Monday, December 19, 2005

Saving the best for last

Two weeks ago, My wife and I adopted a little female tabby and white kitten from a local No-Kill Shelter. I had attempted to start another blog for our other three cats, but it didn't feel quite right. How can I share what our cats mean to us and how much joy they bring to our lives as friends, companions and mercifully silent confidants? Our last kitten told me how. Don't try and tell our story, she said, tell your story; just make it about us.

So to start, here is Dolce. She is currently an 11 week-old female kitten that we adopted from the NASAP ( They are a No-Kill, Fostering Animial Society in Alberta, Canada. We named her Dolce which is Italian for Sweet, mostly becuase we thought she looked so sweet in her adoption ad. But also because we had named her sister Bella, which is Italian for Beautiful. My wife had a theme going and as long as it let me rescue this little darling, I was not about to argue.

I told my wife there are terrible things done by people to other people that are almost impossible to stop, but we can save one little life, one little heartbeat that did not ask to be born but showed up nonetheless. We had the means and the opportunity to rescue another furry creature and so I sent my wife Dolce's picture. She fell in love with the kitten she saw and within 48 Hours, Dolce joined her sister, Bella and her brothers, Magoo and Smudge.

To be honest, the question of whether or not our house could support another kitten rested with JasperMcKittenCat and Scooby, Shaggy and Scout's webblogs. I had read their postings faithfully for several months and was encouraged that one more set of furry paws was not out of the question. We had three happy well adjusted cats before Dolce...And then there were four happy well adjusted cats.


  1. Well hello & welcome to our neighborhood of catbloggers! I didn't think I was capable of inspiring anyone. Like you, I just want tell the stories. Dolce is a sweet pretty little girl. Scout says "Hello....purrrrr.....lets play" As you might have read in my blog, I've only had adult cats from childhood that were adopted (or adopted us as cats do) and one of the reasons, perhaps selfish, was that I'd never had a kitten and wanted that experience. Scout came along at the right time. He was the only one in his letter, his was actually in the third of his momma's litters last summer, not the 2nd as I stated earlier. Poor Momma. She passd away this fall. Probably from the strees of bearing 4 litters in one season (yes, she had another one after Scout! Talk about irresponsible owners!)
    What wonderful people you sound like, whats one more kitty to feed when you're already buying food & litter? Cats are the dearest, sweetst creatures on earth (along with guinea pigs I ust add) and they enrich my life in so many ways.
    Enjoy your new little Dolce, and thanks again for contacting me. :)

  2. Carol from PA12/23/2005 5:37 AM

    Thank God for people like you. We have adopted all our furry children from the street or other people's cast offs. At this time we have three kittys and two dogs. I hate to think about all the ones that havn't found homes. We are also feeding several strays that havn't gotten the courage to join the family yet.