Sunday, January 28, 2007

All Round Multipurpose Post

First of all thanks to everyone for their wonderful welcomes to Baci. If he wasn't still hiding behind the washing machine, I am sure that he would have thanked you himself. He is already showing some great promise. At sometime in the night, Baci jumped up on the bed and fell asleep between my wife and me at our feet. He would have stayed there had Magoo not shown up at 4:30am and found the interloper in his preferred spot. After about ten minutes of growling at each other they settled down, but then I had to roll over and I disturbed them both. At that time, Baci decided that it was time to return to his spot behind the washing machine.

The funniest part of this was that Magoo stretched himself out as much as possible at the foot of the bed. It was as if to say to baci, this is all my spot go find your own sleepy spot.

Secondly, in response to those who were concerned about Smudge, I planned on having an update every weekend after we get home from giving him his fluid treatment at Grandma's. Just becuase he is not here anymore does not mean I have forgotten about him. I hope to get Grandma to write something up every week. I think I will call it the Sunday Smudge Report.

Lastly, Dolce and I wanted to think of a way we could get everyone to help out with the Scooter McTabby stories. It seemed that everyone in the comments section was already trying to figure out what the first case was. So that gave me and Dolce an idea. We wanted all our furriends to help think up some cases for Scooter and Whatley to solve in the Big Grey House.

So I will give $2.00 per case suggestion to the Blogging Friends' fund. (I hope to get at least fifty, so the plan is to donate $100.00.) I will then match that donation to the two rescue societies that Dolce and Baci came from; NASAP (Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection) and SNAP (Spay and Neuter Action Program).

So think back to your days of reading Sherlock Holmes, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Encylopedia Brown. The case should be like the following:

The Case of the Mistaken Meezer
The Forgotten Footon
The Great Hairball Conspiracy

Please don't post your comments as anonymous or if you must, let me know which blog is yours. I can't give you credit if I don't know who you are.


  1. The case of the missing furry mice.
    Could be a cute one.

  2. How about: The case of the vanished Temptations. There could be a trail of crumbs that leads to the thief!

  3. How about The Case of the Missing Collar.

    We will have to think of more titles.

  4. We're happy to hear Smudge is doing wll. I think a Sunday Smudge Report would be great. And how nice that you have a new boy, too!

  5. what an excellent idea. we'll start thinking right away.

  6. I will definitely look forward to the Sunday Smudge report every week. Just because he's not living with you anymore doesn't mean I'm any less interested to know how he's going! :)

  7. I will also be looking forward to the Sunday Smudge report. I'm afraid I don't have any story ideas, but maybe something will come to me later. This is a great idea.

  8. That's wonderful news about Baci. We're glad that you could give him a home...


    What about the Secret of the Haunted Hairball?

  9. we will tune in for the sunday smudge report. we is so happy he is makin grandma & chloe happy. he has found the perfect place for hims at this time.

    suggestions fer stories:

    the case of the ghostly green eyes. efens the title gifs us shivers!

    behind the bedroom mirror. wonders whats there? hopes thers no snakes!

  10. What a wonderful surprise!!!!! We didn't come by this weekend and just found out about Baci this morning! How neat!!!