Monday, December 19, 2005

The official role call... Part 3

We have learned our lesson: No more cats from pet stores. The princess of our foursome, the Thinker, was adopted from the local humane society. I had seen an ad in the paper that was stating that they had an abundance of kittens. For wahtever reason, people were adopting adult cats instead of kittens. We had attempted to adopted another adult cat earlier, but because of our two mature boys, we thought it would be easier to integrate a kitten.

I told my wife that we were going to the humane society to look at the kittens and unless none of them appealed to us, we were going to bring one home. We looked at the fifty plus kittens that were in cages. There were black kittens, white kittens. calico kittens and tuxedo kittens. We found two cages of tabby kittens. My wife picked up one little girl and the kitten did not want my wife at all. We went to the other cage and picked out this wee little tabby/tortie kitten. She was in charge from the first moment. She purred and nuzzled my wife. She purred and nuzzled me. She decided that we were her forever home.

I remember filling out the paperwork while my wife played with Bella. There was a spastic puppy that was jumping around and spinning in the same lobby. I watched as Bella sat on my wife's legs and calmly watched the puppy. I would have thought that a kitten would have gone ballistic, but she sat there perfectly calm. We even had a former boxing champion asking if his daughter could have our kitten. We told him that she had a sister, and that he should take a look at her. Bella is four years old now and she is as much of a princess and a Thinker as she was the day we found her.


  1. Hello Bella! You are beautiful. Are you a maine coon? Thanks for visiting our blog!

  2. Bella may have some Maine Coon genes, but she is simply a DLH. She's fairly small boned unlike her brother, Magoo, who we do think has some Maine Coon genes. He has the slightly tufted ears, furry pads, and is one tank of a cat.