Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dolce's Story Chair

Dad: While on vacation, I thought a little about the stories I had shared with you all last year. I realized that even though I meant them to be uplifting and inspirational, they were all bittersweet and somewhat sad. I had asked Dolce to put on her thinking cap to see if she could help with a story that would not be sad or depressing. She said that she would not wear a cap no matter how nice I asked. But the picture of her wearing a cap got me thinking. Thinking about a little tabby that wanted to wear a cap and wanted to find thrills and adventure. And so, I will welcome you back to Dolce's Story Chair for the introduction to my cap-wearing, adventure seeking tabby...

Scooter McTabby's Detective Agency and All Round Adventure Company

The toyroom was conspicously quiet as a lithe young tabby made his way towards the Doll Cabinet. The Bean Girl and the Bean Boy were both away from the Big Grey House for the day. The tabby had heard them talking about Skool and Homewerk while he was having his first breakfast at the flat blue bowl. It was good that the Bean Girl was not around. She got very upset whenever she caught one of the many cats of the Big Grey House playing in the Doll Cabinet. She really hated it when the biggest cat of the house, Dartmore, wrassled with her Suzy Sleeps-A-Lot doll. The tabby knew why Dartmore liked Suzy Sleeps-A-Lot. It was because she would cry every time he rabbit-kicked her. Dartmore was a little mean that way.

The little tabby stood up on his white back paws and craned his neck to see the doll accessories on the second shelf of the Doll Cabinet. His heart raced and his tail started twitching excitedly as the object of his search was discovered. There, next to a bright pink raincoat, was the twin peaked tweed cap for the Bean Girl’s only male doll. The little tabby sprang up onto the shelf and gingerly plucked the cap up with his teeth. He jumped down quickly and trotted off to the bathroom.

A quick examination of the toilet preceded the little tabby’s jumping up onto the toilet lid. He had learned to check that first when he was just a kitten. He shuddered as he remembered the dreaded Stinky Water Dunking Incident and the Foamy Bath Torture that followed almost immediately after. The tabby leaped from the toilet to the countertop with the little peaked cap still in his mouth. He sat up in front of the mirror and regarded the cat that faced him in the mirror. Quite a handsome fellow, the tabby thought to himself, and he seems to have found a cap as well.

“Let’s see if we can’t figure this out together.” The Tabby said to the other Tabby in the mirror. “I’m Scooter, by the way, Scooter McTabby. Pleased to meet you.”

At first, Scooter was miffed at the cat in the mirror who seemed to start talking as soon as he did. But when no sound interrupted Scooter’s introductions, Scooter just chalked it up to bad upbringing. No cat from the Big Grey House would have such bad manners. Scooter followed the Tabby in the Mirror and placed the twin peaked cap on his head. It was a little small, but it did nestle nicely between Scooter’s ears.

“I think you look quite dashing.” Scooter said to the Tabby in the Mirror. “How does mine look?”

Scooter waited for the Tabby in the Mirror to return the compliment. Once again it seemed to want to talk at the same time as Scooter, but it spoke so quietly Scooter could not understand a word he was saying.

“If you are going to keep being rude, I am not going to talk to you anymore.” Scooter turned away from the Tabby in the Mirror and jumped back down to the floor.

Scooter was dismayed when his newly found cap fell off his head. He could not be certain, but he was sure the rude cat in the mirror had something to do with it. He quickly replaced the cap on his head between his ears and then he headed to the Sunroom where he knew the other cats of the Big Grey House were gathering for the early morning nap. Scooter thought he felt a pang in stomach. It was not time for the Mid-Morning Breakfast yet, he thought. Scooter figured it was the excitement he felt now that he had his new hat. He had some very thrilling news for the other cats of the Big Grey House.


  1. I can hardly wait for the next part of the story.

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    Purrs & Hedbutts