Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CONTEST: Scooter McTabby's Case Files

Scooter McTabby's Case Files

Updated: January 29, 2007

Number of Open Files: 8

Money to be Donated:

  • Cat Blogging Friends Fund: $16.00
  • NASAP: $16.00
  • SNAP: $16.00
Current Case Backlog:
  • The Tale of The Unattainable Temptations (Dolce)

  • The Case of the Mistaken Meezer (Magoo)

  • The Secret of the Haunted Hairball (Cheysuli)

  • The Mystery of the Missing Furry Mice. (Munchkin, Missy and Monte)

  • The Mystery of the Nipped Nip.(Midnight)

  • The Case of the Purloined Paw Print (DEBRA)

  • The Case of the Menacing Meow? (Cocoa)

  • The Case of the Headless Cricket (Orlando's)

  • Your suggestion here!

Pee ess: Some of the suggestions have been quite violent. Remeber more Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, less Mack Bolan and Robert Ludlum.

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  1. How about The Case of the Purloined Paw Print.

  2. That's a good one! We're tryin' furry hard to think of a case, we'll let you know when we come up with one!

  3. how 'bout The Case of the Mysterious Meow? or even The Case of the Menacing Meow?

    I like the Mystery of the Haunted Basement. there's no alliteration, but I'm good with that.

    I'd like to suggest the Mystery of the Nipped Nip.

  4. The Case of the Tortured Tabby.

    The Mystery of the Marauding Meezers.


  5. Sophia's - The Case of the Missing Feather Tickle

    Fiona's - The Cat who Smelled a Rabbit

    Orlando's - The Cricket Body in the Library

  6. The Case of the Missing Blanky
    To Catch a (mouse) Thief
    dats it, we can't fink on an empty tummy...

  7. The Mystery of the Hissing Himalayan, or Who Killed the Calico, whats abouts The Case of the Furless Feline and I like the Mystery of the Missing Mousie. I sure do love alliteration, my mommy and daddy are English Majors.


  8. Hmmm... The Tail of the Solid Tabby
    Black, White, and Blue Russians
    Whatswith, the Cat
    The Absconded Abyssinian (say that 4 times fast!) or The Abyssinian Assassin
    Tale of the Manx

  9. we likes to suggest:
    the case of the forgotton feline
    the case of the backwards bobtail

    yuki & kimiko

  10. The Case of the Missing Warm Spot (or Where Did Dad Go?). You could really pull from so life experience for this one with Dad traveling so often...

  11. the case of the mistaken mouse
    the case of the feathered feet
    the case of the terrified tuna
    the case of the mis-aligned magnets

    we is still thinkin'

    yuki & kimiko

  12. Oh, oh ... how about "The Cat Who Ate It All" or "How'd those paw prints get up there?"

  13. Happy Valentine's Day, all of you!

  14. How about... the Case of the Glamorous Ghost (Mom thinks that is a Perry Mason mystery) & Ghost loves the title. Or Mystery of the Midnight Vistor?

    And Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

  15. The Case of the Missing Collar.

    Midnight Mysteries (this could be a whole series of adventures of cats name Midnight)