Friday, February 02, 2007

Frolicking Feline Friday

Since there are no days in the English language that start with an "A" for Action, my trusty thesaurus indicated that the word "frolic" would suffice.

So I give you, Baci on "Frolicking Feline Friday".

Baci is turning into a real Man-Cat-In-Waiting. At five months, he is nearly the size of Dolce. Of course a lot of that is fur right now, but every indication is that he is going to turn into a big gund bear like his brother Magoo.

We have found out that Baci is also a Talker like his sister Dolce. It must be the Himalayan in him. He walks into a room and begins giving everyone heck. It is hard to take his wee little voice serious though. But he does love to be cuddled and his purrer is in fine shape.

The other cats have started to accept him more. Magoo stills hisses and growls, but then that's what he does best. He hisses and growls at us if we don't move fast enough for him to get comfortable on the bed or to let him out onto his deck. Bella does not know what to think of him. She hasn't been hissing at Baci, but she is still giving him a wide berth. That just leaves us with Miss Dolce.

Dolce still hisses a little bit at Baci, but it is all for show. She has let him touch noses with her several times that I have been privy to witness. Also, as I write this, Baci and her are busy chasing each other up and down the hallway. It looks like they will be very good playmates for each other. This was something we really wanted, since Dolce seemed to have too much spunk for either Bella or Magoo.

I have to go now, someone has just shown up and is demanding attention.


  1. It sounds like everyone is learning to get along just fine. Baci sure is cute. All the Himalayans we've known have been talkers too.

    (the video isn't working)

  2. Now it's working! Thank you. He's such a darling.

  3. He is a BIG boy! Just from looking at those feet you can tell he'll be a big adult! How much fun for Dolce finally!

  4. Ooo ... Baci is furry cute. Does his name mean "kiss" in Italian?

  5. A big fluffy cat is a cuddly cat. Baci looks like a real sweetie, and he's going to get lots of cuddles where he lives.

  6. Oh Baci is going to be a big boy! We are glad to see that he is becoming part of the family.

  7. Oh, I think I might be in love. Just wait until Wednesday!