Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm a Lover not a Fighter

This is the Lover of our four cats. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Just the opposite in fact, he is actually quite a shy scaredy cat. He hides whenever someone comes over and only comes out once he knows who they are. He loves his Grandma and will sit with her for hours when she comes to visit. He is enamoured with his two sisters. He will call to Bella and taunt her to chase him in a game of Kitty tag. He is trying to get his new sister to play, but she doesn't know what to do with such a big cat. He is six times her size. He can sense a lap forming from anywhere in the house and will come running. He also knows when bedtime is and will chattered at you if you don't follow him. He does have one bad habit, he swears under his breath. My wife says he learned it from me. He makes the funniest PFFT! sound when he is disgusted with something.


  1. Oh, Oh, I do that too! Kind of blowing out your nose, right?!?! That's cool! Found you at Max's & I'm very glad I did. You guys are BEE-U_T_FUL! I will make my MOm update my links list soon & when she does, I would like to add you.

  2. I found you at Max's site as well. You have such great kitties! I'll make sure that I add your site to my list of blogs, and I'll even try to get Ayla to do the same. :)

  3. OHHH!!! You look just like me!!! Taz is close too, but her hair is a wee bit shorter. I think you are BEAUUUTIFUL!

    You live close to us too. 'berta is just cross the border from skatchwan! We live in the queen city :O)

    Luv Angel n Taz

    welcome to the kitty club

  4. Oh yes, I recognize the kitty "verbal" equivelant of the middle finger quite well!

    Do you ever get that shake of the paw that tells you whatever you just gave them didn't fit the bill either?

    Gotta luv cats, they just have SO much personality!!


    Mama to Angel n Taz