Friday, March 02, 2007

A little philosophising...

As I write this a little boy kitten is celebrating his six month birthday. How is he celebrating it? He is sound asleep on my feet while I type away on the keyboard. It boggles my mind sometime on how creatures that have no knowledge of greed, jealously or vanity can accepted us humans so easily. Then I thought about it...

Cats will purr to show happiness or to show discomfort of pain.

Although I will call myself a Christian, I have often found myself disagreeing with a lot of what the establishment has been saying or doing. But, my cats keep reassuring me that I am in line with what God says we as humans should do.

A cat will purr to show it's pleasure at being petted or brushed or cuddled. This is suspicously similar to humans who will rejoice to God when things are going their way.

A cat will purr when it is harmed or in pain or scared. This also sounds very familiar to humans when they are scared or in pain.

Who taught them this? Is this why we treat cats to be on almost the same footing as ourselves? We share the same opinion of God. If we pray or if a cat purrs, then we are trying to connect with the same God that we believe made us both. In happiness and in sorrow, we try to reach out and find strength outside of ourselves.

Personally, I think that GOd likes Cats better. Cause Cats can lick themselves.


  1. The ancients were correct when they worshipped cats!

  2. sometimes I like cats better too. - Meezer Mom

  3. How could God not like cats better? At any rate there is a hug fest going on around the blogosphere. Now you've been hugged. You get to go around and hug four other cats.

  4. Happy 6 month Purrthday, cute little Baci!

  5. David E. Francis3/05/2007 5:41 PM

    My friend, I've been hugged. Now, I hug you!