Monday, December 19, 2005

The official role call... Part 1

The first cat we ever obtained (I say obtained because we were very bad and got him from a pet store. Before you flame me, this was before we knew the real truth about pet stores. A tragic truth we nearly learned from our second cat) was a quizical creature who grew into a majestic monster.

Shortly before our first anniversary, I took my wife to a pet store to acclimate her to the idea of getting a dog. Now I have had a dog almost all my life and my wife has always had cats. For me cats where always a tool to keep vermin down on a farm. As she was looking at the cute puppies in their cages, I was standing by the cat cage. I heard a rustling sound from next to the cage and I saw this little fluffy grey kitten work his paw through the wires of his cage and slowly work the cat toys off their display peg to fall to the floor. I watched him work at least four toys off the peg in this manner. I called my wife over and asked her to quietly watch this kitten. Oblivious to our interest, he worked three more toys off the peg and started to work on the next nearest collection.

Now my wife wanted appearances to rule over substance. She focused on the brother to the kitten I was watching. He still had the blue eyes of kittenhood, and my wife figured they might be the permanent colour. Needless to say when she asked to see him his first instinct was to bite her. I then asked to see the kitten that had first gotten my attention. He immediately found the hollow of my wife's neck and began purring. We did not select him, he decided that he should come home with us. The clerk said that he was forlorn when we left him as we decided whether or not we should buy him. He sat in the isolation cage without a cry or whine. He knew he had found his forever parents, it was only up to us to realize we had found our forever friend. We picked him up the next day, and he has been with us for the last ten years. He is our Soldier.

By the way, on the way home, Magoo pooped in my wife's lap. As always, he gets the last word. To this day, we say that was his way of saying "What took you so long?"

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  1. What a lovely story. Don't beat yourself up over getting one from a pet store. They are just as deserving of homes too, and are in a situation that is none to pleasant. Smart kitty he sounds like, and such a majestic picture! ps: Your wife deserved him pooping on her lap...he was just getting his point across!