of wine this weekend for two reasons: first, the name just cracked me up, and second, the marekting is supposedly donating money to the SPCA. I don't know which one, but since we have found furriends from Singapore to Australia to the United States to the U.K. to Spain, I don't worry. Somehow someway this money will help a furriend of ours.

Maybe I will get lucky enough in my life to have a job to think of names like this for wine:

Now you might not be a wine drinker, but doesn't this bottle just say "Honey, let's invite your mother over for dinner this weekend."


  1. Mom said...Oh Wow! She's gonna check out the store she buys her bottles at and get some for her & her wine- drinking-cat-lady-friend-next-door!!!
    We hope we can get it here.

  2. Okay, now THAT's a gift item! We'll have to find out if we can buy that around here!

  3. I assume that it's the New Zealand SPCA, since that's where the wine is from.

    The link to US availablity is:

  4. New Zealand wine is da best! At least dat's what Mom says. We don't partake of wine, just water.

  5. That label cracks me up, too. I seriously doubt if I can get it around here, but I'll look. Inviting the mother-in-law for dinner and putting that bottle on the table is such a good idea.

  6. Mom would buy it. Mom's boss would buy it for her. I hope it tastes better than the name suggests!