Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baci finds his voice

Baci: Dolce are you sure its okay for me to be here?
Dolce (mischeviously): Of course it is. What's Dad going to do? Cut off your food? Lock you in the Basement with the Spiders? Sell you to a travelling band of Woofies?
Baci (very panicked): New Dad wouldn't do that would he? I just got here and I like the fuzzy black mousey and the q-tips that New Mom dropped on the floor for me. Please tell me that New Dad won't sell me to Woofies.
Dolce: Well, given that you are pretty young, he might not get much for you, so he might just give you away.
Baci: No! He can't give me away! That's not fair.
Magoo: Dolce. Are you teasing Baci?
Dolce: No. Well, Maybe.
Magoo: Dad will be very upset to hear that you are teasing Baci. What would Smudge think of you? Do you think he would be proud of you?
Dolce (sheepishly): No, Smudgie would not be happy with me. I'm sorry Baci. I'll leave you alone. You write what you were telling me.
Baci: Are you sure?
Dolce (looking over at Magoo to see if he is still paying attention; which he still is.): Yes, Baci. I'm sure Dad would approve.
Magoo: Go ahead, Baci, write what your heart tells you to.
Baci: Okay. But everybody has to read very slowly cause I can't type very fast...

To My Rescue Lady,

My New Dad and I sat at the computer and he read me a story about a dear friend of his. He was one of the cats who was here before he went to live with New Grandma. New Dad says his name is Smudge. It was called a Tail of Devoshun. New Dad said that it made a lot of Smudge's friends cry, even though he did not meant to make it that way. New Dad said that Smudge left a place here that I was destined to fill. I tolded New Dad that if if wasn't for my Rescue Lady I would never have been able to fill that place. So New Dad showed me the keyboard from his computer, and asked me to write my own story about my Rescue Lady.

I wish I could tell you her name but I am too little to remember and they didn't tell New Mom and Dad. But I can tell you what she meant to me.

I first met my Rescue Lady when I was 8 weeks old. When I could no longer stay with my Mom, she took me in with several of my littermates. My Rescue Lady fed me and cuddled me for three more months. She would hold me and clip my tiny baby claws and tell me how special I was. Her daughters would wrap me in a blanket and snuggle with me. I was very happy. But she told me a secret that made her very sad; she said that she was going to take me to a place where possible New Moms and New Dads could look at me and see if they wanted to give me a Forever Home. I can't remember how many times I went with her to find this thing called a Forever Home. I tried to tell her that I liked my current home. I asked her why it couldn't be my Forever Home.

She said that she was a Foster Mom. She said that her job was to give kittens like me a good start so that I would be loving and adorable so that some other Beans would come by and want me for their own. I said I don't care about other Beans. I wanted to stay with her and my brother, Stripes. She held me and said softly that I would find my Forever Home and that in time I would forget all about her. I said that she was wrong and that I would always remember her.

She took me once more to Petsmart to see if I could find my Forever Home. That's when I met New Mom and New Dad. I was very scared and didn't really want to purr for them. I wanted to be home with Stripes with my Rescue Lady and her daughters. But New Dad knew some tricks, he gave me chin skritches and head rubs. Before I knew it, I was purring. Then I was put back in the cage with my brother. New Mom and Dad also met my brother, who is a very pretty long hair tabby. They looked at him too, but said that I was so handsome they could not leave me behind. I told the Rescue Lady that those Beans seemed nice, but I said that I still wanted to go home with her.

Soon, the Beans came back. The next thing I knew my Rescue Lady was holding me and crying. She kissed me and told me to grow up big and strong. I said don't worry you'll see me grow up. She shook her head and said that she wouldn't; her job was done and that these Beans would take me to my Forever Home and become my New Mom and Dad. She looked at the Beans and told them it was hard to let me go. I think the Beans were starting to cry as well. New Dad said he understood.

My Rescue Lady found her fostering strength and she placed me into a cardboard carrier and gave me to my New Dad. She didn't tell him to take good care of me. I think the faint tear in his eye told her that I would be in good hands and that I would be well loved. My New Dad told me to say goodbye once more to my Rescue Lady, and then he and my New Mom took me to their house. I was very scared that first day.

The next day I found that New Dad liked to give head butts and chin skritches and tummy rubs. He said I had very big shoes to fill. I told him that he did too. He then said that he would love me for as long as I needed him, and then he read to me Smudge's story. I told him that I have a story like that. He asked me to come sit on his lap and tell him my story. So I did. I sat on his lap and told him about my Rescue Lady who fed me and cuddled me and loved me and brought me to him and New Mom. He told me that I should never forget her no matter how much I grew to love him and New Mom. So every night, when I go to sleep, I thank God in my purrayers for New Mom and New Dad, Magoo, Bella, Dolce, and Smudge who came before, and I thank him especially for my Rescue Lady.


  1. That is a great story Baci! I think you will learn to love your new family! I had a Foster Lady too, but mostly her son was with me. I miss him sometimes...and her as well, but my Meowm loves me tons! Just like your new family loves you tons!

  2. That is a great story Baci... Mom's eyes leaked some when you were talking about saying goodbye to your Rescue Lady. I'm sure that your Rescue Lady is proud of you and that your brother finds a furrever home as good as the one you landed in.

  3. That's a beautiful story Baci. Rescue Moms have lots of love to give to many kitties like you. They take pictures of you guys while you're living with them and they always save a spot in their heart for you. It was so kind of you to thank her.
    Luf, Us

  4. Baci

    Yur story made my Momma's eye leak all ofur....but we is glad yu has such a wonderful New Dad and Mom to take care of yu FOREVER!


  5. What a sweet kitty you are! Lotsa purrs for your nice Rescue Lady. It's so hard to give up a kitty. We're sure she'll never forget you either.

  6. Beautiful story!! I'm all crying now. I cry every time I come here! You've such a way with words...touching and heartfelt.

  7. Oh Baci is so furry cute. His story is very nice too. Welcome to your new home Baci, we bets you like it. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

  8. Mom is crying and she's getting my fur wet.


  9. You told your story beautifully, Baci. I'm sure you will never forget your Rescue Mom and that you will love your New Mom and New Dad and New Siblings just as much.

  10. That's a great story, but you make Mom's eyes leaky.

  11. That wuz a wunderful story, Baci! Yur Rescue Lady must be a vury strong person to giff yu up. Momma sed efurrykitty who comes to owr howse stays fureffur cuz she can't effur giff us up. No way can she be a foster mom cuz we'd end up knee deep in kitties!